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RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  I love hearing Tony’s voice.  I see there are still some unhappy campers;  why don’t you pack your bags and leave?  It’s a very simple process.  Someone asked who chose the music – I did!  And if we have a call on Friday I will choose it again.  If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.  You don’t have to be on this call.  There comes a time when you get tired of nonsense.  There are 20,000 people on this call; if you want to start something, you’ve got the wrong person.  [Audio checks]  Let’s get this show on the road!
Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Wednesday, January 6, 2016.  I’m going to give this all a particular name:  the Canary Call.  So if you want to refer to this call when you talk to me, that’s the name because the tweet said, “The Canary is singing!”  It means they are telling it, and they’re telling it like you would not believe.  Some parts you won’t believe and I won’t tell you those parts, but the rest…

In Iraq, some have not reported in, but others say that there have been protests because this didn’t happen on the 1st like they expected.  Today is a holiday over there, and we are still trying to nail down if the Budget is in the Gazette or not. One source has said that it is, and we are trying to get confirmation.  We report, you decide.  Hopefully other sources may text me during or after the call.  Wait;  here’s a text coming in, but it’s on technical stuff.
Reports are coming from the Canadian area – rates couldn’t be seen on all screens, yet there are reports that they are slightly higher than in the past.  They are still in ‘any day’ mode like we are.
In the USA, I am getting things from peeps – members of TNT or OM who have been visiting their wealth managers and banking personnel.  There’s been a whole lot of singing from some of them – many are having bank visits and the people are turning round the screens so that they can see the rates, although they still cannot process their exchanges. That’s a reality check for some in denial that this is happening.  Some bank people are saying funds are arriving for the GCR exchanges to move forward.  We have heard of some tier 3 banks doing exchanges as far back as Monday.  Some have called in and said yes, that is happening to their certain knowledge.  We are waiting on more confirmations because we have been following tier 1 banks, and these are from tier 3 banks.  We like to get 3-4 reports so we can cross-reference them, but one report is good, too.
A memo went out from the Federal Reserve to ALL the federal districts to release this, and saying “exchanges are to receive authority in the next 24 hours”. That means a lot, although we must not jump to conclusions.  The district exchangers “are to receive authority” in the next 24 hours.  That’s big!  Codes being sent out to the banks coincides with this memo;  we’ve had those before and it hasn’t been followed through, but this tells them officially that they have not received authority but they ARE TO RECEIVE this authority.  That means someone is moving forward and getting things done.  I don’t know what stage we are at, but the process sis moving.  I have received information from six different banks and two agencies, acknowledging this memo went out and was received.
A long time ago, we shared that we were told that when this started up, there would be 1) private exchanges, 2) groups and then 3) the general public.  We’ve seen some private exchanges, and I don’t know the timeframe to the groups, or if they overlap.  A date has come to me for the general public, and we’ll see if that comes and goes for the public;  that will be interesting in and of itself.  Private exchanges have taken place, and I believe that some small groups have undergone some activity.  Proof of that is forthcoming.  Deadline dates have come and gone;  we are in the process, in the window, and no one can put their finger on how fast the private and group activity will cycle through, or how fast the public activity will cycle through.  We just have to hold on and know our day is coming.
Let’s have a few questions.  I wonder if Mr. Jones [602 caller] from Monday is on the line if he wants to go round 2 or to apologize.
602 caller:  I’m great;  thank you for the info.  IN the end, you said “the public is US”, but in the past, you’ve said that we are in the group section and we will go before the general public.  [Ray:  You are right.]  Do you know if there is some sort of order for the groups?
RayRen:  I only have the information I gave;  I just hear this one and that one.  The process is in place and we are next.
Caller:  Okay, I’ll go with that!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
[Garbled sound – technical glitches]
919 caller:  You’re doing a good job – thank you!  Are you still feeling good about this week?  Or will it go into next week?
