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chattels: Reconciliation conference under the auspices infallible Shiite facing rejection because the list of invitees and exorbitant bill
chattels: 23:03:01 2016-01-09 | (Voice of Iraq) – Baghdad revealed a coalition of state law, yesterday, the refusal of the Prime Minister and the National Alliance for the national reconciliation project revealed by the Presidency of the Republic recently.
Attributed the mass of the Prime Minister this refusal to efforts to extend an invitation to the convicts issues of terrorism, Deputy former President Tareq al-Hashemi , in addition to trying to engage the Baath Party and some former army officers in the reconciliation conference. comes the bill exorbitant Conference as another reason to reject the National Alliance and the Prime Minister,

in light of the financial crisis that hit the country in this context, intends to Parliament a new date to host the President of the Council of Ministers for discussion on intervention Turkish, and the special operations carried out by US troops, as well as finding out about the reforms, which was launched last summer packages.
chattels: ” ………….. refusal to efforts to extend an invitation to the convicts issues of terrorism, Deputy former President Tareq al-Hashemi , …………. ”
chattels: “The presidency wants to hold a national reconciliation conference attended by the political blocs and personalities Academy and tribal, local and foreign for Reconciliation and start a new page.”
chattels: ” the current year’s budget allocated $ 20 billion dinars for the national reconciliation project which is an extension to the proposals of the former vice president, Iyad Allawi. ” He is stressing that “al-Abadi expressed reservation invited to this conference personalities dedicated to his residence on the grounds and the amounts that we are in a financial crisis.”
chattels: Poll: declining popularity Abadi
chattels: 00:32:08 2016-01-09 | (Voice of Iraq) – Twilight News opinion poll conducted by Masssh Gallup, headquartered in Washington, popular Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi decline because of rampant corruption in government institutions and poor public services.
The poll suggests that popularity Abadi fell from 72 percent in the period took over the presidency of the government, to 47 percent at the end of last year.
According to Gallup, the decline Abadi comes because of the situation of the people of corruption cases, despite the military achievements of the Iraqis to recover about 40 percent of the populated areas, organized by the Islamic State Daash.
showed The survey also growing popular discontent with the worsening cases of financial and administrative corruption and poor public services, with the percentage of those who believe that corruption is widespread in government institutions to 75 percent, up from 67 percent in the past year rose.
chattels: ” …………. the decline Abadi comes because of the situation of the people of corruption cases, despite the military achievements of the Iraqis to recover about 40 percent of the populated areas, organized by the Islamic State Daash.”
chattels: ” …………… growing popular discontent with the worsening cases of financial and administrative corruption and poor public services,………..”
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 Iraqi forces said done clearing central Ramadi Now focusing on eastern section almadapaper.net/ar/news/5… …   LINK
chattels: Secure the center of Ramadi, says Staff Trmoz, a member of the Anbar province, “The joint forces ended, during the past two days, combing operations in the center of Ramadi, moving to the east of the city which are connected across the Euphrates with the acidic areas and Albu Bali” which is considered the most dangerous and wider areas controlled by Daash .
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 6h6 hours ago Poll Sunni support for armed groups dropped from 49% to 26% after Maliki replaced musingsoniraq.blogspot.co… …
time2rv: [tlm724] Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Saturday that 2016 would be “in the eradication of corruption,” and called for a “purge the security forces of the corrupt”
[tlm724] *hallelujah*
[tlm724] “2016 will be a year to eradicate corruption and start from the internal organs in the eradication of corruption, because we can win on corruption even purify ourselves,
[tlm724] noting that “this task It rests with the employees of the Ministry of Interior and Alajhazeeh intelligence and security and this sacred task and even succeed to fight corruption we must first cleanse our organs and we must do a comprehensive cleansing process for all corrupt in our machines.
[tlm724] The Chairman of the Council of Ministers that we “can not underestimate terrorism, which has the money and capacity and capabilities, satellite TV and looking at what is happening in many of the satellite channels of the corrupt who are trying to sabotage the state for their purposes despicable, but we are able to overcome them,” pointing out that “the investigations prove the existence of collusion between corrupt and terrorists can not be for terrorism to achieve its objectives only with the cooperation of corrupt him. “ [
tlm724] the corrupt who are trying to sabotage the state for their purposes despicable
[tlm724] M and A come to mind [tlm724] but we are able to overcome them,
[tlm724] “the investigations prove the existence of collusion between corrupt and terrorists [tlm724] Allawi is the one who opened the door to continued terrorism years ago trying to bring down Maliki’s gov
[tlm724] remember he paid the demonstrators fifty bucks each to go out and cause problems then he got some good ole boys to start blowing things up etc… created a monster that just grew and grew until it was outta control. Abadi has a huge task but believes it can be done and with the support of the religious leaders I think it can too
time2rv: Abadi, announced in 2016, “eliminate corruption” and calls to purge the security forces of “corrupt” *
rocknrollbus: Well…………crap!! Chiefs have to go to New England………….
