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TNT Call notes 11-January-2016
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RayRen:  The status quo is the same as on Monday – no new information today.  This will be a training session, and before I go to the recording, I’d like to address a few things.  And I do not give anyone permission to record any segment at this moment, although once I turn the recorder on, then have at it.  TNT, this is for you – some housekeeping for a second, then we’ll get into the training.
One thing about this whole process since I took over TNT superfantastic that I’ve always been uncomfortable with is asking for money to pay for these calls.  I believe if you want something, you will do whatever it takes to make it exist.  I was glad when 610 caller from PA started reminding everyone that the bills need to be paid.  The first thing I did was to take steps to drop the freeloaders who just complain, and don’t support what we have to say here.  The call volume dropped and so did the bills, and I was relieved because those people don’t appreciate it anyway.  I know that some people send something in every month, and I thank them.  However, the actions of the few can no longer support the desires of the many.  I know that many members simply cannot send in donations, and I don’t hold that against you.  But we still have X number of people on the site or on the call, and we have to pay for that, and that’s a reality.  We are looking for this RV any minute and that will change everything.  But… I plan for the worst and hope for the best. If the public release gets dragged out another month or two or three, all we can do is either react to it or plan for it.  So I have come up with a plan, and I will know in a month if I will implement it or not.  If I take TNT to a paid platform, we will lose a lot of people, and  many of them I’m happy to leave anyway.  But some of you I know cannot pay anything, and I don’t know how a couple hundred people can pay for everything so that up to 50K can access this site and the calls.  What if the plan doesn’t unfold as we want it to?  Do we have an alternate plans?  I have some for TNT and if it comes to it, I will look at changing the TNT membership structure to a paid plan, somewhere around $2 per month.  If just a few thousand of you sign up at $2 per month, that will cover the site and the calls, and keep the system running.  So I’m entertaining how to implement that if need be.  If there are members who cannot do even $2 per month, then we’ll find a way to accommodate you.  I know some people simply can’t, but many more CAN and DON’T.  Those people are the freeloaders, and I’m willing to exclude them.  If you really want to stay and really can’t afford $2 per month, we’ll consider that on a case-by-case basis.  Of course, if it all works out as anticipated, then it won’t be necessary.
Otherwise – no change from Monday, apart from it being Wednesday. [Recording starts]
RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, January 11, 2017, yours truly RayRen98 at the controls.  Where are we, folks?  The tweet said it’s ‘cemetery quiet’ and it’s just that quiet.  There are some things coming out of Iraq, but  just details, nothing for us to get excited about.  Up to 16 banks are now buying and selling dinar, according to members out in the field, plus two credit unions and 4-5 currency exchange businesses or dealers where the currency is now available just like any other currency.
Looking at the forum messages, some of you are not getting the message about the banks.  We are sharing the information about the banks so that you can know this is real and have peace of mind.  You don’t need to know which banks until this it is possible to exchange.  When that time comes, I’ll be the first to tell you;  until then, just sit on your hands.  If you want to buy more dinar, you’ll want to buy locally, so do your own calling around.  I’ll do the work for the masses;  you do the individualized legwork yourself.  Go to the banks in your neighborhood if you want to buy more currency at a bank where you can eventually exchange.  Just be straightforward and business-minded, and that way you will get the best out of this situation. Treat it like a business, rather than the lottery.  There are moves in this process that collectively we can take advantage of, opportunities that surface and we can manipulate that, at least some of us.  If only one crab can get out of the bucket, then I call that a good day.  If you can get one out, you can get two out, and if you get two out you can get four out, etc.
This currency is as real as it can be.  One member was taking to an attorney who says that this is fake.  So now we get to weight the intelligence of one attorney against 16 banks, etc., who say that it is real.  Do we believe the attorney who went to school to study law, or the banks whose business it is to understand currencies and how they work?  That’s why I tell you about those banks and credit unions.  Then, when the time is right, those who get the first set of instructions can jump on it.  Those who have managed to leverage up to 100K in opportunities, I didn’t benefit from that because they were not in my area.  But I like to see those crabs getting out of the bucket.
Questions from the TNT forum
Q:  Ray you have used the term “digitize” the currency often, but I still don’t understand the term or the real value in digitizing my currency. Please explain.  A:  when you take your US dollars from your pocket and deposit them into a bank account, it is no longer paper money for you – it’s in the account.  You have digitized your currency.  IF you can find a bank that will receive your dinar and give you a receipt saying you now have 25,000 dinar in your account, then you have digitized your dinar.  You dn’t have to worry about the note no longer being exchangeable.
