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RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Monday January 25, 2016.
Pam is having errands, and Winston is unwell – not sickness, but sore throat and sinuses.  Do please keep him your thoughts and he will be better in days or hours.  The more I use this new board, new to me, I didn’t think I’d have to learn it because nobody thought we would be here in January.  The board won’t let me in until the time releases the board at the top of the hour.  I think I’ve figured it out now, in case we need to have another call prior to THE call.

This is RayRen 98, talking to you on Marvelous Monday, and I didn’t expect tobe here on this side of the RV still having this type of conversation.  However, we will continue until there is no more reason.  In the tweet, I did say ‘limited intel’, because it’s just not out there.  What would we call new intel as opposed to maintaining the status quo?  We are still in ‘any time, any day, any minute’ mode.  That is still in effect from the banking people and other sources –high expectation, just can’t put our finger on the exact day or week.  So until we get that, what do you need to take care of before you get this done?  Every day, you have another 24 hours to take care of things. Where are we with our expectations now?
There are memos that you wouldn’t believe, plus some added on top of that.  There is a question we want to have answered:  what were we looking for on Friday.  Iraqi dinar is on Forex, and their rate is matching the CBI rate for the first time.  Could this be a sign of dinar being traded internationally.  We had to wait for Forex to open again this week, and now we know it was not the case, but it did create another piece of the puzzle.  We don’t know where that puzzle piece fits, so we will put it to one side for right now.
Some information came out over the weekend, and I want to share with you but also waiting for some information that other intel providers should be telling you. I  got a piece over a week ago and I’m surprised that no one else has mentioned it. Maybe they are waiting for confirmation.  I cannot make things true, but usually if they are true I get it from several different directions.  That was item #1.
Item #2 was about the memo that went out to exchangers, and I think I only get that last Thursday.  The memo was date-specific, telling them when to exchange. There has been no mention of that yet, either.
Item #3 was memos to US banks with similar verbiage, anticipating currencies being ready to exchange, and again this was date-specific.  I’m surprised that didn’t come out Friday or over the weekend, because that was confirmed and visually seen.
We were supposed to see the Iraqi Budget in all its glory on Saturday, then it showed up on Thursday but not in all its glory.  Another section came out this weekend, but still missing key ingredients.  The rate is in there, but it’s still not visible yet, not readily visible for the average people to read/view and come to conclusions.
Let’s talk about this bank: RAFIDIAN, over in Iraq.  Articles have gone out that this bank will be issuing smart cards in Baghdad, and that is the final place to be served.  That’s was exciting to read over the weekend, because we’ve always been told that when the Iraqi citizens get their money, we will get ours.  That doesn’t mean every single citizen, but we think every province should be represented at least.  Now the word is going out that smart cards are coming to Baghdad, thought they didn’t give dates.  Many of us are surmising that when that take plces, this it!  So the report is that the cards have started making their way into the province.  Not everyone will have one to start with, but like in Kurdistan, they waited a few days and then they had their cards.  We believe that this process has to commence in the Baghdad province, and then they have to be funded.  We should be happy with this information because we’ve seen it in the other provinces, so we can wait that out.  With respect to the RAF bank, I’m also hearing that the RAF bank is linking their cards internationally, starting yesterday. We’ll have to see how that work out.  So we are waiting for the rate, for the cards to be funded, and to see if they are fully international.  We all know that those are the steps, and I always through they would be done at the same time, but we are now seeing that the cards can be loaded and the revaluation happen later.  I don’t know how they will do all that.
It’s all good information, and added to items 1, 2 and 3, that’s pretty exciting because they are looking for the international currency to change by a specific time-frame.  I can only be at peace with it because it is what it is.  I’m still trying to nail information that came to me on Friday – and I didn’t even talk about it on Friday.  If it’s good info, we’ll get it out to you on a tweet or call, or if it’s already happened, you might not care about it by then.  Meanwhile, it’s appropriate that some others have the limelight. I have no interest in being the ‘first’ to call the RV;  I will give you what you need.  These are not time sensitive, just good pieces of the puzzle.
Let’s look at questions from callers, and turn this into a training session.  If you are into the intel, put your hands down.  In fact, let’s hear from some first-time callers, or if it’s been six months since you asked a question.  If you’re not a first-time caller, put your hand down.
702 caller:  I’m excited, on edge, can’t wait for the next call!  Before, I heard that if you have nmore than the bank is insured for, is there a special account where you can put your money that will cover more than that.
RAyRen:  I don’t know if there is a special account, but if you are at the bank with, say, five million, then the bank can tell you how to protect your money.  I would rather go asking what they can do for me rather than asking for what you want, because you may not know what they can do for you.  You might want to say “This is what I want”, and “what product do you have to offer me that will satisfy me?”
Caller:  when you start negotiating and don’t like what they say, and you think you might want to go to another bank, and that second bank is lower, what do you do then?  Crawl?
RayRen:  The other bank will not have a lower rate, so you want to negotiate on interest, length of time you leave your money there, etc.  You can just go back to the first bank and say that you are interested after all.
