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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Here we are on Marvelous Monday, February 1, 2016.
There is nothing new to discuss, so this should be a short call.  [technical problems with recording]

Here we are, into the month of February, and a lot of people didn’t think we would be on this side of the RV right  now. There was a lot of speculation on Friday, with banks listing times this would pop.  Then we had the 31st to look forward to with the smart cards being promised or at least anticipated, that they would be issued/funded by the 31st. That day came, and still some cards are not issued or funded.  I don’t know why that is or is not, and there is nothing I can do in either case.  We just feel pretty sure it did not take place, because our contacts in Baghdad don’t have their cards yet, and Baghdad is the area we are really looking at for that.
Where are we now?  Still in the window, from the best that I can see.  Banks are a bit more excited today than they were on Friday, because they have been experiencing code changes, with some release codes.  That’s the first time we have heard this in public, that the codes have changed.  We are getting a variation on what the banks are seeing, and the rates are changing on a daily basis, popping back and forth. The majority from the banks (tiers 1 and 2) is $3.71 per dinar and holding.  So I’m thinking that is probably going to be it. There have been some other variations in rates that some have seen on screens, but they could have been temporary adjustments.  We’ll know the final rates when we go in to do our exchanges. Some of the rates have been greyed out, and the banks are excited at that, and others have seen ‘RV’ next to the rates rather than ‘holding’.  We don’t know exactly what that means, but they are excited and so we are excited, too.
Some have seen the RV posted elsewhere over the weekend or this morning.  We are going to plan around the rate of $3.71 and see what happens.  That lets us map things out, gives us a base to plan from.
The mosques are silent this morning, and there have been no solid reports out of Baghdad.  We just haven’t got feedback from our usual sources in Baghdad, although we get intel from Kurdistan all the time.  But  it’s Baghdad we want to hear from, because when it’s wrapped up on Baghdad, it will be wrapped up for the country as a whole.  Now we have the rate of $3.71 over there as well as over here.
Someone’s bound to ask about items 1, 2, and 3.  Item 1 is now a few weeks old, and I guess the other gurus just don’t have that information yet.  Items 2 and 3 are about the bank memos, and we haven’t passed those dates so far.  We have not hit that yet, we are still in the window, and I’m still excited as anyone can be on a Monday when we can see the sky and walk about.  For those who are sad or upset about not seeing an RV this morning, there was no promise, although we felt good about today.  They did say that the cards would be funded, but there is always tomorrow.  We live, continue and wait for what we know if coming.
That is the intel;  we will take a few questions from our members, and wrap up for today.
Q:  Are the banks still operating call centers?  A:  To the best of my knowledge, they are.
Q:  How many assets should you have to make it worth your while to set up an LLC or trust?  A:  It’s not the level of assets, it’s more what do the assets mean to you in terms of protecting them, and how to pass them on when you go, so they can receive them without any interference.  Maybe you own a Pinto and a 500 sq ft house — you probably aren’t a target while you are alive.  But if you want them to pass to someone without any problems from probate or lawyers, then you might want to set up your affairs in a trust.
In the future, I’m seeing a lot of similar names and numbers, and we do want to make sure others have the chance to ask their questions, so if you are among those who have asked a lot of questions, please think about that and put your hand down so that I don’t have to skip numbers or remember who has already called.  That would make it easier for me.
404 caller:  Thanks for all the information especially about the $3.71 rate for the dinar.  What can you share about the dong, rupiah and zim?
RayRen:  Pretty much what you’ve already heard;  they seem to be holding steady.
Caller: Contract rates?  Some are saying the rates are dwindling and we won’t have much access to contract rates.
RayRen:  The people we’ve talked to didn’t get high contract rates, so I don’t know.  People can hear something and it gets severely distorted as it gets passed on.  Nobody I’ve talked to has said the contract rates are being depleted with the exchanges we have heard about.  Not all exchanges are cash – some have been, some are still loans or SKRs.  I am beginning to wonder who is getting the good or right information.  It’s about the level of the intel, and although we always get top-notch information, maybe they don’t.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! And negotiate!
Next caller:  Many of us are not getting your tweets any more.  I have re-subscribed, but I’m still not getting your tweets.  I know the calls are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but the last tweet I got from you was on 20. January.  I’m not in the forum, but others are having the same problem.  I know the numbers so I just came in at the right time.
RayRen:  Since 20. January?  Okay.
Caller:  [repeating issue]  It’s getting critical and I don’t want to miss any of your tweets! Iv’e been following you for three years… miss Tony.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
954 caller: Any new information regarding taxes?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything – no new information regarding taxes.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
702 caller:  I heard online that the banks have a new account that will insure the entire amount you put in that account.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard that, but the banks are open today and you can call and ask them if FDIC is limitless or if there is a new type of insurance or whatever.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
713 caller:  I have a lot of currency and I plan to hold onto that currency.  I have been doing a lot of research, my source is highly intelligent, and I’m hanging in there with the currency that I have. What has bothered me is that in my research there are more US dollars outside our country than there is in our own country.  Are you following where this is leading to?  Every time we exchange our hard-earned US dollars, the most valuable currency in the world, so what happens?  We go to exchange centers, we buy the currency and the US dollars to these other countries that already have US dollars, and they devalue their own currency.  So what are we doing here?  I love my county and I want to see us prosper. If we keep giving away dollars without an RV… This TPP agreement is worthless, and the only way we can put our people back to work is for them to raise their currency or put some curbs on imports because it’s not fair.  They are dropping on our currency and getting ten times the value of their own currency. Viet Nam is prospering but their people are not benefiting from it.  Where is all that currency going?
