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RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is When-am-I-Gonna–See-It Wednesday, January 20, 2016.
There has been activities, claim and misrepresentation – things that people just thought took place.  That took us through the weekend and into today.  We left on Friday with banks at an all-time high alert.  We were waiting, waiting, waiting.  On Saturday Iran’s sanctions got lifted, and there were claims that they RVed.  Then yesterday there were meetings in NY with bank heads and CEOs;  the word was that when the meeting finished we would have the RV.  It finished and here we are.  There were no promises, so it’s probably okay it didn’t materialize as we expected, but at least there was an expectation.  Everyone walked away happy from the meeting, and we anticipate good things.

There are many articles, and some told us what might happen.  Intel is about things that are yet to take place – if they have already taken place, that’s history, not intel.  We pull it all together and see what’s important, what we can focus on to bring to you.  This is not about the news – that’s already out there. If you want to know what’s happening at Davos, go to;  they are covering what is happening there at the World Economic forum and read to your heart’s content.  The news is there and you can get it;  it’s a solid resource, and you should read it there to keep up with world economic intel.
We might not be here too long, because intel is not abundant.  Banks have clamped down on their people, so there is not much coming from the banking side because some of the sources have moved on or clammed up. We can still get the best stuff, though.  As far as banking activity, exchanges did take place last week.  They see rates on the screen this week but exchanges didn’t go through.  There is a combination of SKRs, loan activity, all sorts of progress.
We have another little bit of stuff, I have something else that is big for us regarding the banking, but I’m going to let the elders put that out first.  Then we’ll come back and work with it. You won’t suffer by my doing this, or lose any money.
Let’s talk about Iran for a second.  There are up-and-coming surprises there.  The sanctions have been lifted, yes.  There is some information that Iran has reinstated its currency, and people said yesterday that the rate is still $36 per million;  that tells me that it didn’t RI or RV.  The NY meeting was successful and we are waiting on the results there.
In Iraq, there are articles that are very interesting about the Budget.  Some articles say the Budget is not in the gazette, but others are saying it’s being published today. If so, we can read it for ourselves, and calculate the rate the Budget is based on, and see how that applies to us in terms of an international currency.   We are told the exchangers in that area are to adjust their rates staring tomorrow.  As DC would say, “that’s huge!”  Also, there were comments on Abadi’s Facebook page, they are saying food is costing less because the currency is worth more.  So we have word of adjustments in regions across Iraq.  It’s in stages, but the fact it’s taking place tells us a great deal.  It’s coming!   These are the transformations we have been looking for.
On this side of the pond keep thinking that this will take place – bam! They take place over time.  The banks are still looking for us this week.  Many thought the removal of Iran sanctions would see this RV, others have said that Iran will go first and Iraq second, and yet others have said the reverse.  We don’t care so long as something happens.  We have been waiting and training, ready for the banks to ask us to come in.
I am waiting for some information from our Canadian friends, and of course we are waiting for others to bring in banking information.  There is method to all this.
Q:  What evidence have you gathered that we will have an RV this week? It seems like we never make any progress.  How can this oil swap take place with oil prices so low?  A:  I don’t have any firm evidence of it being this week, but I do know that we will have an RV.  I don’t’ know about the oil credits.  Time will tell.
Q:  Have they RIed in their own country?  A: Cards have been activated in Iraq at higher rates than 1166;  there is no solid proof that Iran has RIed in their own country.  There is progress being made.
Q:  How many people own dinar?  Are the numbers increasing or decreasing?  A:  The last I heard the numbers are increasing;  the last numbers I heard were six million plus.  That’s a quasi-official number.  That was a while back, though.
Q:  How are you feeling?  A:  I am feeling fantabulouser to the nth degree!
Q:  Will there be a chance to meet post-RV?  Will there be a think-tank being developed?  A:  Yes, there will be the chance to meet and think together in my backyard as we sit around the grill and discuss things for the future.
Q:  Some believe there must be an RI in Iran for them to be selling oil.  A:  I have not been pursuing Iranian information to answer these questions, sorry.