Iraq says that they can support a value of up to $16 per dinar, so some of us see a value in retaining Iraqi dinar for future purposes, but we don’t want to keep the paper notes because they may become outdated.  If you can deposit those dinar AS dinar, then they will never become outdated, and you don’t have to find a bank that will exchange for you – you can just move it from one back to another, or you can use the currency directly anywhere in the world, with the appropriate technology (such as debit cards).  You can use such cards anywhere in the world, so long as they use the same system.  That’s what the compliance issues have been about, to be able to use cards anywhere in the world, for similar values.
You might still decide to hold onto paper currency, but I don’t want to do that because paper currency does nothing for you, plus you don’t want to run the risk of it being outdated.  Also, digitized currency is liquid and you can use it anywhere.
Q:  After the Budget is released to public to see will that have 1] new rate ..2] or do you think it will be after January 20th when Abadi comes to the Inauguration of President Donald Trump?  A:  That’s what we are being told, that it will be in this Budget.  I don’t think it will wait until after the Inauguration, because of everything that has taken place, but if so, so be it.  It’s not that long away, after all!
Q:  We know that some US banks were selling the IQD up until a few years ago. (RR:  until 2010, I think.) Some currency exchangers around the world never stopped selling the IQD. In your opinion, why are we saying it’s “international” now just because the banks are selling it again? What is different this time around?  A:  One can argue it either way, but we don’t really care if it is ‘international’ or not because 16+ banks are accepting it – banks in the USA where I do business.  All we need to do is to wait until it gets to the rate that I like.  There is no point in bickering over things that do not matter. A year ago, 16 banks that wouldn’t touch dinar with a ten-foot pole are now saying they will buy and sell dinar.  WE don’t like the rate, but at least the banks will not do business with us.
Q:  Is the Budget in the Gazette?  A:  The Budget is not in today’s Gazette, but there is an expectation of seeing in Sunday’s Gazette.  We’ll see.
Q:  Ray, many in the family of TNT have heard about the Exchange Centers and the fact that there were allegedly 6800 of them in the US.  (RR:  I never told you that.)  To that point, if correct, How are gurus able to talk about staffing and working schedules and yet know one knows where these Exchange Centers are located?  Rumors are rampant and I believe this is causing overzealous folks to over-react if they were to hear of a location near them.  What can we do to ease everyone’s curiosity and prevent stampede reactions of those who cannot help themselves?  A:  My efforts to prevent stampedes is 1) not telling you the banks who are dealing in dinar.  Check in your local area!  But why bother when the rates stink?!  As soon as they change, we will tell you, so sit back, relax, and wait on the information.  There is a process you have to under-stand.  Someone will get the information first, and they have told us “when I know, you will know”.  That information comes to me, and I communicate that information to you.  That’s a beautiful system!
Q:  Briefly, I am intending to gift a good amount of funds to friends and family who have helped me in the past.  I have established a trust and will also do LLCs/IBCs as needed.  My main question is:  What is the best and easiest way to gift larger amounts of funds with the least amount of gifting tax or personal income tax?  I understand for smaller amounts, I can gift up to $14,000 per person without any gifting tax.  Am I able to establish another trust/LLC, etc., for them so no tax event takes place?  Will a separate entity also not affect their SS or other monthly income for means testing?  I have been advised that thru a Foundation I must give away 5% of assets per year, (no problem) but the attorneys informed me that I am limited to how many friends or family that I can help. Is there another way around that?  A:  There are plenty of solutions to your situation; you just don’t know about them – yet.  What is the best and easiest way to give funds is to NOT give it to them.  Put them in a position to be in charge or in control and you have eliminated all your concerns. You just need to find the proper way to get that done.  Look at the tools we have shared in the forum, for example.  The people you want to help have waited this long, so will it hurt them to wait a little longer for you to learn how to do it properly?  Hmmm.
Q:  You’ve shared the mentioned V.N.D. often enough now for us to remember it.  [Verification, Negotiation, and Verification]  Can please you cover “D”, diversification, subject some today?  You’ve touched on the subjects that remind of MCAs when you’ve said you would stay in one particular currency for three years or so, after you digitized it. (RR:  I don’t remember saying that.) Is this more about an understanding of movement or a decision to diversify, or both?  (RR:  Both)  What other examples outside of the obvious like moving some funds to a few to several banks can you share today?
A:  Diversification is ambiguous when it comes to what we are doing, but it should be part of your thinking on many levels and many areas, not just investing or banking.  There is strength in numbers.  What are we trying to obtain here?  With diversification, you are initially trying to shore up any weak spots in your portfolio, or at least make sure such weak spots don’t affect the whole.  We don’t want to put all our money in one investment tool or basket, it could be an aggressive investment that brings you a 50% return, but what are the risks?  You could lose it all, so divide it up.  Spread your investments around so that if one fails, another succeeds.  In banking, diversification means NOT putting all your money in one institution.  They might fail, or they might choose not to work with you any longer, so you might have to move all your funds to another bank without interrupting your income stream. If you are spread out, then if you and the bank no longer see eye to eye, then you can take that bit and spread it amongst the other seven or eight banks you are using, without missing a beat.
