In Walkingstick 

(Walkingstick…has an Iraq firm for over 25 years, 6 banks, 12+ ATM machines. His firm fulfills every category CBI is working on. WS tells only “what is in print.”)

Pay attention to National Bank of Iraq (NBI) as their software needs to be updated to activate ATM’s (carries lower denoms.). NBI connected to Jordan with 22 ATM’s.  Electronic system fights corruption.  Restricting the American dollar: If you use ATM’s, can’t get US dollars!! Not just ATM’s, but if they come into our bank, ONLY Iraqi Dinars from now on.

All banks associated with Iraq are not associated with US dollar anymore.  They must “immediately” stop using US dollar.  “How long have we been dreaming about these ATM’s dispensing Iraq Dinars only!  No USD any more. NOT AT PROGRAMMED RATE MUCH LONGER.  They have exceeded the goal of the amount (bank accounts) needed for Re-in-statement… 24 of 37 million Iraq citizens opened bank accounts. That’s why education will be an ongoing process.

Re-in-statement is unfolding. Sounds like Auctions coming to an end.  We have to continue to wait, realizing its “right in front of us.”  To:  “Reinstate their currency…. No delay, no postponement… International status…with Mastercard/Visa.