chattels: Further thoughts on the commemorative gold coin sale announcement. Article says that 15 gram coin costs 720,000 dinar. Some want to say that the coin denomination ( 100 dinar ) equals 15 grams of gold. Like saying that because an old silver dollar is worth 20+ dollars that a script dollar is twenty times more valuable than it is.
chattels: Kurdish areas body: the right to dig a trench region and the development of political and administrative boundaries Read more: www.sotaliraq.com/newsite…
chattels: 19:43:37 2016-01-09 | (Voice of Iraq) – Erbil considered the Kurdish areas outside the Kurdistan region’s governing body, Saturday, digging the trench in areas adjacent to the areas controlled by the organization “Daash”, a step from the right of the region to take to delimitation policy and management, saying it was to protect the areas under control of the Peshmerga organized attacks.
The head of the Nasreddin Cindy that “digging the trench in the areas adjacent to areas subject to regulation Daash terrorist is of great importance to stand against terrorist attacks to protect the areas under the control of the Peshmerga forces,” stressing the “essential limits of the areas of Kurdish-side political and administrative.
“said Cindy,” We have the right to take this step, the fact that determine the Kurdish areas is of great importance for the region, “noting that” the trench that is dug depth of three meters and width of three meters.
“It is said that the Peshmerga forces are digging a trench along 100 kilometers south of Kirkuk, until the west, to further secure the city, was completed in 65% of the drilling process, as well as building forts among every 300 meters in the ditch, according to Kurdish security sources.
chattels: ” …………….. at least 50 families from Hawija and ISIS-controlled villages had reportedly failed to reach the safe zone of Kurdish military bases on Friday. “They might be captured by Daesh gunmen while trying to escape the area,” Qadir said, using the derogatory Arabic name for ISIS.
Residents escaping ISIS-controlled areas have been warned by the group not to leave. Violators have been killed. Despite the harsh punishment, people have been trying to escape from Hawija to Kirkuk since last year. Hawija is 55 kilometers southwest of Kirkuk and considered an ISIS stronghold, second only to Mosul, which is also controlled by ISIS.”
chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee…
chattels: MP Turan: on the government to take steps to combat serious corruption
chattels: MP Hassan Turan stressed the need for the government to a real fight against rampant corruption in the country and provide adult spoilers to the judiciary to take its role, and not just declarations in this area.
chattels: ” ………… a real fight against rampant corruption in the country …………, and not just declarations in this area.”
chattels: Walk the walk and not just talk the talk.
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: proposed change Kurdish parliamentary bloc, to call on the international community to form a coalition to fight corruption in Iraq through the disclosure of accounts and balances Iraqi officials in the federal governments and the Government of the Kurdistan Regional Government in banks in the world.
chattels: He said the ” Iraqi people wonder today about the fate of the oil revenues, which have been exported during the previous years, at a time when incurred debt estimated at more than $ 30 billion to the federal government and more than $ 20 billion to government the Kurdistan region. ”
chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…
chattels: A member of the parliamentary Finance: Iraq failed state economically
Donnie: Latest: No Powerball winner, jackpot may reach $1.3 billion finance.yahoo.com/news/la…
Donnie: 1233??? supports the article that stated the Dinar increase IS OVER
chattels: Are you a tortoise or a hare?
chattels: We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare and its lesson that those who run as fast as they can often end up falling short by the finish line.
Donnie: the tortoise has been walking for 12 years… should have gotten to the finish line by now 🙂
chattels: ‹@Donnie› ‹@Donnie› Yeah, it isn’t looking real good is it ?
chattels: draft law on public holidays includes the identification of 75 days special religious occasions and national holidays www.ninanews.com/News_Det…
Donnie: well, that article that stated the Dinar increase IS OVER kinda put the nail in the coffin IMO.
GJMAN: ‹@Donnie› What article?
