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RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Wednesday, January 13, 2016.  We have thousands of listeners connected. [Audio checks]  This is RayRen98 here, taking you through this session. This is the ‘Truth or Consequences’ call, and that has a defined meeting.  We will deal with some that.  We also have some intel, and a lot of you listening.  I know some are here for the intel only, but you’ll have to listen ot this first.
Just as the President did his final State of Union address, I plan for this to be my last one, too, when I am addressing an audience of this size, to get you on the same page, and then we’ll hit the intel.  My last big speech, I believe, although not the last time I’m talking to you, but it will all be happily going downhill after this.

Leadership and stewardship – some of us have  firm Christian belief, and some just have a belief that we have to atone for what we do in this life.  Some of us believe in a Judgment Day, and will be asked “What did you do?  I gave you access to My people.”  Leadership comes along with stewardship, though not necessarily the other way round.  If something falls into your lap, you need to live up to that responsibility.  I’m living up to the responsibility to be right and just to others.  That is stewardship.  If God gives you access to His people, you need to have stewardship, although I am not trying to lead people in any particular way, but I’m living up to my responsibility.
TNY is about a plan, not about a man.  It’s about the information that we receive and pass on to you.  Any man can present the plan, because it’s all about the plan, not the man.  Of course it has been reported by various people who want to complain about everything that they are trying to stop the plan.  It’s not about the man, it’s about the plan, and that continues on.  The followers of that plan has grown.  It dropped down in November and now it’s back up to 253,000 people.  Is that about RayRen and his jokes?  Of course not, it’s about the plan.  You can attack the man all you want, but the plan will carry on.
We have changed from telling you everything to telling you the important things.
We do have some cockroaches, and that is where the plan reigns supreme.  The cock-roaches have taken to imitating me and Tony and Already Blessed. I’m RayRen 98, and someone on the boards is appearing as RayRen 89, creating doubt and misfavor, and what ever they can make up.  We have to look at these site.  At TNT, if you act up, we boot you out, and the same on OpenMike.  So I have to wonder at the character of the admins who allow this to continue on their sites.  Do you think they cannot tell the difference, to know that it’s not really me, Pam, Tennwolf, or Platinum.  I could go on naming members who have been imitated on those boards.  What is up with the admins there?  They could say they didn’t know, but now they do, because either you are on this call or your other members are listening now.  You won’t be able to claim ignorance after today.  Part of my job is to take away your excuse, so what are you going to do about it?
There are some new sites that seem hostile to TNT at this point.  Those who wish to create sites, that’s fine, but why do you have to come into our territory, harvesting members?  What is that about?  Some members got banned here, and that is the first place these new sites look.  What is that about?  People get banned from TNT because they violated TNT rules.  They did something, they committed some transgression, and the mods followed through and they got banned.  It’s not because of their information – members can say what they feel, to a certain degree.  But you don’t go into a man’s house and disrespect him, or create chaos or confusion when there doesn’t need to be any.
The groups:  this might be the main reason people attacked Tony and bring down TNT.  He ratted you out.  I don’t need to do that because he did it, but it’s coming round again.  Sure, there are some great groups, but we have to think hard on lying to people to get them to do that.  That’s got be the money making people do that, because if your deal was all that and a bag of chips, people would be beating down your door.  No one needs to say “If you don’t join a group, you won’t be able to exchange.”  We have talked to too many bank people who have said, “we will be happy to exchange you when the time comes” and not one has said, “only if you are in a group”.  So that’s why I call that a lie.  Sure, groups may have a favored timing or rates, but don’t say that if people don’t join your group, they won’t exchange at all.  People have called me in tears because someone is harassing them if they don’t join that group.  That is the lowest of the low, if you ask me.
Let’s move on to some intel.  We didn’t do the last two calls because the information was not satisfactory – it was sketchy and some things that looked promising didn’t show up.  Some were presented in the past, but you know what time and day it is. What has really happened/  What is still to take place?  I don’t have the answers but I do have information that may lead you down that road.