Q:  It is time to pull the plug on the conference call?  It seems that there is further need for them.  There has only been one call since 1. Jan, yet you have regular OM calls.  The forum seems to be a good place for information but no one is allowed to say anything.  A:  If you follow the house rules, you can say just about anything.  You can even disagree with me!  To pull the plug on the conference call because there has only been one since the first…?  We scheduled calls on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 11th, 15th;  I think you might be mistaken on that one.  I’m pretty sure I did more than one.  When I sent out a tweet saying there is no new intel that can be confirmed, that is me ‘trust but verify’ policy.  There is no need for a call if there is not any really good intel.  There were things going on in the background, but I didn’t feel the need to have a call about things that I thought wouldn’t happen.  I’m a wait and see kind of person, so I don’t care to be on a call saying “this will not be happening.”  I’m kind of perplexed why this person posted this question;  we’ve always said that if you don’t want to be on the calls, don’t call in.  You have the right to feel the way you feel. We said we’d be here until the end and we’re not there yet;  that doesn’t mean I’ll do a call when there is no new intel unless we do a training call. If you ask me, answering these questions is a training in itself.
Q:  Do you think China has an impact on the RV?  A:  Yes.
Q:  Do you think Iran’s sanctions have an impact?  A:  I don’t know – we’ll find out together.
Q:  Are these statements accurate?  Dinar in one account, all the other currencies in another account?  A:  Way back, when we first received these instructions, there were only two currencies, dinar and dong.  We were told to keep dinar separate because it might be treated differently.  Now we have dong, rial, rupiah, zim, Afghani, and my understanding is that they will all be processed the same way but dinar might be treated differently.
Q:  Is our money more protected in a non-interest-bearing account?  A:  I’m not sure I agree with that.  The banks can still protect your money.
Q:  If I leave my money in a regular bank account while I organize my investments, can the government take that money as a bail-in to save the banking industry?  A:  I can’t see the government trying to ‘save’ the banks when you have just put millions into that bank.  Just doesn’t make sense to me.  If you exchange millions, where are you going to put it?  In a major bank. So we just added to the bank’s bottom line for them to use to make money.  So why would a bailing process even surface from a bank where we have just lodged millions?  I think people are too worried.  When you get in from of your wealth manager, ask for their professional opinion on what you should do about it.
Q:  In your opinion, should I take whatever rate they can offer to get the exchange done as quickly as possible, or hedge my bets?  A:  Only you can answer that.
Q:  Are any of the top 4-5 banks better than another for exchanging?  A:  We have been told that the rates will basically be the same. I assume they afford to give up some of their profit in the exchange;  it depends on how well you negotiate.  That’s the main factor.
Q:  What is the minimum required to set up a foundation, LLC or other entity?  I believe 50,000 is the minimum, but I could be wrong. A:  You are wrong.
Q:  Why are we still here?   A:  I don’t know;  let’s take it one day at a time.
707 caller:  I don’t’ have a significant question;  I think I’m pretty well prepared and you’ve done a tremendous job.  What does worry me is how we are going to get the word and go about making an appointment…
RayRen:  Any information we get will be tweeted, emailed, and posted on the websites.  They will either give us the information or we will get it one way or the other and tell you.  If they don’t tell us, we may end up telling you something they don’t want you to know!
Caller:  Debbie was talking last night that after the exchange, and if you have a large sum, Wells Fargo would want you to have an account with their wealth branch Abbot Downing.
RayRen:  We talked about that a long time ago.  If you have larger amounts, you will automatically get referred to their wealth division.  That’s nothing new and something to look forward to.
Caller:   I understand that such accounts may be insured through the brokerage firm and not the FDIC.
RayRen:  We won’t depend on the FDIC because most of us will have well above the FDIC limits. We’ll do what other millionaires do, and when you are ready for that level, the banks will inform you.  When we get there, they will roll out the red carpets, send cars to pick you up and all the rest.  We’ll see!  We have get-together calls on Sunday mornings, and a lot of you are OpenMike folks as well, training to help you make that mental transition, so that you won’t be fearful but meet this new situation with enthusiasm.  Just don’t’ rush to do things.  Take your time to learn, and don’t worry about missing opportunities because the next bus will be along any time.  As long as we have that mentality  of calm, cool and collected, we will be able to handle whatever comes our way.  Learn as much as you can learn before you make a move.
