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TNT Call notes 3-May-2017

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RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, May 3, 2017, with RayRen98 here on the controls.  Who would have thought we would still be on this side of the public release of the RV??

Information-wise, we only have what I shared with you yesterday in the update – people in the Iraq and the US are telling us on that on Iraqi television, they are saying that (on the bottom of the screen yesterday) that the full liberation of Mosul will be announced, that it is forthcoming.  They did report there is still some fighting in western Mosul.  We also have another piece that came in, saying that this is happening in the ‘coming hours’, which is different than in the ‘coming days’.  However, we haven’t heard anything today.

In the US, banks stories haven’t changed:  they are expecting this any time, this is about to pop, get ready, etc.  That hasn’t changed;  we haven’t received any new information from the banking community today, as yet.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  What are the current rates that you have heard lately for the dinar ,dong ,zim, and Indonesian rupiah?  How excited are your sources for this happening by the end of this week?  A:  Sources are excited as they were last week;  we are still at the same high levels of expectancy – it should be here any second, and we are still anticipating. Rates are the same as we have been talking about, and I’ve shared them the last couple of calls.  I haven’t heard any new rate changes:  dinar = $3.40-3.70, although some banks have seen slightly higher rates, but those are the more consistent rates. The dong = 47 cents, although I understand there is something happening with that in another country, and am trying to get more information. I don’t see how it would be changing elsewhere and not in our banking system.  The rupiah is showing at $1.08 to $1.25, pretty consistently.

Q:  Last week you made reference to “Maliki-owned TV” reporting certain news related to Mosul, and later referred to “Iraqi TV” reporting certain news.  Do you know if Maliki controls a substantial amount of the news coming out of Iraq, or does he just control one television station?  A: I don’t know the extent of his ownership, but we have been told that he owns some of the television and news media.

Q:  When are you coming to Houston?  A:  We just left Texas – we were there Monday!  My Houston friends on OM came to Dallas.

Q:  What is your guesstimate on the percentage spread between the international rate and the rate at which banks offer to buy the dinars of those people who do not seek a contract rate?  A:  I have no idea;  when we find out, we will let you know, and hopefully in enough time before you make a move.

Q:  Do you see any reason for the RV of the Iraqi Dinar being postponed for a substantial time?  Months or years??  A:  I see no reason for it being postponed for months, or years, or at all.

Q:  Can you explain for newer members and refresher for us old timers, how this might roll out?  If we get 800 #s, is that when we can find out about the contract rate or will we have to wait till the appointment?  A:  Until they give me information, I don’t know;  all we can do is give you hypotheticals and possible solutions, so that when we know for sure, you already have a plan.  It’s better to multiple scenarios, with a strategy for each one, so that however it turns out, it won’t be a surprise for us.  That’s why we continue to have these calls so that we can continue to explore hypothetical realities and strategies.

Q:  Do you see the 800 numbers coming out over a weekend or during the week?  Do you know if there is a preferred Day or Time of Day?  A:  Have no idea, haven’t heard anything from the 800 number people, so I just don’t know.

Q:  What’s up?  Hope it’s the RV but I just read that it is being held up again this time for the elections in France and the banks, what’s next?  [more of the same]  A:  Where did you hear that about France?  I haven’t heard that.

Q:  What strategies are available to us if we are setting up a bank account and the bank employee does not accept the abstract of trust and insists that they have a copy of the entire trust in order to open the account?  [RR:  I guess you mean Affidavit of Trust, which is the formal notification that the trust or entity exists;  if they are hard-headed about that, go to another bank.]  Do we have any leveraging power at that point or would we have to provide them a full copy?  What about keeping it private if we had to show it all wouldn’t it then be public and everyone knows?  A:  They only need proof that the entity exists and that you have authority to act for that entity, so all you need is the Affidavit of Trust and/or the first and last pages of the Trust document;  the rest is none of their business. You do NOT want to make the entire document public, just the information needed to set up the account.  If they make a fuss, take your business elsewhere, and let us know so we can do the same.

Q:  Any World Bank or IMF news related to Iraq that you can share?  A:  No.

Q:  Can you share if any TNT members have received any confirmation from their wealth manager that their bank will exchange Zim?  A:  Haven’t you been listening to the calls?  Or maybe members shared that on Open Mic – yes, they will exchange Zim and all the other currencies we are working on.

