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TNT Call notes 10-May-2017

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RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, May 10, 2017, with RayRen98.  The text that went out said ‘no new intel, we need to thaw out’.  Thawing is a result of freedom, and everything appears to be frozen, no real difference.  The only difference between Monday and today is that we are now seeing more public information about what I shared:  the liberation of Mosul, although the FULL liberation is yet to be publicly announced.  That should be somewhere between the 15th and the 19th.  As far as the RV, some think we are still looking for the public release this week.  Ramadan seems to be the cutoff – that is, they want to get all things done before that starts on 26. May.  I still think it’s happening now, but if you want a timeframe, look at the meeting that happens before the 19th.  That remains to be seen.

Thebanking community received information that today could/should have been the date.  There could be private exchanges taking place;  we ill await further info on that.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  Regarding the mice, if I’m after the highest rate should I go in quickly for contract rate, or wait to be third mouse? I got confused?  A:  Nothing is a hard and fast rule until it becomes past tense, so we can only develop strategies based on what we expect.  Iraq said a long time ago that their currency could support up to $16, and people in the past have received contract rates of $30, then… I don’t see it going up to $30 in public.  If you can get contract rates of $30, take the money and run!  If you want contract rates, go in as quickly as possible.  If you want higher (non-contract) rates, leverage your currency and wait for it to appreciate.

Q:  What’s next?  A:  Business opportunities and countries take time.  We have to develop patience;  to the victors go the spoils.  Sure something else could come up to delay this, but right now there is nothing likely that will push this further down the road. I think it’s inevitable, and the timing is now.  Mosul was the last thing we could see as a roadblock;  everything else is together in terms of what they want/need, and the leadership.  Just sit back and wait;  every day that it doesn’t happen, see what doesn’t work, and examine new opportunities to do something while you wait.  That’s better than just sitting round being depressed and saying, “what’s next?”

Q:  Are we closer than on Monday?  A:  The information that I received, it seemed like it was moving at certain rate, but there are always other factors.  There was no promise it would pop out by Wednesday, it’s just what I expected from the intel.

Q1:  Do you believe that we need to see laws in the Gazette before the release of the RV?  A:  No.

Q2:  Any confirmation that contractors in Iraq are now being paid the in-country rate, or the revalued rate for their work?  A:  Confirmation is a strong word, and I don’t like how some people use it.  I don’t have ‘confirmation’ of that, but I have every belief they are.

Q3:  Post-RV, and the 13 cities/workshops, will each session be the same day, every other day, or spread out?  A:  It depends on availability of venues and banks.  We would like to get them done as quickly as possible.  You only need to go to one of them.

Q:  Any updates on prices in Iraq?  A:  Nothing that I feel comfortable with, although there is some stuff floating around.

Q:  Do you know when trump will be in Iraq?  A:  No, I don’t know any part of that travel itinerary, but I do believe that he and the Iraqi leaders will be together on the 19th.

Q:  You speak to digitizing our currency of late. Are you aware of a special program the banks formulated just for this upcoming exchange period? I ask because we have learned about MCA’s and this seems to not be something many banks use readily. Is this something we will learn about from the task force training classes?  A:  Yes.  If the bank offers MCAs, you will learn about them then, sure.  The information we have obtained about MCA suggests that you only have one if you are doing business with that country.  So you want to double-check the rules and requirements, and then see if they offer an MCA for the specific currencies you are interested in.  Of course the banks change their rules and policies whenever they want, to serve their client base.  If half a million people want MCAs with our currencies, then they may well change their rules.  Look around for other institutions that offer MCAs or the equivalent.

Q:  Ray, on Monday you seemed confident that it would RV by today. Can you tell us what info that was based on or what changed or did not transpire that you expected to happen?  A:  I already did.  I’m not at liberty to say anything in more detail.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller:  You have dropped a few nuances that I will check.  It’s been a while since you shared anything Iraqis are being told in the mosques – anything there?

RayRen:  No, there has been nothing in the mosques for some time.

Caller:  There have been references on the board to the effect that fils are in circulation…

RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything from Iraq about that.

Caller:  Re: the meeting on the 19th, can you identify who will be there?

RayRen:  No.

Caller:  The meeting with Abadi, Sadr, CBI Governor and finance minister – have you heard anything further from your contacts?

RayRen:  No, there have been no more reports.

Caller:  Tomorrow is the publishing date for the UN rates that change on the 15th;  is that relevant at all?

RayRen:  if I listen to the banking community, Yes.  If I listen to Iraqi sources, then No.

Caller:  I presumably that there is not much left to thaw…?

RayRen:  Everything was flowing on Monday, then yesterday all the information seemed to freeze up, but I think it’s slush rather than solid ice.

610 caller:  Please donate by sending send your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, P.O. Box 1748 Elm City, N.C. 27822.  Thanks for all your donations.

RayRen:  I don’t know.  The Raleigh meet-and-greet depends on when Tony comes here, and he has some other things to tackle first.  Pomp and Circumstance wasn’t so much for the RV but to mark that you are ready – any time this week, we are ready, both ‘the best of us’ and also the ‘rest of us’.  TNT is ready!