RayRen:  I think there are some pieces missing there, but I didn’t come to discuss this with you today.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
405 caller:  Thanks for you and your team and the information you bring. I like that you challenge everyone to gain their own understanding, because when this RVs we will have a sense of how money works in the world, outside our comfort zone.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  A lot of us are in our situations because of what we didn’t know.  What if you knew five or ten years ago what you know now? Would you be in the same situation as you are now?  Most would say No.  It’s because of the lack of knowledge.  Once you have knowledge and understanding, people cannot take it away, people cannot hold you back. The only way ‘the man’ can hold you back is through lack of knowledge;  that is the only power they have, to persuade you NOT to have your own power.  That’s why we are here, and hope we can achieve some other things along the way.  Anything we can teach you about finances is what we’re here for.  We will also be better investors, leaders and citizens because of what we have learned on this ride.  That is what motivates me to continue these calls, so that you can learn more about these topics.
501 caller:  I heard a rumor that today the banks are setting a program up;  it is possible they will RV at 3pm today?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything like that, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.  If it doesn’t happen, it just missed it in some way.  Three o’clock Pacific?  I’m game!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Next caller:  [chit chat]  What happened to Pam?
RayRen:  Pam took some time off.  She wanted to back away from doing the calls, but she is in the forum from time to time.  We started doing some ‘family calls’, on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and Pam came in on those calls, just chatting with 500 TNT members, just whoever was hanging out in chat.  If there is a need to continue that, we will, just with the TNT membership.
Caller:  Tony said that high officials are listening in on the calls… that still happening?
RayRen:  Yes, I’m sure they are listening, and that is why we have family calls that I don’t tweet about.  We just put our heads together and talk.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
415 caller:  A suggestion regarding the tweets – maybe they could be posted on the site? On the website. If people aren’t getting the tweets on the phone, they can get them on the website.  They are posted sometimes but not always.
RayRen:  I thought they were doing that, but they aren’t and as they do it for free… I’ll try to look into that and have it covered, see that it gets done.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
805 caller:  I’ve been on these calls about five years, and I feel like the morale on these calls has really gone down.  Their voices are heavy.  What’s going to happen in 3-4 months if this doesn’t happen?  DC left, then Tony.
RayRen:  DC didn’t leave, he’s just not on the calls.
Caller:  However you describe it, DC, Tony and Pam are not on the calls … what if you leave, too?
RayRen: This is not about a man, it’s’ about the intel and information.  You don’t come here just to hear voice, but for the information.  We talk to those same people day in and day out, and we give you the information.  I bring you what the team has brought together, which they have always done.  That is the important part of this site and these calls, and that is still happening.
Caller:  [complaining that it’s all the same information]
RayRen:  It’s going to be the same stuff until it happens.  All we can do is give you the information as this process unfolds.  We cannot speed it up.  If you are hearing the exact same thing as last year, you are not listening.  You are contradicting and debating the answers I’m trying to give you, so you are coming on here with your mind made up and you are not listening.  All we can do is deal with reality until this RV gets here.  We will be with you here until the end.  You came on this call full of complaints, so what is your purpose on being on this call?  I’ll give you what you want, but be sure what you are asking for and that you are ready to receive it.  Don’t think that you are coming on this call to play me.  Every time I answer something, you bring up something different.  You are clearly bothered about something and you say you and your friends don’t want to listen to the call.  So what?  You want to stand on a platform, are you trying to a name?  You are about 30 seconds from making a name.  If not, stop trying to argue with me.
Caller:  [More of the same]
RayRen:  Do you have it out of your system now?  Pam and DC are not on this call for reasons that are none of your business.  If you go back and listen to earlier calls, you would know that.  So if you want to play, I will deliver it to you.
301 caller:  I’m so glad you took my call because that was ridiculous with people getting on the call and going on.  If you don’t like what you hear, don’t call in! That’s so immature for grown people to get on there and go on word for word with you.  That’s just nonsense!  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on this call and it’s disturbing when people do that on this call.  I won’t let that distract or upset me.  If people can’t deal with the calls, they need to get their information somewhere else.  You cannot make anyone do this overnight.  I’m just glad you took my call!
RayRen:  Don’t let it frustrate you;  I let it go on for educational purposes, so that if people didn’t know people do that, they know now.  We either deal with it, or we don’t.  Cutting him off wouldn’t have the result I wanted.  It’s not that they are necessarily ignorant – I give people the benefit of the doubt – but if someone wants to chew on me, they’d better have the teeth to do it.
Caller: I forgot my question because that person was acting like an idiot. I’ve been reading a lot on the internet, and I hope things do take place according to the news we’ve heard.  I do appreciate you.  I’m in Baltimore and don’t know anything about Vegas, but I thank you for taking my call.
RayRen: Thanks for being on the call with us.  It’s past the top of the hour and I think we’ve got everything in that we can for today.  Frustrated callers are part of this reality;  we are going to think differently and express it differently.  If you are going to jump on a national recorded call, do it the right and show yourself as a fool.  It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool then to open it up and remove all doubt.  I’m not hard to get along with and I will give people that opportunity.
I am excited, and many people were excited on Friday and are still excited today, believing we would be exchanging by now.  Some even gave me certain times when they expected the first waves to come in.  They are still expecting to see you today or tomorrow.  That is not a  promise but an anticipation. We have every expectation that this is coming. I don’t have the capability to put it through and push it myself;  all I can do is tell you the intel that comes to us.  If you don’t like my information, get it elsewhere.  Either way, if the day comes and this is not released, you need more information or better information.  We are still in this until it changes, and you can choose to stay in it or not.  I have made the choice to stay in it, to win it, to see it through – with or without you. We will get the information we can get to take you one step further until we no longer need information because we have what we want, can rejoice in it and go and enjoy our lives.  Once you make your choice, to stay in or drop out, it’s a question of whether you believe in yourself or the information that got you to that place.  As for me, I believe.