Q:  Are the main currencies we have been discussing still in the first basket:  dinar, dong, zim and rupiah??  A:  Yes, so far as I have been told they are in the first basket.

Q:  As the clock continues to tick beyond the last known window of opportunity, can you better define our next chance for closure?  A:  Well, basing everything on what Iraq says, when they liberate Mosul everything else will be completed as well.  We expected that this last weekend, and they are telling their people it’s happening in the coming days, and that Da’esh will be defeated in the coming hours.  So I’m thinking this week.  There are still two days left.

Q:  Have you opened up a site to pay for the conference calls?  A:  No.  We are into May, after telling you all April that no donations are needed, AND PayPal shut down doing business with us – not just us, but others who are not exactly providing a service.  We cannot receive electronic donations, but weren’t asking for donations anyway.  So we haven’t been focused on receiving donations because I thought sure we would have the RV in April!  So we require another processor and have to put it up on the site;  those sending donations by mail will find the address on the site.  I’m still looking for the end of this week. I am still hoping we don’t need it;  we did get enough donations in March to cover March and April.  When we have another processor, we will let you know when it’s on the site.  In the meantime, we will rely on good old snail mail, and trust that they will get through eventually.

Live Q and A

404/865:  I appreciate that your notice is getting shorter and shorter.  Is there really  no new intel, or just nothing different since last week?

RayRen:  It’s a combination:  we heard the Iraqi television news, but there have not been any new reports from Iraqi citizens in Iraq or in the States, at least not today.  For instance, we haven’t heard of any lower denominations on the street in Iraq.  Also, the banking community has not received any reports this morning, although there was movement last night.  So that is where we are.  Our citizens on the street tell us what IS happening, and the banking and other sources tell us what SHOULD be happening.

707 caller:  You mentioned a few banks that are buying and selling dinar – you can’t tell us who they are?  What is the reason?  I want to buy some.

RayRen:  So call the local banks in your area and ask if they sell dinar.  If not, go online and find dealers who can ship it to you rather than going to another state to buy at a bank.

Caller:  I’ve bought most of my dong from Chase and Well Fargo;  one time I got the currency and they wouldn’t give me a receipt!  That seemed strange, as if they weren’t happy to give me the itemized proof I bought it from that bank.  I would prefer to buy dinar from my local bank, if they are selling it.

RayRen:  Certainly members have reported from 47 banks who are buying and selling Iraqi dinar, and that’s just happened in the last year.  So check with your local bank, and if not, do some comparison shopping online:  ebay,, or simple Google “Iraqi dinar”.

Mary caller:  I was a little concerned to hear you mention my name at the beginning of the call because I’ve heard that ‘they’ may be monitoring these calls…

RayRen:  The names I mentioned were people who contacted me to say that the various  lines are up and functional.

Caller:  My primary email has changed, and my phone number… so if they are planning to contact us to come in to exchanges, how will we know they have the right contact info?

RayRen:  Who do you expect to contact you?

Caller:  I’ve read things on various sites that say ‘they’ have divided people into groups and military personnel following who are on the intel calls, so they could contact them, especially people who have bought zim.

RayRen:  Your concerns and questions need to be directed to them;  this is not information I gave you, and I don’t subscribe to those thought processes.  Are you a TNT member?  Do you have access to the board or chat room?  If you are not able to log in to the site, you are not an active board member.  If so, whatever email we have on file for you, that’s the email we will send to you, if we send out emails.  Also, we will post 800 numbers, or tweet, or send it out in any other way they let us publish those numbers.  If your email address has changed, be sure to update it in your profile.

904 caller:  Did Abadi make those announcements we expected on Saturday?

RayRen:  Not the ones we were looking for;  we are still waiting.  The public information is

Closing Statement

We covered the main information we wanted to get across, and we are still waiting.  Expectations are still there for this week, with activities on the 5th.  Everyone is still at a high level of expectancy, with Mosul still being kicked down the road.  Let’s focus on being prepared for when this comes out.  Did you do your homework on your local banks that exchange foreign currency?  Some members have done follow up and found out local banks that actually deal in dinar – that would give you options when comparing exchange rates, account protection, etc.  First find out which banks deal in foreign currency, and that way you can compare banks more easily.  The best of us will pursue the first mouse, second mouse strategy, as we wait to find out more information.  If new intel warrants it, I will send out a tweet and forum update.  We’re halfway through the week…

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