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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Friday, February 5, 2016, and  here we are on another Fantabulous Friday!
I do have a PSA: We lost a member this morning in the TNT family – KANSAS.  From what I’m being told, Kansas was forthright in his comments and disposition. Still he was a joy to know and to communicate with.  Some members were talking to him last night, but he was found dead this morning.  The death is being investigated.  A lot of us have told a lot of people about this opportunity and what you have, so be careful because people have done things for smaller amounts than the millions you are anticipating.  Try to keep your financial affairs as private as possible – keep it close to your chest.

Where are we? The tweet message – I can only use 140 characters, so they can seem cryptic.  That is not the intention.  “Is the egg cracked?  Time will tell” if is cracked and if hatching will be immediate or later.  Let’s go to our information…
Iraq:  You’ve heard about the protests and the cards that were not completely activated or issued.  Some went out in Baghdad, but not at the new rate, unlike cards in other areas.  There was a meeting of bigwigs the other day, and my understanding is that the cards would be activated with new rates possibly as early as today, into the weekend and next week.  The pensions and salaries should both be paid. There was the rumor of an announcement this morning, Iraqi time, but we have not heard any announcements being made, or anything in the mosques.
In the USA, the only thing to talk about is the banking activity.  Follow the money!  The banks have the money and that’s where we will go to do our exchanges.  This is where the interesting developments are coming in. Is there a crack in the egg?  First and foremost, do not call the banks or go to the banks expecting service.  We said a long time ago that there would be private exchanges, then groups, then the general public.  We were told that those are the phases, so if we are in the midst of those phases, do what we have been taught to do all these years:  wait for your turn.  Don’t call the banks because that aggravates them and leads to frustration.
Interesting developments:  the other day I shared that the bank screens are changing colors, in some banks.  At certain levels, they can see the new rates, as we have shared before when it’s been reported.  We are hearing now that the screens have ‘RV’ by the rates.  I didn’t know what that meant a few days ago, but I have learned that RV by the rate means that this IS the true rate when we exchange.  Some more of the banking family is now seeing this RV by the rates, and for 6-7 currencies, not just our big three.  To add to that, some folks have started to have bank appointments.  Others have had planning appointments to discuss what they can exchange and how to deal with the process.
I have received some communication a few days ago that I wanted to sit on, from the banking sector, saying “everything has been turned over to us now”. What exactly does that mean?  I took a ‘wait and see’ approach before digging, to find out if that was something important or just casual conversation.  Then I learned what happened yesterday, that people had multiple appointments, and they were offered the opportunity to exchange their currency then and there, on particular rates and conditions.  Those having this opportunity on Thursday declined the offer because they didn’t like the rates or conditions.
“Everything turned over to them” at the banks… does that mean they have full control?  That they can do exchanges?  That they set the rates and conditions?  The people who went to the appointments rejected the conditions, but think:  some of us have been waiting on this for months and years, during which time the banks said “this is a scam” or that you are crazy to invest in dinar.  Then people in the banks start saying “You might be on to something.” Then they started saying “we will train people just for this purpose, who will be hadling this morning, noon and night.”  Now they are calling people in for appointments and sharing positive information with their clients, and saying, “We will call you as soon as…”
We might all look back on the people who talked about their banking connections, and we have people being asked to come to the banks as soon as they can.  These people responded, got there, didn’t like the rates/conditions, and said, “No, thanks!”  This is more than one person – I know of people today going in to do their exchange.  They will get back to me, and they will either say they didn’t like the rates/conditions and refused, or they did like them and accepted the exchange.  This is multiple people!
We already know that the banks will be working late hours because they want the business.  This tells us that this is real, this is not a scam, this is as real as real can get.  When people tell us “I didn’t like the deal and I declined it”, not in a few days or weeks but TODAY, then it’s powerful.  That is YOU determining your financial future.  For a long time, I said that I was a rate-and-date person, because when they get here, that’s when I exercise my power.  You should be thinking the same – you will call the shots, yay or nay.  You get to control your own destiny.  If you don’t like it, kick it out;  if you do like the deal, accept it!
The banks seem to be dealing with the private sector now, so don’t call them yourself.  If you are on their list, they will call you.  If not, we are still looking for this any minute.  As I heard it, there as a scheduled announcement in Iraq that didn’t take place.  If that didn’t happen, it doesn’t mean the train is off the track, it’s just coming a little slower down the track, but it is coming.
Questions on the forum:  If you put questions in the forum, you must have access to chat, and I will come into chat after this call and answer them there, because there are too many to deal with right now.  I want to get some new callers on the call.
Q:  What site would you recommend to watch the dong rates on?  A:  I learned about this site a few years ago from a banking connection because it’s what they use themselves and that’s good enough for me.  Those will show the public rates;  the private rates may be different.  There are other good ones, but that is my favorite.
Q:  Any rate on the rupiah?  A:  We’ve seen a projected rate of $1.00 to $1.28.
Q:  What are some of the known obstacles before the US banks can exchange us?  A:  I don’t know of any ‘known obstacles’;  we are just waiting for this to be released.
Q:  Any new insights on the exchange process?  A:  Nothing new, same as before.
Q:  Have you heard about any concurrent structural changes to the US government?  A:  No, I haven’t.
Q:  What is the most important thing to remember?  A:  Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Q:  Have the people in Baghdad been paid at the new rate?  A:  Not to my knowledge;  I understand they may be paid this weekend or early next week.
