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chattels: Today is a holiday at the CBI. It is ” Army Day ” in Iraq.

tourman: Looks like the dong may revalue before the deenar
chattels: There are about three Shiites for every five Sunnis in the Middle East. Most of the Shiites are in Iran, but they are also the majority in countries like Azerbaijan, Bahrain and Iraq, and are a significant political and military force in Lebanon and Syria.
chattels: Tuesday, January 5, 2016 Security In Iraq, Dec 22-28, 2015 Iraq ended 2015 on a good note taking central Ramadi after a five month siege. There were still parts of the city to clear and most it was destroyed leaving a huge reconstruction project for the future. Violence in the rest of the country continued on the same pace as the last quarter of the year.
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Doug_W: how sad
chattels:  Legal: the possibility of amending the Central Bank Law and borrow from it to cover the deficit
chattels: :: 2016/1/6 10:03 • [Baghdad – where] a clearer legal expert Tareq Harb, that the government could prepare a draft law approved by the House of Representatives for the purpose of modifying the law of the central bank and borrow from it to meet the financial requirements as a deposit of salaries and other away from external borrowing.
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chattels: Adviser to Ebadi: a proposal for the sale of homes in the farmland of the occupants and raise the dollar exchange rate
chattels: ” as we proposed conversion of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar to 1300 dinars, and instead of selling the dollar to 1116 dinars to sell the central bank B1300 and this will save 9 trillion dinars, or about $ 8 billion and thus can bridge the budget deficit without borrowing, ………”
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chattels: Economist: taxation and deduction of 10% of salary as a loan to end the crisis
chattels: Is it not curious that in this time of economic crisis and search for remedies that no economist or politician in Iraq mentions the ” dinarland ” guru solution of a higher exchange rate on the iQD to the US dollar ?
chattels: Is it a secret ?
chattels: Or is it bovine scatology ?
chattels: Could it be because IT is not possible under all of the circumstances ?
chattels: You decide for yourself.
chattels: Note : I have been ” misquoted by DinarGuru. I did not say ” But we do also know this. The IMF is refusing to fulfill the 1.2 billions left of dispersement on a loan they approved for Iraq in October 2015 until they fulfill their part of the agreement to complete the currency reform.”
chattels: That quote was from ” XXXX “. I was pointing out that the news report(s) contradict that statement. I provided a link as always, but links are not reported by DinarGuru.
chattels: Zebari said in his interview yesterday that the IMF loan proceeds had been received. …Or World Bank Loan.! Quote: ” …a few days ago we received one billion and 200 million dollars from the World Bank…”
chattels: ” ………. the International Monetary Fund to help us borrow $1.2 billion, which we also received. ”
chattels: Further confirmation in Zebari’s interview with Rudaw News. Post # 12
chattels: The discussion about raising the dollar exchange rate are NOT favorable to our liquidity event.
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and a quote therefrom which defines the meaning of raising the dollar excahnge rate as ” …….. conversion of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar to 1300 dinars, and instead of selling the dollar to 1116 dinars to sell the central bank B1300 and this will save 9 trillion dinars, or about $ 8 billion and thus can bridge the budget deficit without borrowing, ………”.
chattels: It is a ” devaluation or adjustment ” in the value of the dinar to the dollar to reduce the amount required of the CBI to support the auction process. IMO.
Doug_W: interesting
chattels: The pundits are now talking again about ” raising the three zeroes ” as being imminent and ” called for ” in prior news articles. Please recall the article I have posted many times in the past month stating that the current security environment does not allow for such. The article is in the forum.
chattels: Parliamentary Economy: delete the zeros need a safe environment
chattels: And for the project to delete the zeros confirmed Najib said “the Iraqi Central Bank completed the previously all preparations for the project, indicating that it” has been postponed because of the situation security is stable “in what it said that” the application of the project to delete the zeros needs to assign by the government and parliament to make it a success after the stabilization of the situation in the country because the ground current is suitable for the implementation of such a project. ”
chattels: ” ………… the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable, ……….. ”
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chattels: Never say “die”, say “d**”. It isn’t classic, It may be profane. But we mortals have need of it time and again; And you’ll find you’ll recover from fate’s hardest slam, if you never say “die”, say “d***”. – Maurine Hathaway
Tootsie: For the first time in decades ..mkavhh jungles of sorghum and wheat petition to keep the wealth of agriculture in Iraq BAGHDAD – Iraq Press – January 6: technical agent for the Ministry of Agriculture said, Mehdi ligature Qaisi, said that “the ministry will fight for the first time since the jungles of the high wheat contracts and broadleaf this year, hoping that it will be a great economic rewards.”
She continued, “The ministry is currently focusing on strategic crops such as wheat through three projects are the technologies of modern irrigation and made ​​available to farmers by supporting 50% of the pre-agricultural initiative and securing water and increase the production and use of fertilizing liquid technology,”
referring to “continue in the national national program for the propagation of seeds senior and the development of new varieties resistant to salinity, drought, insects and achieve an increase in productivity, pointing out that the ministry has succeeded in achieving 80% of the ration card of wheat needs. ”
“The Ministry of Agriculture has worked to provide a dab fertilizer and urea subsidized farmers to reduce the burden on their shoulders, and increase the dose of fertilizer given to them. In addition to increasing yield per of yellow corn that go into animal feed and poultry dunum “.
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Tootsie: Finally feeding themselves ({ well it is a start } inseminating cattle etc.
chattels: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 2015 Public Opinion Poll Iraq Divided Over Future Of Kurdistan & Partisan Divide Amongst Kurds musingsoniraq.blogspot.co…
Tootsie: have a great hump day,~ later