Caller:  A friend was just at my house who just got a lot of currency and doesn’t have the time to listen to the calls.  I don’t understand that, but it’s his business.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
770 caller:  You said earlier that exchanges in Iraq receiving intel that they are to change rates tomorrow.   Is it safe to assume that US exchangers will have the same message? And what does ‘tomorrow’ mean in Iraq?  Does that really mean tonight here?
RayRen:  I heard that from Iraq, but not from US exchangers, so I don’t know.  Perhaps that is automatic.
Caller:  What are they saying in the mosques in Iraq?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything from the mosques and I forgot to ask…  I will get that question answered.
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Negotiate!
512 caller:  What is your feeling on us completing this endeavor this week?
RayRen:  This weeks sounds really good – I haven’t heard anything negative, contradictory or a stall.  The banks are ready, and it’s time to wrap this thing up.
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Texas!
301 caller:  I took off from PA a month ago and passed by Las Vegas;  no one was where so I kept going!  I have the same number;  I put my phone on early and the conference music never stops.  I’m grateful this sounds imminent.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Will it be possible to meet up with Tony somewhere?
RayRen:  Sure.  I don’t know what his NDA requires, and that’s why we are still reinforcing the Vegas idea.  We hope this NDA doesn’t prevent our getting together.
Caller:  Is there any need to be concerned about what Tony’s situation might be?  Was the way it turned out the only choice there was?
RayRen:  No need to be concerned because time overcomes all challenges.  The way it turned out is what it is;  we rolled with it and we keep going on.  When it’s the right time we will all come together, and you will be in the number with us.
941 caller:  You mentioned earlier that people were exchanging over the weekend – here in the United States?  Where?
RayRen:  I’m not sure it was over the weekend or one day last week.  We can’t go to any bank and say “you did an exchange and I want to do an exchange”.
Caller:  You said something about another bit of intel that you wanted to let someone else talk about first – can you give us an hint?
RayRen:  That was during my intel briefing, not with 404.  Let’s wait and see if the others bring it out first.  We will patiently wait, and when it comes out we will talk about it.  You will be in the loop.
Caller:  Many of us are suffering.  Thank God the gas prices are going down.  I’ve been following for about five years.  Tell everyone I said Hi.  I’m a lurker…
RayRen:  Make sure to listen to my closing situation – I’m talking to you specifically.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas?
Caller:   No, I’m taking a honeymoon after 15 years – in Hawaii, I think, by ourselves.
RayRen:  Get your honeymoon out of the way and then come to Vegas!
772 caller:  The many discussions and information you have relayed to us implies that the banks are limited as to what they can pay per currency?  Or they are given a lump sum and have to negotiate with currency holders? They will have an ultimate amount they can go for?  If so, that would be open-ended on our side in terms of the amount we can receive, the perks, and so on…
RayRen:  I don’t know about that;  I’ve never heard about such a process.  You are talking about individual transactions, and what they can negotiate?
Caller:  I assume one relates to the other.  They want to get the best profit out of the process, so I assume they may find it worth their while to give a bit more on exchange.
RayRen: You represent multiple streams of income for the bank, and because of that you can negotiate their giving you a better rate if you take up some of their other products.  There are two rates – buy and sell – and you can negotiate those if their profit on some of the other activities may overshadow that. Negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate because you don’t know where the chips may fall.  Don’t go by what they offer, TELL them what you want, and ASK for what you want.  What they lose in one stream, they can make up in another, so ask for what you want, and then they have to have a reason for refusing.
RayRen:  We are very much looking for this.  I am super-fantastic, waiting for the RV.  I still don’t know the exact date or hour, but if everything holds true according to what I have been able to share and the information I cannot share, I see no reason why this week shouldn’t wrap this up.  We hopefully won’t need a call on Friday, but if this doesn’t happen as I expect, we will be here again for the Friday call.
Bloomberg had an article about US dollars being sold on ebay.  Is that legal?  To the best of my knowledge, it is.  What are you missing?  Everything happens for a reason, so find out the reason and you may see a new economic reality.  Have a good day – I intend to.