People have appointments today and tomorrow and were told to bring their currencies.  People had appointments last week to open accounts.  Some people have appointments with bank people and when they get there, those people have disappeared – some are transferred and some just leaving.  We’ll see what develops there.
Let’s go to Iraq.  There is talk of upset and rioting, and also information in the mosques saying, “Let’s look for it this week” and even throwing some rates around for them.  I’m being told the Budget is being published in the Gazette today.  Is that a fact?  I don’t know, but that is what I was told.  I report, you decide.  You can access the Gazette online, so check for yourself. I was told it would be published on Wednesday.  The coins are going out, as ‘fils’ or change like our silver change.
In Canada, banks are at an all-time high saying ‘this week’.  In the US, we are hearing from bank people that some are surprised we haven’t seen it already. Some are working extra hours.  EVERYBODY I’m talking to is saying “by the 15th”; we shall see.  Iraq is waiting on the Go signal.  Banks in the US are only showing rates to the people who need to see them, so on the ordinary screens they have been shut out.  They are still saying “any tie, this week” or “the 15th”. A few are already flipping over to Monday, but most are saying the 15th, which is when the UN rates come out again.  Those rates could pop out 48 hours before or 48  hours after the 15th.  It’s interesting to say the least, exciting to say the most.  I’m feeling super-fantastic as Tony would say, and ‘fantabulouser’ as I would say.
I just believe we are there, ladies and gentleman, friends and foes.  I will take a few question posted on the TNT site, and also those who have called in.
Q: Can you speak to the topic of exchange centers?  Can you use the number one if there exchange centers that cater to higher numbers, and number two  if you don’t know anything about these at all?  A:  Number two, sir.
Q:  You seem to be more conservative method of disbursing intel but a more liberal mode of dispensing that intel?  A:  A lot has changed.  Often Tony would say that there was a not a lot of intel, in situations that I chose to not do a call at all.  Because I know many rely on these calls, I decided to do one today in any case.
Q:  This is a hefty one.  The more important point is “this RV will never be public because they can manage without and don’t want lots of rich people floating around the economy.”  Please tell me I’m wrong and I will go back to sleep.  A:  You’re wrong, back to sleep.
Q:  Have all Iraqis been paid at the new rate?  A:  I was told a few days ago that they might be, but haven’t been able to confirm this as yet.
Q:  Why do you give more info on the OpenMike and not on this call?  A:  I don’t give out RV intel on the OM calls, although we do a lot of education on OM. TNT is the intel call, and if we need to discuss that intel and break it down, we might do that on OM.  That is just a group call where we have fun, crack jokes, play music, and discuss anything.
Q:  It seems many are not wanting to wait any longer, but are seeking to have the banks call them.  If the RV hasn’t happened, why are the banks doing exchanges?  Do they not want to miss those clients, or has the UST given them authority?  A:  I don’t know.
Q:  After 13 years, will there be any better signs of the RV NOT to happen?  A:  All w can look for is signs of interest, such as exchanges taken place, Iraqis getting paid, etc.  Even the groups mobilizing is a sign of progress.
Q:  Can you please review the steps one should go through right now if we are not given information from the banks.  A:  If I receive no information from the banks, although I will receive some information and pass it on to you, but if no info comes to us and we have solid intel that the RV is live, and that’s it, then you should already know the banks in your area that deal in foreign currency.  If it’s live and that’s all we can tell you, that’s who you call.  “Do you deal in foreign currency, and do you verify currencies on site?”  You should know that already so that you can make an appointment.  They don’t want you walking inot the bank to do a multi-million dollar exchange at the counter.  Call them and say you want to make a large exchange;  they will either schedule an appointment or give you a number to call (fi we don’t have an 800 number for you).
Q:  Will it be one rate or do we need to ask for a higher rate?  A:  Everything I just said applies to you, too.  If there is an 800 number, call that one.  If not, call the bank near you that does foreign exchange.  When you are in the bank, the one word to keep in mind is to NEGOTIATE.  “Ask not, receive not.”  Go for it!