Sam: GM haven’t been in here in a while. Lots in life going on including a move to be with one on my sons for now. What I am reading right now above doesn’t give me much hope that this is going to ever end.  🙁
chattels: ‹@Donnie› What is your understanding of the phrase ” increase in value ” in those articles ?
chattels: My read has been that ” increase ” refers to the amount of dinar per dollar, i.e., not the increase that we want
ladyfox: GM ALL
Donnie: ‹@chattels› That article also talked about a decrease in the value of the Dinar exchange rate. I need to look at that article again with your thoughts in mind.
ladyfox: @DONNIE which article so I can use my superwoman eyes to see what they are saying
Donnie: translation and lack of understanding Arab thought patterns can really change the meaning of what they mean and our understanding.
Donnie: ‹@ladyfox› it was posted in here a couple days ago. it’s in the forum some place.
Donnie: it taslked about changing the dinar/dollar exchange rate.
chattels: Zebari – ” The other option is how to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, ………….. ” wealthwatch.world/showthr…
[09:56:01 AM] ladyfox: @ thanks imo the only why this gets done, like in the past the ‘PREACHER MAN OVER THERE HAS TO JUST GO TO IMF AND UN AND SAY LET HERE LOOSE(DINAR)
chattels: Further confirmation in Zebari’s interview with Rudaw News. Post # 12 wealthwatch.world/showthr….
The discussion about raising the dollar exchange rate are NOT favorable to our liquidity event. See wealthwatch.world/showthr….
and a quote therefrom which defines the meaning of raising the dollar excahnge rate as ” …….. conversion of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar to 1300 dinars, and instead of selling the dollar to 1116 dinars to sell the central bank B1300 and this will save 9 trillion dinars, or about $ 8 billion and thus can bridge the budget deficit without borrowing, ………”.
chattels: It is a ” devaluation or adjustment ” in the value of the dinar to the dollar to reduce the amount required of the CBI to support the auction process. IMO.
chattels: BAGHDAD / Obelisk: The Central Bank of Saturday, the lack of intent to amend the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, pointing out that the devaluation of the dinar would lead to damaging the purchasing power of citizens.
chattels: The statement added that “the central bank is well aware that any reduction in the value of the dinar meant damaging the purchasing power of citizens because most of their needs are imported.”
chattels: iraqidinarchat.net/
chattels: The terminology is confounding. Amend, increase, decrease, etc.
faith: Read that article last night. My “take away” was that they are no longer considering devaluing the dinar as an option.
Butifldrm: GM chattels, yes I do agree
Butifldrm: I believe these articles either from the CBI or parliament are just a symptom of the continuous battle between the government and the CBI
Butifldrm: who really is in charge of monetary policy
Butifldrm: I think the CBI wins  lol
ladyfox: I don’t know when this year or I hate to say it or next!! I am holding on to my investment
Butifldrm: I believe the next battle between the two will be over the auctions
faith: Some weeks back, there were articles that said the devaluing of the dinar was being considered. I believe several people commented that it would appear that move, would decrease rather than increase purchasing power for the Iraqi citizens.
It appears that the Iraqis had the same concern and have concluded that wouldn’t be a good idea. Well as much as anything is “concluded” in Dinarland.
Butifldrm: there is still corruption associated with the auctions and the government is going to try to manipulate the auctions again
Butifldrm: faith, as the CBI stated, Iraq is still an import nation, and decreasing the value would really hurt the citizen
Butifldrm: All the bluster about the national product and Iraq only produces around 4% of the products the citizens need
faith: Perhaps it is optimism instead of objectivity on my part…but it appears to me that it is the” devaluing” of the dinar that is off the table, not “revaluing”.
Butifldrm: Economics: domestic industry constitute only 4% compared to import
faith: So…did anyone win the lottery????
chattels: ‹@faith› I think that you are correct from the content of the articles.
Butifldrm: www.microsofttranslator.c… LINK
Butifldrm: faith no I think it’s up to 1.3B
chattels: But, ” revaluing ” seems remote to me for many other reasons.
Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› I agree with that also
Butifldrm: much has to be done in the banking system and within the economy both legislative and in growth to see an increase
ladyfox: have a great day guys church time
faith: Yep…mass time for me. Have a great day everyone!
Butifldrm: as for the auctions it appears the economic committee is going to try to edit the sale of the dollar
Butifldrm: faith thanks
Butifldrm: you too honey
chattels: I continue to question the ability of Iraq to reform their currency without greater physical control of their own countryside.
