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chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 19m19 minutes ago Badr warns Kurds about trying to annex disputed territories
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chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 17m17 minutes ago MP from Iraq’s parliamentary security committee National Guard law not going to be passed anytime soon
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chattels: ” the project of the National Guard Law went inclusion of wind I do not think that under the current circumstances can be relied upon to reconsider its Most of the political blocs failed to agree on legislation to point to a lot of negatives in the law. ”
chattels: ” Some believe that the enactment of this law will create a kind of discord and confusion and the establishment of the armies in the provinces on the grounds that when you edit these areas can not count on this configuration as far as counting on the security forces of the army and the federal police and local police in the maintenance of the security file and save the system.”
chattels: Currency Auctions Announcement No. (3113) The opening offers the sale and purchase of foreign currency in the window of the Central Bank of Iraq on 12/1/2016 and the results were as follows:
DETAILS              NOTES Number of banks               25 Number of remittance companies        22 Auction price selling dinar / US$  1182 Auction price buying dinar / US$       —– Amount sold at auction price (US$) 171,178,000 Amount purchased at Auction price (US$) —– Total offers for buying (US$)               171,178,000 Total offers for selling (US$)
chattels: 3113 ………. 12-Jan ………. 1,241……….. 1,182 ………….171,178,000   chattels: 1,241
chattels: Since December 15, 2015 ……. 1,212 …….1,214 …….1,220 …….1,224 …………..1,228 ………1,233 ……1,238 ………….1,241 …………… ???????????????
Doug_W: is that the maRKET RATE “c” ?
Doug_W: oops
chattels: ‹@Doug_W› Yes. 1,241 is the Market Rate.
Doug_W: ty
chattels: Reidar Visser ‏@reidarvisser 49m49 minutes ago In a mostly symbolic gesture to regionalist sentiment, #Iraq’s cabinet met in Basra today
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chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 7h7 hours ago Sadr & ISCI MPs go after Abadi for lack of reforms almadapaper.net/ar/news/5… … LINK
chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 7h7 hours ago ISCI MP said Abadi either had to carry out real reforms or apologize to public for reneging on his promises
almadapaper.net/ar/news/5… LINK
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Donnie: looks like they chose to lower the value/buying power of the Dinar… I feel bad for the Iraqi people.
chattels:  Traders attribute the rise in the dollar rate in Iraq to the lack of supply and the conditions of the country
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chattels: ” this rise is due to the lack of the Iraqi Central Bank sales in its daily auction of the dollar compared to the weeks or the past few months, what the reason for a decline in volumes traded on the markets, the dollar.”
chattels: ” as the political and security situation taking place in the country to create disruption in the buying and selling operations. ”
chattels: Rise in the dollar exchange rate in Iraq to 1250 dinars
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr… Post # 2
chattels: the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi said Tuesday that the terrorist act carried out by the terrorist gangs desperate attempt after victories achieved by our forces in Ramadi, the heroine and the rest of the pieces.
A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of “Abadi lose morning place the terrorist incident cowardly in the New Baghdad area was briefed on the scene of the bombing and listened to citizens who were near the incident, stressing that the terrorist act carried out by the terrorist gangs desperate attempt After the victories achieved by our heroine in gray and the rest of the pieces, …………..
chattels:  Cabinet Secretariat: Exchange 74 billion dinars in compensation to the victims of terrorism in 2015
chattels: the Central Commission for compensation for those affected by the military operations and military errors and terrorist operations in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that, for the exchange of more than 74 billion dinars in compensation to the victims in Baghdad and the provinces over the past year in 2015.
According to a statement of the Secretariat, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of “total disbursements to people affected by the victims of terrorism and military errors citizens, since the first of January 2015 to 31 December 2015 amounted to 74 billion and 442 million and 997 thousand and 864 dinars
As the numbers of people affected covered totaled the amounts mentioned 17136 affected the families of the martyrs and the injured and missing and damaged property as a result of terrorist attacks and military errors, and in the statistical issued by the Central Committee included the total amounts disbursed and the number of victims who have been compensated through 2015.
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chattels: The Iraqi constitution requires the government to compensate victims of terrorism, collateral military damage, persons and property.
chattels: Maliki confirms the importance of relations between Iraq and New Zealand and the need to strengthen 01/11/2016 16:27 BAGHDAD / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / president of a coalition stressed state law, Nuri al-Maliki, the importance of relations between Iraq and New Zealand and the necessity of cementing for the peoples of the two countries interest,
said his press office said in a statement that “al-Maliki discussed with New Zealand’s ambassador to Iraq, James Monroe, the conduct of relations bilateral between Iraq and New Zealand and practical ways to consolidate in various fields. ”
chattels: www.ninanews.com/News_Det…
chattels: First Deputy President of the Republic ( as Mr. Maliki continues to refer to himself on his website )receives New Zealand’s ambassador to Iraq www.vpo.iq/NewsDetails.as…
chattels: Council Anbar province: the reconstruction of the cities of Anbar responsibility shared between the Government wealthwatch.world/showthr…
Donnie: If Maliki is a nobody in the Iraq Gov’t then how can he receive New Zealand’s ambassador to Iraq? something is going on behind the scenes. He should be in jail.
chattels: ‹@Donnie› The news articles a fairly clear that all of the VP’s continue with their jobs. Less clear is whether the compensation continues.
chattels: Kurdistan hopes to obtain $ 20 billion for the sale of natural gas to Turkey
chattels: $ 20 billion exceeds the 17 % in the budget from Baghdad.
chattels: ” ………….. the province will be able to get $ 20 billion over the next two years.”
chattels: So, $ 10 billion annually.
chattels: New Study Finds Marginalization Main Reason For Sunni Support For Insurgency : ” ……………… based upon three years worth of polling and interviews in Iraq on public perceptions of the government and armed groups.
The organization did polls in 2013, 2014 and 2015. This provided it with an important insight as it discovered how the change in government from Prime Minister Nouria al-Maliki to Premier Hadiar Abadi affected the populace’s perceptions.
It found that Maliki’s marginalization of Sunnis, and the lack of services were the main reasons why people were upset with the government and supported armed groups.”
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chattels: Joel Wing ‏@JoelWing2 1h1 hour ago Mercy Corps argued poor government lack of accountability & marginalization not sectarianism main prob in Iraq
musingsoniraq.blogspot.co… …
chattels: poor government lack of accountability & marginalization not sectarianism main prob in Iraq