713 caller:  I’ve been on PTR and TNT since it began.  If you break down the groups on TNT, we have always been told “next week” over and over again. You told us about the memos last week, and you said then “in a couple of days”.  Is that when you thought it would be activated:
RayRen:  And we are still in that window, “in the next couple of days”.  They wanted me to give specific dates, but we are still in the window, which is this week.
740 caller:  Last Friday, you said 1180 was not a good rate – why is that?  Why wouldn’t 1180 be better than 341?
RayRen:  1180 is the current rate, with 1180 dinar to the dollar, so one dinar is worth less than a tenth of a penny.  We are looking for the post-RV rate of $3.41 dollars per dinar.  There is quite a difference there.  We are waiting for this to go crazy – at $3.41 in-country, at least.  That’s what I’m looking for.
Caller:  I’m hearing that they won’t do this until just before the elections because it might affect voting…
RayRen:  They said that two years ago and four years ago, too.  I am looking more substance than that.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
347 caller:  They talk about Iran and Iraq are being tied together – is that true?  When they were at the meeting last week they negotiated with the IMF and agreed to release the Iran and Iraqi currency at the same time because they are trade partners.
RayRen:  I just don’t know about that. I don’t know it to be true and factual or otherwise.
Caller:  I saw it on the internet, where they said that dollars were released for Iran because Iran has been released from sanctions and thus revalued.
RayRen:  The two countries were fighting and holding dollars to pop at the same time?  That doesn’t make sense to me.  You say the Iranian RV is being held back waiting on Iraq?  It sounds like you came to this argument with your conclusions already in place.  I don’t have anything concrete to confirm or deny what you are saying.  We’ll just have to wait until it comes out.
601 caller:  Everything thing alright with you? I’m blessed and highly favored, and happy to be on the team and on this call.
RayRen:  We’re working hard to bring you this information as we receive it. If we controlled this situation and could have made it go last week, I would have done so.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
318 caller:  I’ve heard somewhere that the back wall would be 4. February.  Does that have any significance to our blessing?
RayRen:  I haven’t read anything on that, so I can’t speak on it.
507 caller:  You’ve been talking about exchange centers and wealth managers.  Are they still going to be using exchange centers, or just watching for postings and go to the banks?
RayRen:  If they give us 800 numbers, then we will give those out.  If not, you should find the number for foreign currencies and make your own appointment. They may not give it to us until the last minute or at all.  Be ready to call your bank yourself.
Caller: Who has the final go-ahead, do you think?
RayRen:  I don’t have enough pieces of the puzzle to see that. If you are talking about the Iraqi currency, then it’s Iraq, but there are a lot of other cookies in that cookie jar.
Caller:  Do you have rates for the dinar and zim?
RayRen:  Tony used to be asked NOT to give out rates;  no one has asked me to do that, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and stay away from calling rates.  If they want to give me those rates, they will come to you.  If not, on the next call, I will tell you.
954 caller:  I think that if you don’t have a question, you should be in the regular lines to just listen and leaves space for those with questions to get on the question line.  We do not control the RV;  the control is by others who we have no control over.  So asking questions about when it’s going to happen and how much it will be – that only frustrates people.  I have been on other calls where intel is given and not answering questions.  You have done a fine job, but people need to just listen and read about what’s happening in the world.  We cannot control this;  it’s not an investment with a trade going up and down.  This is not what we are here for.  I listen to the calls all the time, but others need to listen—so long as you are on the call, don’t ask dumb questions!
RayRen:  “When will it RV?” is not a good question.  If I had the answer, I’d be trading options!  Other questions are about other parts of the process.
Caller:  I shouldn’t have called them ‘dumb’, but there is no way you can actually tell anyone when the RV will go, so I wish they would stop asking.  You are doing a fine job!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
563 caller:  Those bank memos – any  more clarification on those?
RayRen:  Let’s be more specific.
Caller:  Can you got any more info, on the wording, etc.?
RayRen:  Item 2 was to the exchangers in Iraq, so they would be ready to exchange by a certain date which has not come yet.  Item #3 said the same thing to US banks, to be approved to trade between now and a particular date.  Item #4, the meme went from RAF bank making the smart cards effective immediately.  It depends on the language you use.  Everything probably is in place, and they are tying up loose ends.
RayRen:  Where does that put us today?  “Any minute, any hour”, with the banks still sitting on notification of currencies to be exchanged between now and a certain date, so it could happen at any time. There is a window they are working from over here and in Iraq, with the RAF bank issuing international smart cards, effectively immediately.  We’ll see how that unfolds today, tomorrow, as we wait for that specific day when it’s time for us to go and take care of business.  The wheels of progress are turning, we have more pieces of the puzzle, the clock is ticking.  I feel even better – are you ready?  If there is a need for us to be here on Wednesday, we will be here.  Any day really means any day – we may not be here by tonight, tomorrow, any day this week.  We can’t put our finger on it, but rest assured that it is coming and the reality will be here.  Fear disables;  faith empowers. Keep the faith!