RayRen:  I do believe there are phases, and I’m feeling good about this month for all of us.  I don’t know where we are in this mix, whether we will go with the groups or if they will push us into the public sector.  The rates I’m hearing are awesome, although I don’t if we will get those rates until we are in the exchange.  But they look great!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
352 caller:  Every time I read a blog, they give another reason why this RV will never close.  [Examples – can’t hear]  I just keeps boing on and on.  How do you feel about that?
RayRen:  I work from the other side of the spectrum.  I choose to believe in the exchanges that have already taken place.  If this were never to happen, those exchanges would not have taken place.  Of all the naysayers, the day this finally happens, what will their response be then?  “Okay, oh well…”  That’s my answer now.  The banks tell me that they are looking to do something this week, and then it turns out they did do something;  it’s okay that it’s not my turn yet, because it’s all positive and I hear it’s coming.
Caller:  We have gained patience if nothing else.  If this were a girlfriend doing this, we would have dumped her long ago!
410 caller:  When you mentioned the other tiers [banks] that will be open, I thought I understood that the tier 2 and 3 banks are not the best places to go if you have higher amounts of currency.  Is that still the case – that they don’t have enough money for us?
RayRen:  You may be a multi-million person and a smaller bank may not be able to handle an exchange of that size.
Caller:  With time issues on the contract rates, I may wait for the tier 1 banks.  I hope we’ll meet and hit it off in person! [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  I just wanted to confirm on Bruce’s call that a group exchanged last night.  This was an organization that I belong to, and the woman who gave the information is also a member of OpenMike (OM).  It was church group in Minnesota, and 5,200 members exchanged earlier this week by special arrangements.  There were specific rates given.  IS that the same information you heard?
RayRen:  I did hear some exchanged;  I didn’t hear it was a group, and I didn’t hear rates.  I did hear some people had exchanged – do you have proof or confirmation?
Caller:  I’m driving, but to the best of my recollection the rates were dinar = $7.10,dong = $40, zim = 36 cents (from memory).  This is from a call, but from a reliable person who dealt with currency before all this, and she said she was able to confirm exchanges had taken place.
RayRen:  I would like to talk to her – if she is listening, get in touch with me.  If we can confirm it and cross-reference it, we will put it back out there!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Raleigh for North Carolina BBQ!
909 caller:  Once this money comes in, I would like to put together a trust fund for my grand-children until they are 21.  I don’t know how to do that.
RayRen:  Do you want your grandkids to be owners or controllers?  If you want them to be owners with all the liabilities and issues that owners have, set up a trust account for them.  If you want to be controllers, you should set up something different.  I don’t really believe you want them to be owners – you want them to have the best out of life.  Controllers live a better life than owners. Do you still want them to be owners?  Your task is to learn the difference between control and ownership, so that you can set you grandchildren to be controllers. Then you can plan your work, and work your plan.  That plan should still be working after you have been gone for 30 years, if you plan it right.
Caller:  Do you go to an attorney for this?
RayRen:   There are others in the asset-protection and estate-planning field who are not attorneys, although most will go to an attorney first.  That is why you want to decide what you want first, so you are telling your professionals what you want rather than asking them what you should have.  You need to learn the difference first, and then you go to the professionals and say “I want this and can you do it in this manner?”  and it if they say “yes, we can”, then you have found the right service provider.
281 caller:  Just a thought… a few days ago Abadi went to China and had meetings with the head folks over there.  A day or so later, China agreed to send troops to fight ISIL.  What significance, if any, does that have in moving this forward?
RayRen:  I tend to think there is no significance to this being done, although it might have some significance to the timing.  From what I’ve already read, though, I’d say no, this is just normal politics without impact on this release.
Caller:  I read a report about a Wells Fargo manager that someone on TNT had met with, and the WM agreed to contact them when this comes out.  I’ve met with one of the head WF financial planners, and they swore they would contact us immediately.  They also said “we are not allowed to talk about that at this moment” though they hope it’s the real deal. No one knows the exact timing or details before we get to the bank.  I talked to the person at WF management, and again they confirmed we will be the first people they contact.  I hope that encourages people.