Butifldrm: “He said the” next couple of months Sconan hardest financially due to mounting popular discontent toward the government, which did not provide only a few million dinars as a result of continuous truncated to the salaries of employees and retirees to fill the budget deficit of 22 billion dinars.
” He stressed that “to reduce expenses in accordance with the real plans and increase the resources of the state through taxes and the collection of money arrears for years in addition to the cancellation of the central bank daily auction through which the money the sale of oil smuggling may help in the development of the Iraqi economy on track right next to the stage.”
Butifldrm: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
Butifldrm: ‹@chattels› so you are saying until the security situation is under control. I believe that is a huge factor too
Butifldrm: As long as thesecond largest city is under the control of Daesh and they are in control of the banks Iraq has a huge problem
chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› And political security.
Butifldrm: plus the majority of financial resources are going toward the popular crowd to fight Daesh
Butifldrm: chattels, I’m not sure if Iraq will ever be politically secure
chattels: ” the decision to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency requires a political and security are conditions stable ” wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: ‹@Butifldrm› ” relative ” security 🙂
Butifldrm: Amnesty and Accountability and Justice have been on the table for years right along side national Reconciliation   Butifldrm: Oh yea   Butifldrm: for sure
chattels: For all we know legislative gridlock will continue. The rhetoric is high sounding, but we await real action.
Butifldrm: Every oil producing nation right now is in a sovereign debt crisis and Iraq is hit even worse because of their security situation
Butifldrm: I read today that Saudi will be bankrupt within 5 years
Butifldrm: Iraq has till April
Doug_W: price of oil and unwise budgets
chattels: Substantial portions of the population of middle eastern countries are on the government payroll.
Butifldrm: ‹@Doug_W› Iraq has no sovereign wealth fund
Butifldrm: they had the DFI, but Maliki and company abused that money
Doug_W: yup he really rapped Iraq
Butifldrm: ‹@Doug_W› yes
Butifldrm: I was glad to see this week they obtained 4M USD from Jordan
Doug_W: that will help…a Lil
Butifldrm: From what I am reading today the economic committee is getting back to work in the comin period to deal with the crisis. lmao
Doug_W: “The rhetoric is high sounding, but we await real action.”
Butifldrm: the crisis has so many layers I know it is very overwhelming and they are all just grasping at straws as to what to do
Butifldrm: they key is passing the legislation to promote the private sector
Doug_W: can U explain to me the need to reduce the note count?
Doug_W: plz/ TY
Butifldrm: ok, I believe Iraq has about 4B notes including all categories in circulation
Butifldrm: let me go verify that number brb
Doug_W: ok….
Butifldrm: yes they have 4 B and would like to reduce to 1 B
Butifldrm: The independent Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, a member of the Iraqi parliamentary Finance Committee, as saying that 2014 will witness the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency. He noted that the deletion will occur in coordination with the CBI, and that as a result of the project, the number of banknotes in circulation will be reduced from 4 billion to 1 billion.
Read more: www.al-monitor.com/pulse/…
Butifldrm: now this is an older article but it verifies the number
Doug_W: yes I know that’s their goal but why?
Butifldrm: the number of notes does not include the monetary value, in other words according to the CBI they have around 30 something trillion dinar in circulation
Butifldrm: well the more notes they pull will decrease the amount oc currency in the market
Doug_W: 4B is the actual note count of all denoms
Butifldrm: so if I had 1000 dollars in the market denominated in 5 $100 dollar bills and the rest $20’s
Butifldrm: I pulled out 20 $20 dollar bills from the market, my money supply would o from $1000 dollars to $600
Butifldrm: does that make sense and my note count would go from 30 notes to 10 notes
Butifldrm: yes 4B includes all categories or denominations

Butifldrm: Ok guys I better get to cleaning mu house, I’m gonna have so much fun shampooing carpets
Butifldrm: have agreat day
Tootsie: As I understand the reduction in notes ~ that is where the new 50K and when issued 100K notes come into play.
For , example, paying in 50K notes rather than 25K notes, so, issue 1 rather than 2 , (reduction in note count) and turn into bank my worn / tattered 25K notes for 1 100K note (when it appears) this is a reduction x 4 ~ at least that is what I have gleaned from many articles explaining such. Simple example, but you get the point.
Tootsie: monetary value not changed, but note count reduced
Tootsie: Like when I go to bank, want 350 $ I pull out 3 100s and 1 50 instead of 7 20s and 1 10 = fewer notes (bills)
Tootsie: # 17 20s and 1 10 (fingers messed up haha)