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TNT Call notes 15-May-2017

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RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Marvelous Monday, May 15, 2017, with RayRen98 at the controls.  Let’s get right into it…

Intel:  we don’t have any new intel we can share that we didn’t already share through the weekend updates.  You can all read those whether you are an active board member or not:  got to, click on Forum, and one box will open  up with all the updates.  Abadi announced on television that it’s time to finish up in Mosul.  They had some surprise attacks in the city, aand they were taking the fight from house to house, getting it done.  Now we are getting play-by-play reports, and over the weekend they said 11 districts remain, and nine of them were partially cleaned.  So two districts are considered to be still under ISIL control.  There are ATMs in the area, including Mosul.  Citizen protests have been cancelled for this week.  Citizens are happy, with a positive outlook and looking for something good to happen.

We got another update this morning that one more district had been reclaimed, so it’s now nine partially and one full district with ISIL still there. Abadi said on television that after 13 years, Iraq is now opening their doors to the international world, and Mosul is hours away from complete liberation.  Who knows how many hours that will take, but of course there is expectation that those final hours will take place today.

Banks still have high expectation about today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, with the expectation that the general public will go the first week in June.  Of course, we are not the general public, who are walking around with currency,  not knowing what to do with it.  We are the advanced public, and we are keeping a close eye on this.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q:  With so many passionate members that will be looking to set up philanthropic programs once they learn to how best to protect and grow their principal, and high likelihood of some crossing over each other, will you be helping avoid this by connecting like-minded ones via a TNT member philanthropy networking system or the like?  A:  Yes.

Q:  Based on the latest Intel on a scale from 1 to 10, in your opinion will you and your TNT family be celebrating your birthday in Jamaica?  A:  If the banks get their way, yes.

Q:  Have you heard any news from the IT experts about how the leaked NSA virus threat could affect the RV?  A:  No, I haven’t heard anything about that.

Q:  With ten more districts to go, we are waiting on Iraqi to be completely liberated, correct?  So this could be another lengthy time frame, right?  A:  Yes, we are waiting on the complete liberation, because that’s when they say certain things will take place.  However, I don’t see that being a lengthy time frame because they are clearly being aggressive about getting this done.

Q:  My banker told me I could get a Roth self directed IRA one of two ways. through the bank or in a brokerage. Which one do you recommend?  A:  Neither.  Do a Google search on self-directed Roth IRA custodians, and that will give you some solutions.  A self-directed Roth IRA held buy a trust or custodian will have a greater range of possibilities than a ‘firm-approved’ or ‘bank-approved’ Roth IRA.  If the bank has to approve it, how self-directed can it be.  Make it truly self-directed so that (as long as you follow the rule), you can do whatever you wish.  If you do that search, you will find the ones I favor for TNT members, right there on the first page.

Q:  Some time ago there was mention of a source that some members used to assist in the set up of a self-directed Roth IRA;  would you be so kind to make said reference again or direct me as to how to find it?  A:  Do that same Google search as above.

Q1:  Do you know if the ATM machines are working in Iraq?  A:  If you are referring to dispending lower denominations, no, we haven’t heard that yet.

Q2:  The Iraqs that are in the United States that you are acquainted with, do you know what their approximate current rate of exchange is on their Q cards?  A:  Nothing has changed from what they told me before:  $3.40 to $3.71.

Q3:  Do you know if they are using the fils and lower denominations in the marketplaces in Iraq at this current time?  A:  I have no definitive knowledge of that.

Q4:  Do you know if the prices are still falling in the marketplace on goods and services in Iraq?  A:  We have not received any reports on consumer goods prices in over a week, so I don’t know if they have stabilized or just nothing has changed.

Q:  Regarding the Song is it expected to increase in value like the Dinar?  A:  The Song?  I assume you mean the dong – we have no indications that it is expected to increase in value, but like some other currencies, there may be a release in the original value, with a stepped increase to climb to its natural position.  That’s something we want to be on the lookout for and have a strategy if we want to take advantage of it.

Q:  I gifted my brothers two Christmas’ ago a 25,000 dinar.  Would they be with us since I purchased the currency or are they general public?  A:  It all depends on where they are mentally;  if they are keeping up, then they will go in with us.  If they haven’t been keeping up, they will exchange with the general public.  Either you have no idea of what’s going on, or every idea of what’s going on.  The latter makes you one of us, the advanced public.

Live Q and A

865/404 caller:  On the tweet, you said something about ‘how many hours are still left in this process’?  I take it that is up to 36 hours…?

RayRen:  It depends on how quickly they knock out these districts.  That might be our thought on the timing, but this is their statement, so I don’t know.  They said that yesterday as well, that we are in the final hours.  I think we are still in an ‘any minute, any hour’ situation.

601 caller:  I know you keep saying that we need to go exchange, then come back until we have figured things out, and then go back and negotiate.  Are we going to negotiate on the buy-back price, or do we do that when we go back in?

RayRen:  I will negotiate everything, even the size of the room, so that when we sit down to negotiate, I will already be comfortable.

Caller:  Didn’t you say something about the banks taking 20%? That is, the difference between what we bought it for vs. what we are selling it back to the bank.

RayRen:  I didn’t say that.  I’m not looking in the backend doing something like that;  I intend to negotiate everything right upfront, before I relinquish anything.  I don’t see how I can exchange with the bank on Monday for $4, and come back on Friday to get $6.  It’s money, and you can negotiate any aspect.  If the value is $4, for example, that is the sell rate, what you would pay if the bank is selling to you.  The buy rate is the rate the bank will take buying your currency, and you won’t get as high a rate as when you are buying it from the bank.

Caller:  So do we need to negotiate that in the first appointment or later?