Q: Where is a trusted source to buy Iranian rial?  A:  If that is going to be valuable in the future, any reputable dealer will sell you the right ones.  Look online, or on  Right now it’s being sold as a collectible.
Q:  I have a  procedural question. My wife and I have 30 million dinar and our sons have 1-2 million each.  Those will more have more leverage, yet we have been told there will be a cap of 20 million dinar.  Would it make sense for me to exchange as an individual, and for my wife and sons to get together as an LLC and exchange the rest.  A:  If you are going for contract rates, that sounds like a good strategy.  If you are not trying for contract rates, it would be better to negotiate for your sons.
Q:  Plan A is to go to the grocery store, but because my vehicle is in the shop.  Plan B is to use my husband’s car, but it is out of gas.  In Plan C, get hold of another car.  Plan D is to go tomorrow.  This process seems more like steps;  I cannot explain it.  A:  Me, neither.
Q:  Is this really real?  I need some tangible proof.  What can you tell me?  A: I believe it is happening;  we just have to wait and see.  I believe in it, and if is doesn’t materialize, I am still holding currency that has some value, so I have not lost everything.
Q:  If the rial is set to go any day now, will the others go?  A:  Time will tell.
Q:  We have gone from ‘any second’ to not even moving any more?  A: We are in a holding pattern;  the movement feels different, and my bank sources are seeing some movement but I cannot confirm their intel so far.  We are not going backward but forward.
Q:  Will all Zim notes be exchanged?  A:  Some bank people I’ve spoken to say that all the notes you have will be exchangeable, with six zeroes off the trillion notes.
Q:  What about 800 numbers?  A:  I think so, but might come at the last minute.  I will tell you ahead of time that the numbers are coming.
I will take some live callers, but if you come on the line to cry, whine and complain about the RV not happening, that is just a waste of time.  There is nothing I can do about that, so if that’s your plan, it’s a waste to do so in front of 20,000 people.  Let’s make this time as productive as possible…
646 caller:  Looks like we are coming to the end.  We are getting concerned that we are not hearing Pam’s voice.  I hope everyone remembers to share this bounty, and also that you have overheads, so I will make a donation today.  We continue walking to the light, to East.
RayRen:  Pam has put up with a lot on this ride, and sometimes we need a break. Pam saw an opportunity to do that and took advantage of it. She knows that I usually do things solo, while Tony is the opposite.  Pam was needed for Tony’s ways of doing things, and she realized that she is not needed for me.  As we explained to everyone, Pam just wanted to take a break after working 24/7.  It was Christmas time, and I know how to do this stuff.  Pam took a vacation and now she is off helping a friend.  Tony is also doing well.  Speaking of overhead, not doing those last two calls saved us considerably.
921 caller:  My pastor for 23 years used to say this all the time:  “Greater is to dream the dream, and greater still is to be at the end to say ‘the dream is true’.”  We are going to be very busy advancing these good things.  Bless you!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  This is more than golf, Vegas is going to be a great learning event for financial information.
865 caller:  In the past we’ve been told there would be some sort of announcement.  With Davos next week, how likely is it that the RV happens this week with the announcement at Davos?
RayRen:  I don’t know that there will be any big RV announcements, although there might be announcements that refer to the RV.  Everyone is saying they want this done by the 15th or before… and that is two days from now.
Caller:  You are speaking of the 15th in US time, right?  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! and NEGOTIATE!
RayRen:  So many enjoy the information but very few support the site or call financially.  Many cannot give, but many can, but they are sucking on this information like leeches, without giving anything back.  We don’t need to be here, but we choose to do this, out of a sense of stewardship.  If the next call is THE call, we won’t need to deal with financial responsibility.  We hope this happens this week, but if we need to be here on Friday, we will be, continuing to hold on until that time.
“Have I been a responsible steward?”  Ask yourself that question.  Until next time, I remain your humble servant…