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Tishwash:  The Central Bank sets paths to reform the economic system


Today, Wednesday, the Central Bank of Iraq identified paths to reform the economic system in the country, while announcing support for clean energy by one trillion dinars.


The Central Bank’s advisor, Ihsan Shamran Al-Yasiri, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “It is not possible to create an economic sector and attract investors without a successful and healthy banking sector,” noting that “the government banking sector acquires a large percentage of the government or private public’s money, so reform The banking sector is a starting point for reforming the economic system.


He added, “The Central Bank launched an initiative in the amount of 1 trillion dinars to finance the purchase of electricity generation units from renewable energy,” noting that “the initiative constitutes a great starting point for changing the destinations and mood of the public to switch to clean energy.”


He continued, “The government began more than a year ago trying to switch to clean energy,” explaining that “the Central Bank contributed to the initiative through simple, interest-free loans for the family community and the private economic sector.”   Link





Samson:  An expert expects oil prices to rise to $400 if Russia stops exporting them


23rd November, 2022


The oil expert, Hamza Al-Jawahiry, predicted today, Wednesday, that oil prices will rise to $400 if Russia stops exporting crude oil.


Al-Jawahiry said in an interview with Shafaq News agency, “The American and European threats to dispense with Russian oil and gas are just outbids and procrastination in order to put pressure on Russia, indicating that the only people affected by this matter will be Europe and America only.”


He added, “Russia’s oil production amounts to more than 11 million barrels, and it exports about 7 million barrels, most of which go to Europe, and this quantity is not small, and this quantity cannot be compensated if Russia stops exporting and from any country, whether it is Saudi Arabia, Iraq, or any Gulf country.” If these countries meet, they will only compensate for about half of Russia’s exports, stressing that Russia’s suspension of oil exports will raise oil prices to more than $400 a barrel.


He pointed out that “the oil markets will suffer from a shortage of supplies, and its impact on prices will be very large, and there will be a major economic collapse in Europe.” He stressed that “some European peoples and governments, in particular, look at their interests, and as long as these remain within the scope of the threat only, they will remain silent, but when their interests are damaged, they will not abide by what some countries take to not stop importing oil and gas from Russia.”


The European Union is set to ban imports of Russian crude from December 5 and oil products from February 5.


It is also scheduled to meet the ambassadors of the European Union today, Wednesday, with the aim of approving the price ceiling, and it is expected that the diplomats will also discuss the price level at this meeting, and if they support the new proposal, the European Union and the Group of Seven countries may announce the price ceiling this evening.


However, the European Union eased the terms of the proposed sanctions on Russia by imposing a ceiling on the prices of Russian oil exports by postponing its full implementation and easing basic provisions related to shipping work.


Russia threatened to stop exporting oil to any country that sets a ceiling on the prices of its oil exports.






Samson:  In numbers.. Integrity carried out 125 seizures in the past month


11/23/2022 14:19:10


The Federal Integrity Commission announced that its investigation directorates and offices in Baghdad and the governorates carried out (125) arrest operations during the month of October, during which (27) accused of flagrante delicto were arrested.


The Integrity Investigation Department, speaking about the arrest operations carried out during the past month, indicated that the Najaf Investigation Office team carried out the largest number of such operations with a total of (26) seizure operations, followed by the Diyala Investigation Office with (24) operations, while the Najaf Investigation Office carried out (24) operations. Wasit investigation (16) process.


The department added that during these operations, (27) suspects were seized during (16) operations to apprehend the accused, while the total number of operations to seize the first instances carried out during the past month reached (109) operations.


Integrity repeatedly urged all citizens to report corruption and the corrupt, calling on them to submit their complaints and reports through its official outlets, and to cooperate with it to carry out red-handed detection operations, affirming its commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of the reporting process and the identity of the informants.  LINK