RayRen:  When you go back to negotiate, you’ll be dealing with the interest rates and investment products.  If you have already done the exchange, why would they give you more, later?  Unless you are tying it in to later, bigger business. You can ask… but they are likely to say “no, we did that Monday, that’s a done deal”.  Of course, if you hear that is possible, try it!  But at that point, there is not much you can do, because you’ve already done the exchange, money is in your account, and the bank has sent off your currency wherever it’s supposed to go.  So I don’t see wiggle-room, exchange-wise.  But generally we are talking about negotiating on interest, investment products, and bank perks.  You exchanged on Monday, and now you have X million in your account, and you want to talk about how much you want to leave there and on what terms.

Next caller:  My husband wants us to exchange enough to pay off our debts and set up our retirement fund.  Is it possible to exchange a small amount, and have them hold the rest and exchange when the rate gets to a certain place?

RayRen:  That’s one strategy, but how long have those debts, and such, been hanging around.  I would think my bills and retirement plan can wait a couple more weeks, if there is a money-making opportunity that I will lose in favor of instant gratification.  When this currency pops, if it shoots up afterwards, it will go up and then come back to international rates in those two weeks.  Even for retirement planning, you can tell the boss that you aren’t coming in, without pay.  You need to make sure you have enough money to replace your salary and health insurance before you quit, because you’ll no longer be under a group policy.  Individual health insurance is more expensive, so you need to make sure your investment income replaces your salary AND benefits before turning your back on that job and its benefits.  The millions that you might potentially lose – you can’t get that back.  I won’t fight with my wife over ten or a hundred dollars, but I will fight over a million dollars.  Write down the calculations, and the one disagreeing will see your point.

Caller: But can we hand in our currency and have the bank manager or wealth manager keep on an eye on the rate for us?

RayRen:  I would use anyone I can enlist to do that.  I think it will be a bit of a roller-coaster:  start at about $4, go up a bit, then a bit more, then back down to $4 and sit.  I don’t think the market will drive it up to $16, not that high.  The currency will come out at its true value, and it won’t go up for 90 days (in terms of official Iraqi value), but the market can drive it up as the hedge funds realize what’s happening.  It will then come back to its true value, but we can take advantage of that temporary increase, in those first two weeks.  I will always dabble in the currency, but I’ll keep it in digitized form.

653 caller:  Last Monday, I asked for your guess 1-10 by Friday;  what happened?

RayRen:  The full liberation of Mosul didn’t happen;  they stretched it out for some reason.  But yes, we are closer.

Caller:  If you look back at mid-May in the last few years, all the ‘gurus’ are saying the same things:  Maliki has resurfaced, the Budget hasn’t been published, all the rest. Maybe only 5-6 people know what’s really happening.

RayRen:  We’ve said that for a long time.  Only a handful of people really know, and they aren’t telling anyone. The rest of us depend on intel, sources, and guesswork.  My sources said that there should be an announcement on Mosul on Saturday, so that is what I shared.  We always share what we can, within reason, or unless I don’t feel good about the information.  That’s just the way it is.  They say it will be done by Ramadan, and we were reading that last week.  You do have to look at what took place last year, and that’s what makes it different from last year at this time.  We hadn’t covered the steps that we didn’t know had to be resolved.  Some of those steps have been stretched out, and we don’t really know why or by whom.  But they are putting it in print that this should be done by Ramadan, and Abadi says the liberation of Mosul is in the ‘final hours’.  He should have said ‘final weeks’ if they’re going to wait until Ramadan, so he obviously thinks it’s sooner than that.

816 caller:  We have these gurus and such, people listening to these calls, etc.;  are the people in control listening as well?

RayRen:  Of course, and we shared that with you before.  We know of at least 6-7 countries and various government agencies who listen to these calls.  It doesn’t make a difference to me, because I’m doing this for the TNT members.

Caller:  I only hold one currency because that’s the one God told me to hold.  When one currency revalues, does it definitely mean all the other currencies revalue as well?  This has happened before, I take it?

RayRen:  Yes, we anticipate the other currencies we are interested in will revalue as well.  No, that kind of group revaluation has not happened before.  When people say that it’s not about Iraq, I wonder why other countries haven’t revalued independently.  Iraq is supposed to be richest currency in the world, and they have to have a currency at least equivalent to every other rich currency.  They don’t HAVE to revalue at the same time, but what is keeping the others back, if Iraq is not the kingpin.  Yes, all the currencies may change, but that doesn’t mean all currencies will revalue by 3,000%.

Closing Statement

We had this whole solid months of saying, “we don’t need you to make donations” because we were expecting the RV, and also we couldn’t receive electronic donations.  The electronic donations were the bulk of it before, but now that all donations are by snail mail, and so we’d like people to remember to get ‘around to it’ because mail takes a bit longer. I’m still expecting the RV this week, but have to play both sides of the fence.  The banks are anticipating people this week, with the public the first week in June.  Iraq has canceled all protests, so someone must be happy about something.  Before, they were concerned bout the ‘western city’ in Mosul, and now they are down to one full and nine partial districts.  There is public information that should reinforce your faith;  you should be able to see the writing on the wall, with what they are sharing, especially what the people are believing over there:  we have been told that the lower denominations are loaded in the ATMs, and citizens have cards that are funded (so they don’t even need the ATMs).  They are moving to using their cards, rather than cash, just like we do in the US.  But it does make sense if people want lower denominations on the street.  It’s coming together;  we’re just waiting for the next set of announcements from the television, etc.  Thank you to everyone who donates:  that keeps these calls and the forum going.  I’m excited by what today’s intel might bring.  I don’t think they will tell me to go to the bank today, but who knows?  As information comes in, I will send out updates.  In the meantime…

RayRen played I Believe: