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Iraqi News Highlights Wednesday Evening 11-23-22


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Oil Price Stability


Economie| 09:04 – 11/23/2022   Follow-up – Mawazine News   Oil prices stabilized on Wednesday, with traders awaiting the Russian crude price cap plan and assessing the demand outlook in China, which was hit by the Corona virus.


West Texas Intermediate crude traded up one cent to reach $80.96 a barrel at 04:13 GMT, after rising by more than 1% in the previous session, while Brent crude fell 3 cents to $88.33.


EU ambassadors may meet later on Wednesday to approve the price cap plan after officials eased the related sanctions package.


Russia said it would not sell crude to countries that would apply the cap, which was put in place to punish Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine while keeping the country’s oil flowing.


Crude oil prices trended lower this month amid fears of a hit to demand in China, the world’s largest importer, as the country tightens coronavirus restrictions, and supplies from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies were also in focus, as members denied discussions to increase production in Their meeting next December.


A number of analysts said that oil benefited from the broader rise in risky assets, while members of OPEC + denied reports of increased production that gave some calm to prices. “However, demand risks remain, especially with the Corona situation in China.” 29/AD 99 ended


The Decline In The Exchange Rates Of The Dollar Against The Dinar


Economie| 10:35 – 11/23/2022   Baghdad – Mawazine News  The exchange rates of the dollar decreased, on Wednesday, on the Iraqi Stock Exchange.  Selling  price: 148,500 dinars per 100 dollars. Buying price: 148,400 dinars per 100 dollars.


Industry: Five Thousand Plants Will Start Production In The Coming Years


Reconstruction and building    Economy News-Baghdad   The Ministry of Industry and Minerals revealed that there are 5,000 medium and large factories underway in the country, which will end in the next five years.


The Director General of the Directorate of Industrial Development in the Ministry, Aziz Nazim, said in a statement to “Al-Sabah”: The aforementioned factories, which were granted regular establishment licenses by the Ministry, will supply the local markets, after their completion, with various goods and commodities, which will give the country an opportunity to dispense with importing all its needs of those goods, and be satisfied with their local counterparts.


He pointed to the importance played by the private sector in developing the local economy and its growth at acceptable rates, in addition to its contribution to absorbing unemployment and employing manpower that may reach hundreds within each project, as well as keeping the hard currency that is usually depleted in import operations, noting that his department is in addition to its tasks By granting permission to establish the project, it follows the construction stages of it.


Nazim stated that the Directorate is keen, through the plans it has prepared, to advance industrial projects by supporting the national product, in coordination with the ministries, as well as the importer, using the national product instead, in addition to coordinating with the customs authority to prevent some materials that were manufactured locally from entering Like the juices that are made locally.


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There Is No Specific Date Yet For Presenting The Report Of The “Theft Of The Century” Case In Parliament


Parliamentary Finance for / Nina /:  Wednesday 23 November 2022 14:46 | political Number of readings: 233   Baghdad / NINA /- The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the developments of the work of the Special Parliamentary Committee in charge of following up the issue of disbursing tax secretariats, or what is known collectively as “theft of the century”.


The age head of the committee, MP Mahasin Hamdoun, stated, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /, that “the Finance Committee held a group of meetings with the directors of the Rafidain Bank, the General Taxes, and officials of the Ministry of Finance to discuss the circumstances of the issue of the disbursement and theft of tax secretariat revenues.”


And she explained, “All files, proposals and parliamentary questions related to this case were referred to the judiciary so that it takes its legal path in discovering and investigating facts.”


And she added, “The judicial authorities have taken their full role in investigating and investigating those involved and the negligent, and following up on the course of all legal and judicial procedures,” indicating that “the parliamentary committee for following up this issue is carrying out its work and will prepare a technical report with a set of recommendations, but the date for presenting the report to Parliament has not yet been determined.” deputies.”


The Presidency of the House of Representatives had recently assigned a special parliamentary committee to follow up on the file of the issue of disbursing tax secretariats, “the theft of the century”, in coordination with the judicial authorities, including members of the integrity, financial and legal committees./ End 5


In The Document, The Ministry Of Finance Terminates The Appointment Of Abdul Mohsen Alwan As Director Of The Real Estate Bank


Wednesday 23 November 2022 12:56 | Economical Number of readings: 250   Baghdad / NINA / – The Ministry of Finance completed the assignment of Abdul Mohsen Alwan, director of the Real Estate Bank, and assigned Abbas Shihab Ahmed, general director of the bank at the Ministry of Finance./ Ended8


Iraq Confiscates The Money Of One Of The Private Banks And Distributes It To This Category


Economy , 2022/11/22 09:13, number of readings: 276   Baghdad-Iraq today:  A member of the House of Representatives, nirmeen Maarouf, confirmed that the assets of Tigris and Euphrates bank will be distributed to depositors and institutions that hold funds in the bank.


MP Maarouf said in a statement that  “in order to follow up the rights of citizens and institutions that have bank accounts with banks operating in the Kurdistan region and bankrupt, such as Tigris and Euphrates bank. I wrote to the central bank asking for clarification on its procedures with these banks,” he said.


She added,  “in response, the central bank clarified in writing 9/3/29374 on 16/11/2022 that after registering the applications of all account holders and depositors with the bank and later, the funds earned from the sale of the bank’s property will be distributed to account holders and bank accounts under Article 92 of the Banking Law No. 94 of 2004”.العراق-يصادر-اموال-احد-المصارف-الأهلية-ويوزعها-على-هذه-الفئة


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