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TNT: Tishwash:  Saleh calls for supporting the private sector to contribute to the growth of the economy

Mazhar Muhammad Salih, the economic advisor to the Prime Minister, called for supporting and financing the private sector to contribute to the growth of the Iraqi economy.

Salih said that redirecting government funding to meet the needs of the private sector is an important necessity, and the interest in the private sector and its government financing with soft loans as the Central Bank of Iraq’s exceptional initiative in affordable housing financing for the private sector, which amounted to three trillion dinars, stimulated and will stimulate the overall housing activity  link

Tishwash:  Two explosions, one near a security company and the other near a bank

A security source, in charge of Basra, reported that two home-made bombs exploded on the night of Wednesday to Thursday in the city of Basra.

The source said that a homemade bomb exploded near the (Taiz) company for security protection in the (Minawi Pasha) area, while a homemade explosive device targeted a residential house near the Islamic Credit Bank in central Basra, indicating that no casualties were recorded.  link

Tishwash:  The coordination framework talks about a ‘breakthrough’ in the political scene: this is how the prime minister will be chosen

Today, Thursday, the coordination framework said that there is a political breakthrough and unification of the Shiite house soon, while talking about the mechanism for choosing the prime minister, ruling out his approval to renew the mandate of Mustafa Al-Kazemi.


A member of the coordination framework, Aref Al-Hamami, explained in a statement to NRTArabic, that “there is a breakthrough very soon that the political arena will witness, represented in the unification of the Shiite house and the entry of a single bloc to the upcoming sessions.


He added that “the framework agrees to any decision issued by the Federal Court, whether positive or negative,” and reiterated: “Very soon we will hear good news that heralds political breakthrough and consensus, especially since the framework has always called for consensus.”


And he indicated, “The framework continues to move and there will be an agreement soon.”


He stressed, “It is better to agree between the parties, because the Shiite bloc must enter parliament with one bloc, which is the largest bloc and from which the government produces,” noting that “the framework will be within the united Shiite bloc, but so far the general idea that there is consensus regarding positions is being studied. The main thing is how you are, and then the rest of the things come.


He pointed out that “the details were not addressed by the Shiite parties, and in the event that the general idea of entering as a united Shiite bloc into Parliament is completed, there will be consensus before entering into discussions with the Kurds regarding who will be the president of the republic who will be voted on.”


And he indicated that “the concessions will be regarding the prime minister, meaning that the name that will be presented must be approved by the current and the framework,” noting that “the rest of the matters fall within the benefits, votes and seats, and they are included in the committees, but the most important thing is that the Shiite bloc is compatible with the session as a larger bloc.” “.


And regarding reaching an agreement on the Prime Minister, Al-Hamami explained that “there is agreement on the names proposed for this position, and there are names that have been put forward, but they remain confidential and far from the media at the present time,” stressing that “the framework refuses to renew Al-Kazemi for a second term  link



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