340 VI caller:  [can’t understand what this caller is saying]

RayRen:  I have not heard anything official on that, but believe that all five currencies are in the first basket.  Rates are like the time of the day:  always changing.

386 caller:  What is the story behind the bank perks listed in the forum?

RayRen:  It’s always been there.  We did put it in the update folder because some people cannot get into the entire forum, so now they can read it even if they aren’t members.  I put it there for them, because they couldn’t see it otherwise.  It’s not an update as such.  We want to let people know the perks they can ask for, if they leave large amounts on deposit. It helps people shop around between the banks.  Please don’t go in to do your exchange and ask for all these perks – just exchange and get out of there.  Talk to the manager when you go back in to discuss how much money you are leaving there, and have them tell you what they will give you as perks.  They may offer you something that is not on the list!  Banks are a business, and these are business transactions.  You need to look out for your best interests, and the bank looks out for their interests.  Don’t give up everything on the first round – you have to hold something back to negotiate.  They won’t give you anything without a cost factor that affects the bottom line.  We only give away the percentage of our profit that we have to give away.  If you tell me what you want, and I was planning on giving you a lot more, I’ll probably give you what you asked for and keep the rest.  You have to look at it that way;  these are business transactions, not just banking.  For every business transaction, there is some kind of negotiation and/or consideration.  How will you know if you don’t ask?  If you don’t ask, they may not offer.  [But ask, What perks are you offering?]  Of course, they offer you more if you are more attractive, so make sure you comb your hair that day!

760 caller:  I love the calls when we drill down into the nitty-gritty, and use our time to assess and look for new opportunities.  That’s what I’ve been doing.  I like the idea of using conventional vehicles in unconventional ways.  On Monday you said that we need to use both foundations and trusts.  I want to verify I’m using these vehicles properly.  A foundation formed through a foundation is used as a 501c3 after exchange, while trusts are set up for asset protection.  Have I got that right?  Is that the right was to use these two entities?  [RR:  Yes.]  Then one of the callers said something about using the Roth IRA, so I did some research on that.  I did a three-way call with the wealth manager and an investment counselor, and initially they didn’t get what I was asking.  Finally, they both admitted that the bank [traditionally] does not permit an IRA or Roth IRA to hold tangible assets.

RayRen:  Pick a different custodian – one who does allow that.

Caller:  A few minutes ago, you said something about banking information is different from Iraqi information.

RayRen:  That’s right.  The banks are talking about exchanging ALL our currencies, probably today.  My Iraqi contacts are only talking about their currency.  Sometimes the intel aligns, and sometimes it does not.

Caller:  Let’s add in innovation, because we are always learning what not to do, and new ways to use these vehicles and strategies.  [chitchat]

RayRen:  You don’t have access to the board or Open Mic?

Caller:  No, and I would love that access because I want to drill deeper.  I want to make the most of this opportunity, and I want to have fun while I’m here because I’m not taking a dime with me when I go.

281 caller:  Since we know that heads of states are meeting this month, do you think that we will not see this until after that?

RayRen:  I am under the impression we will see it before then.  It depends on how they want the credit to unfold.  If they don’t want certain people there to get credit, they will do it before the meeting.  If they want it to be seen as a collaboration, they will do it during;  if they don’t mind certain people getting credit, they might do it afterwards.  However, if I were making promises to my people, I’d want the credit for it, and do it before the meeting.

Caller:  So when this goes live internationally, will all 208 countries go at the same time?

RayRen:  Some have already made their changes, and then ours will go, and then others will go after us, but we won’t notice because that’s not our area of interest.

Caller:  So this could go on for years!

RayRen:  That’s right.  Many of us are frustrated because we feel entitled to instant gratification instead of education.  If someone told you “get in this right now! It’s coming out in 30 days”.  People need to get over it and deal with the reality of this thing.  If and when the next wave comes along, you will already know what to expect.

Caller:  Do you think in the future that we’ll be using the same technologies and banks? I wonder if they will send you the paper currency, or if it will all be electronic.

RayRen:  In the future, you won’t even need to do that.  In the future, on Mars for example, will have its own the currency (the martian).  If and when its currency changes value, you can buy up martian paper, or you can move all your money into a martian account.  The money already exists in your account;  now it has a different purchasing power.  If you want to hold that in dollars, it’s an electronic transfer, or ledger transfer, and you won’t have to worry about the physical notes.  In the future, probably countries will not issues notes at all, and if you are there electronically, you won’t have to worry about it at all.

Closing Statement

The banking community says they are looking to knock us out this week.  Across the pond, we are looking at mixed benchmarks, with a meeting 15-19th, with information circulating that they want to get this wrapped up before Ramadan starts on the 26th. So everything points to this happening still in May.  Everything looks and sounds good;  we’ll just see what happens. If anything comes up, I’ll send a tweet or update.  If you are not a member of the forum, I will put it in the update section, and you can access that by going to the website, and click on the FORUM button.

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