Q:  Ray, I remember the first time Tony played the rap song “Getting Ready for the RV”, and he was pretty excited about it.  I love to hear it, too.  So I am wondering if there is anyway TNT members could get a copy of the song or download it or get an app for it, etc.  Please help because a lot of us masochists will need it while getting ready for the second basket.  Or maybe we could somehow get copies for the Vegas get-together or maybe you could record it on the new site for playback?  A:  That song is already available to you – it’s on the forum, and scroll down to All Your Sticky Pins (nine links down from the top).  If you click on that, count down 13 links, you’ll see the one that says Superfantastic Song Link.  Click on that link and the first post will be the song.
Q:  If the RV ends up as a non-taxable event it seems it would be better to give gifts pre RV as apposed to exchanging and then putting funds into a trust post RV.  The recipient of the gift would end up with more money and then be able set up their own trusts to protect their assets.  A:  I need to give that some thought – you do the same and get back to me.
Q:  If you are holding an obsolete currency, can you still exchange it for the new currency rate?  (Example AFA to AFN to USD)  A:  What is AFA?  I would assume not;  if it’s an obsolete currency, the banking community will not accept it to exchange.
Q:  We Canadians are looking for any morsel of currency info that you may have that pertains to Canadian holders of currency, across the border from you here in this cold, cold part of the world.  Do you have any currency info you came across to warm us up?  A:  You have a bank in your country that is ahead of the curve on foreign currencies… way out there in front of the rest, sitting in a very good position.  You just have to wait, like the rest of us.
Q:  We live in the out skirts of a small town we have 3 small banks. and have check to do currency and they don’t, so will there be something in my area like a center that will be around?  We have two big colleges here in upstate NY.  A:  You have nothing to worry about;  there will be banks dealing with the currency, and not all tier 1 banks.  Just this morning two or three people called in because they were excited at the reception they received at the banks that are buying and selling dinar.  They didn’t exchange, but the banks were welcoming although the rate was not good enough.
Q1:  My group of dinar holders is asking what is a CDARS bank account.  A:  They can do their own research on that.
Q2:  Any updates you can share from your hedge fund contact on the RV?  A:  No.
Q3:  Thanks for your training sessions they are very appreciated.  Is there any training information you can put in the forum that you believe would be very helpful for us true TNT members.  A: It’s already in the forum.
Q:  Please give a physical address to send $$ for phone calls.  I don’t do anything involving money online.  I’m happy to mail you a check.  A: That’s already on the website.  I’ll make sure it gets posted.  [Ray Renfrow P.O. Box 1748 Elm City, N.C. 27822]
Q:  Please define the difference between LEVERAGING legally and DOUBLE DIPPING. Over the years I have become confused as to what is double dipping.  A:  Leveraging is when you get money for a currency, and then you use that money to step up another sum of something else that will bring you value, taking your asset base UP step-by-step..  Let’s say the currency is floating, and the person is able to get $6,000 when they expect to get one million eventually.  The creative person might take that $6K and buy more of that currency, which you will then wait to transform at the one million dollar rate.  The limited thinking person might pay their bills or fix their car;  it’s better to buy more assets and wait, because then you can buy 2-3 cars or houses with it!
Q:  Can I go to any bank in the USA that works with foreign currency and deposit dinar to digitize it?  A:  No.  All US banks require you to exchange into US dollars first.  I don’t know of any US bank where you can digitize dinar.
Q:  Thanks Ray for all of your generosity of your time and money supporting this information sharing team..  Thank you for always doing the back up vetting of the data that you tell us…  we know – at least I know that I can depend on that information and use it accordingly.   I am so grateful for your efforts in all our behalf.
I am fully in favor of making this a membership fee site if that is what you need/decide to do.  I am sure that will require more effort in the accounting and upkeep process which would be more of a drain on you.  I will place my name in the volunteer list to help relieve you of the extra work.  You have my number to vet my ability….
So grateful for what you are gifting to the larger group and if we ALL gave back in a way that we can. ALL WILL BE IN BALANCE.  A:  I will keep that in mind, thanks.
Q:  Would it be a good idea to digitize the VNN, or any of the other currencies we speak of?  A:  Definitely, if you intend to continue in that currency.
Q:  When digitizing do you use different banks so your unexchanged currency is not in one bank?  A:  Yes, that is part of the diversification strategy.
