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RVAlreaady:  Well, it looks like progress is finally being made on the political impasse in Iraq. I hope this leads to a government and an RV soon. Seems the IMF and WB in Iraq last week made it clear that the world is tired of waiting for the RV, and Iraq needs to make progress quickly.

Annie68:  Seems Iraq always needs a kick in the patuti to get anything done! Hope the “visits” have worked!!

Yada: I am of the mind that the IMF meeting with Iraq has a lot to so with the rate about to be released. The CBI is up to bat. I’m also of the mind that once the rate is released that the leverage that the Framework’s holding back the budget will be killed with a capital K

Yada:  It baffles me to think that I would invest in something and not look for the best outcome at all times. Fact is the country is in earnest in getting the rate released but just THE FEW INGRATES WHO STOP THE PROCESS FOR THIER OWN GOOD, NOT FOR THE PEOPLE.

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Yada:  Because the bad guys who have run roughshod over the process have been forced into a corner and to save face, budged before Sadr did. Even the admittance of a few members from the Framework to work with Sadr is also big big news.

Yada:  I thought it was interesting that Maliki is a big mouth of what they will or will not do but in the compromise, he stated they do not want to share all the details. The IMF visit had some baring into the CBI about to release the rate and possible the Food Service Law may also have a part in the release

Yada: Lastly, another source stated that something is to take place on the 24th with 137 countries regarding a 15% tax at borders. Wondering is Iraq was given the, “get your stuff together since your sovereign along with the other countries”. A change that requires them to be article VIII.


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