Q:  Family group bought zim together;  I paid with my debit card, so invoices are solely in my name, although they gave me money to do this.  Do I give them a copy of the receipt, or do I give them a gift letter?  A:  They paid for their notes, so scratch the gifting letter. I would create an affidavit stating what you all engaged in and how you paid for it.  They provided the money and you made the purchase, then they own the property.  That’s the most straightforward way to deal with that.  I don’t think you will need it for the exchange.  So far, those who have exchanged have not been asked for proof of purchase.  They don’t care so long as the currency is not counterfeit.  The IRS may want to see proof of purchase, if you are audited.  Then you can give them the affidavit showing you bought it as a group.
Q:  With all that’s going on in intel/rumor section, how can we keep up with false positives?  A:  As you receive information, ask yourself and the person giving you the information “Who does this make sense to?”  Sometimes it does make sense, so then you ask about substance – what supports that piece of intel. That will let you know pretty quickly if it’s a false positive or not.  Then you can choose whether to get excited about it, so you don’t get into a tizzy.  That’s what I do, and what members in OM and TNT chat do as well.  Why should others be impervious to that process?
Q:  If we do business cards, do we have to put TNT on it?  Would that void the NDA?
A:  No, just use ‘superfantastic’, so we know what we are doing in the big Pay It Forward initiative.
Q:  Have you heard from any sources that Maliki is under house arrest?  Is he still in the palace used by the Iraqi PM?  A:  I did hear a rumor, but not from my sources.  I don’t know where he resides.
Q:  Banking question?  A:  Call the bank and ask them.  They can tell you their terms and where their branches are, or if they are allied with local banks.
Q:  Is there any confirmation or is this hopium?  A:  What is the report that you want to know about?  The tweet I sent out yesterday was as confirmed as I need, that the RV is happening but we don’t know when.
Q:  What do we need to know about the FinCen form if we are presented with it during the exchange?  Should we ask?  A:  My understanding is that the banks do those online after banking hours.  The people who have exchanged never saw that;  it’s an internal form to let the authorities know that X dollars have been handled in this manner.
Q:  With the big meeting this weekend, would you guess the cards will be at the new rates?  A:  Yes, I would guess that.
Let’s go to some live callers:
302 caller:  You made a comment on the last call, and I was reading on the internet on the dong, because you said to watch it.  I understand that it’s a viable currency, so does that mean I can take the dong I have to the bank and they will give me the value of it?  Or do I wait for the RV?  Do I just go to the bank and see what is on the screen?
RayRen:  They will give you the value that they see at the screen at any given time.  You are a connected person, so if the value goes up, you will hear about it.  You don’t have to go harassing the bank.  I know someone who says his sister who went to the bank and was offered 47 cents on the dong.  Another person yesterday was also offered  47 cents, and rejected it because they didn’t like the terms.  So…
Caller:  If I take in one million dong and can get 47 cents for it, and then will I be able to take the rest in later, after the RV?
RayRen:  I can’t see why not.
Caller:  Thanks for your answer – very helpful.
RayRen:  I can tell from your enthusiasm what you are thinking, and you need to look up ‘lost opportunities’ video again.  Did you see that?  The people yesterday rejected the offer because the conditions were unfavorable.  Listeners, learn about missed opportunities and compound interest because they will really help you in your financial future.  I think that presentation is in the forums.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
209 caller:  First time caller, been listening for a long time.  Is it 2004 that they came out with the new currency?  If anyone has dinar older than that, that is not exchangeable, right?
RayRen:  It may have collector’s value further down the road, but anything with what’s-his-name’s face on it, the bank will not accept that.
Caller:  I have heard rumors that Iraq is going to create another currency and then this currency will be invalid;  have you heard that?
RayRen:  I don’t see that happening.  If people are rejecting the bank offers, that still shows us that their currency is considered legitimate.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
865/404 caller:  I like that the egg is hatching, not broken.  We have had rates as people go into the bank and then those rates have disappeared.  With RV next to the rates, can we assume they are the rates, and they are not going to disappear.
RayRen:  That’s what I would assume;  we are just waiting for the green light?
Caller:  What about the upcoming Chinese New Year (on Monday)?
RayRen:  I have not heard anything relating the two.
Caller:  What about that crane falling in the financial district in NY?
RayRen:  I don’t think that has any bearing on this worldwide event.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And NEGOTIATE!
716 caller:  Does Tony listen to these conference calls?  Yes?  Tell him Brady in NY state is missing him and hopes to see him in Vegas.
RayRen:  A lot of exciting things are taking place. People are at bank appointments and I can’t wait to find out if they accept or reject the deal.  Look at how far we’ve come, from ‘will the banks even talk to me’ or being thrown out of the banks, to offers being made that are rejected for being not good enough.  This is what we have been training for, that people can look at a two million dollar opportunity and being able to see and say “No, that’s not good enough.”  We are going after something bigger and better, and that is powerful.  When you know and you know that you know, based on what you have learned, you, too, will be able to sit back and say, “No, I won’t accept that offer.”  You are in the captain’s seat in that scenario.  Go in and negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate, and also be prepared to walk away.  Make ‘lost opportunity’ your best friend;  know what it is and what it represents.  Too many times we have dismissed losses as “it’s just $100, I’ll make more.”  You are aspiring to be something you’ve never been before – extremely wealthy.   There is a train of thought that goes along with that.  You cannot just take the money and think you will have it made in the shade.  You’ll join the athletes and movie stars that one day may be “all that and a bag of chips” and today they are crumbs. You don’t want that to be your legacy and have to explain it to your grandchildren.  You cannot use the excuse “the man held me back” because we are working day and night to help you learn, understand and make this transition.  We are taking away your excuse for failing, because when you don’t have an excuse, you won’t fail.
It’s Friday and I’m waiting to get off the line so that people at the banks can tell me what happened.  We are in that window, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this pops up later today, tomorrow or Sunday.  This ride is over.  I will do the final call when the time is right.  Until then, we patiently wait and we hold on to this one thought:  I BELIEVE.