Q:  How will we be sure off site exchange centers are not scam centers?  A:  You might be right;  I don’t know.  All I know is that the banking people I’ve communicated with so far have made reference to your coming into their particular branch, or a special location they have set up for exchanges.  They are still parts of the bank!  One bank is using a place that looks like a closed grocery store, but it is still part of the banking system.  You’ll have to use your discernment.  Once we know what the real deal is, we will share that information with you.
Q + A Callers
865/404 caller:  How can people get information if they don’t have access to the forum or to chat, such as how to send financial assistance to you?
RayRen:  Send checks to Ray Renfrow P.O. Box 1748 Elm City, N.C. 27822.
Caller:  How likely do you feel there will be a regular Friday call?
RayRen:  It could go either way.  If Iraq says “it’s done” and banks are showing a better rate… Members tried to exchange earlier this week, and the rates disappeared off the screen; the banks told them to come back on Friday, so we’ll see.
Caller:  There is a headline saying that the Iraqi forces have ‘eliminated the financial district in Mosul’.  Maybe that’s where it’s been hiding!
610 caller:  Go to and click the red donate button.
918 caller:  During this ‘leverage opportunity’ time, is that just for the dinar or other currnecies as well?
RayRen:  It depends on the bank, what’s available and what you are holding.  Some members have leveraged Afghani, some have leveraged dong.  Maybe you are at the bank after this call and you happen to mention dinar.  Maybe they will look at the screen and say “dinar is 25 cents right now;  do you want to exchange?”  That could be a good leveraging opportunity; you could exchange some of your dinar, go elsewhere, and buy more currencies to build your portfolio.  But if you’re not thinking that way, and you are looking for $3.71, and you only have 100K dinar, you could take that $25,000 and buy 25 million dinar!  Then you are made in the shade with a glass of lemonade!
Caller:  Even with the banking information you give to us, it’s up to the individual to find a bank in their area that deal with foreign currency and might have such an opportunity?
RayRen:  Exactly.  The banks in your locality that said NO to dinar a year or three months ago might now be worth calling to see if they deal in it now, and at what rate. That way you are informed and don’t have to rely on listening to fools. We are not advocating that you call your bank every day or every week.  We have a team that is on top of all this, and when it kicks out, then you call your bank.
Caller:  A couple of weeks ago you tried to tell us this, but I thought it would be coming out simultaneously – that we should call the bank AND have the 800 numbers. Now I understand better.  Do you believe that the conclusion of Mosul and the two ministers have not bearing on what we are waiting for?
RayRen: I don’t’ think they have to take place;  it may be an excuse why it hasn’t happened, but not the real reason or factor why it has not.  Same thing with the Budget – that might all tie in for the sake of appearances.  I think maybe they are putting it all in the same pot, so that it all comes out together.  But when you run to the bank, you won’t care who said what and whether it was true or not.  Iraqis might feel differently.  Even wnen everything is apparently done, that is no guarantee we will exchange right then.
FL caller:  I think this deal of exchanging for a dollar and change just means the bank will make the difference between $1 and the true rate of $3.71.
RayRen:   Sure, but we need to see our chance to leverage it, if appropriate.  The first time a rate or opportunity pops up, ask yourself how that can benefit you, even if it was intended for someone else.  How can I benefit from that?  You can’t stop that policy, issue or change, but possibly there is a way to make money from it.  If so, I’m on it!  It may not work for everyone, but if anyone can benefit from it…
972 caller:  Are any of those banks dealing with dinar tier 1?
RayRen:  Yes, they are on the list, just like the small guys – just not Wells Fargo.  They are holding out, for whatever reason.  All in due time…
470 caller:  If this thing doesn’t happen quickly, you may have to create a paid platform – will we have access to the forum then?  If so, when do you see that happening?
RayRen: I ‘m hoping for the RV this week or next, and I hope this never happens, but if so, it will be a whole new membership structure.
469 caller:  I have gone to several times today, and the donate button wasn’t there.  [The Donate button is there;  I just checked.]
Next caller:  I would like to exchange Afghani and buy other currencies, but the banks I called say they will not exchange Afghani because it’s been sanctioned.
RayRen: Windows of opportunity present themselves, but they don’t stay open long.  But some people do find local banks where they can do that while the window is open.  We are teaching people to think that way, so that when opportunity offers…
[I had to leave the call here;  the Closing Statement is from Sunny’s Cliff Notes.]
Closing Statement
WE wait to see what happens next.  The Budget was not in the Gazette, and now we expect to see it at the weekend.  Banks are saying “any day now” with members being told to check back on Friday.  In the meantime, look for the opportunity.  Whatever you hear, ask how you can benefit from this.  Keep on believing – we’re almost there!
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