RayRen:  People call or text me saying that all the time.  A year ago, the bank people were throwing people out, and now they are saying that they will contact their clients as soon as this happens.
Caller:  I believe we are close, even if we don’t know the hour.  Between ‘amen’ and ‘there it is’, we need to do a lot of praising and thanksgiving.  You have to point your tongue in the direction of your destination.  “God declared your end from the beginning”;  everybody be strong – a new season is coming quickly. I’ll see you in Hawaii or Bali!
856 caller:  Someone broke into my house and took my currency.  I have a list of serial numbers for my currency;  do I have any recourse?
RayRen:  Check with the bank, maybe they can block them from being exchanged, or at least find the culprit after the fact.  Ask the bank – maybe they can direct you to the right authorities – maybe the Treasury or the police.  Get that done today while there’s still time!
Caller:  I have good reason for this currency, with a bunch of grandkids, and it bothers me that someone can break into your home and take most of the currency.
423 caller:  I feel so sorry for that lady who had her currency stolen;  that is terrible.  My question is this:  I’ve been in this for six years.  Two years ago in November, people came through Gatlinburg and did a bunch of exchanges, and Tony started the Twitter campaign.  I thought Tony said those people got cash, not SKRs, that they were buying cars and such.  Now, I really believe this is real, but there is no way for anyone is able to contact me.  Do you ever have an insecure feeling, like we are going to be left out?
RayRen:  No.  There are too many bank people talking about this and looking for us.
Caller:  Do you think that any of the banks will still be saying “no, this is a scam”?
RayRen:  The memo went out from the Fed on Monday and the banks received it yesterday.  Those who are participating in the first wave are now positioning themselves to be ready.  The memo said to expect a rush of customers.  Could there be some Wells Fargo banks that don’t know what is going on?  Sure, because that particular branch may not be participating.
Caller:  I spoke to the manager of the local WF bank, and he looked at the screen, said he was not seeing dinar or dong, and that you have to have an account.  But I asked if I could come in with the currency and open an account then, and he said “yes”.  What about the 800 numbers?
RayRen:  They are going to wait until the absolute last minute to give me the 800 numbers because they know that then the canary will really sing.
Caller:  Platinum said not to go on holiday and to sleep with their cell phones because this is our week, between now and Friday.
RayRen:  The banks and our contacts are getting information.  A lot of us were looking to go this morning.  Just because it didn’t happen this morning doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  The memo says they will receive authority.  I do believe we are very close, extremely close.
Caller:  You’re almost changing my mind about Vegas, to meet you all…
RayRen:  Vegas should be considered more like an Expo, with things for you to learn and buy, banking and investment and asset protection companies presenting their programs.  There will be vendors presenting their products, and I want to have a cookout in the parking lot.  Even if you are not going to attend, when I mention Vegas, Vegas, Vegas I am asking for support, so people can show they are with us, supporting us mentally if not physically.
Caller:  Didn’t the memo say something about 20  hours?
RayRen:  Yes, I have heard but not read the memo – it said the banks “are to receive authority in the next 24 hours”, not that they definitely will.  We are in wait and see mode this morning.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  I sure hope this is the last call, although I know 404 wanted to be the  last caller on the final call.  I hope that our next call will be talking about what to do:  here are your plans, here is the 800 number (assuming they give us the numbers).  We will support you any  way we can, and we will find a canary who will sing and tell us what to expect, and then we will tell you.  Meanwhile, there are bills to pay.  I thought on Monday this would have happened by now, so… we appreciate your helping us get the bills knocked out.  Thanks for your donations, consideration and support, and even for the haters that helps a lot of us reinforce our belief and convictions on who we are.  I remain your servant here on TNT until the job gets done.  Have a good evening.