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chattels: good evening all
chattels: just in and catching up on the chat and news since this morning
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chattels: 7 Million Iraqi Govt Employees Fear For Their Jobs Locals employed by the government fear the financial crisis may see them lose their jobs. Nobody seems to be able to tell them if their fears are justified – but most experts agree there’s a long, hard road ahead. www.niqash.org/en/article
chattels: ” The Iraqi state is a hollow one, a giant consumer but produces only one thing.”
chattels: ” A very difficult road lies ahead, says Layth Shiber, who heads the Energy and Water Development Centre. And it won’t be easily traversed because Iraq’s current economic problems are the result of years of financial mismanagement, corruption and over dependency on oil revenues.”
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chattels: president of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki to Anbar governor stressed the importance of creating all the appropriate conditions for the return of displaced persons to the liberated areas.
A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al-Maliki received at his office today the governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi “During the meeting, they reviewed the victories achieved by our armed forces and the crowd and popular clan in the province, and ongoing military operations for the liberation of the remaining areas of Daash gangs terrorist.
“Maliki reiterated” the need for attention to the humanitarian file, and create all the conditions for the return of displaced persons to the liberated areas in cooperation with the security services and police forces to ensure the non-return regulation Daash it.
“He called to” provide adequate support for security forces and popular clan and the crowd to accelerate the liberalization of the whole the land and the expulsion of the organization Daash of them.
“For his part, the governor of Anbar a detailed explanation of the ongoing military operations, stressing the desire of the local government to support joint forces in order to restore the rest of the usurped cities as soon as pointing to the importance of the role of the people of the province to resolve the battle and the return of life to these cities without any problems or obstacles “.
chattels: www.alliraqnews.com/modul…
chattels: Mr. Maliki is not gone.
chattels:  Planning: high annual inflation for 2015 by 2.3% wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Twilight News announced the head of the Independent Electoral Commission and the referendum in the province of Kurdistan, Hendrin Mohammed, that the referendum a lot easier than the parliamentary elections, noting that the referendum is not a registered political parties and the registration of candidates in addition to the different conduct such dialogue kits.
Mohammed in statement that the OHCHR can hold the referendum in Kurdistan in less than 280 days, while if asked made ​​it, stressing the possibility of get the job done in time is much less than the specified. He stressed that the Commission can hold the referendum without Baghdad, ……………
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chattels: King Abdullah of Jordan told CNN on Wednesday that he believes the Islamic State (ISIS) can be defeated “fairly quickly” despite U.S. President Barack Obama’s contention, voiced at his last State of the Union address on Tuesday, that it will take some time to defeat that group.
“Hopefully … the military part is short-term,” he stated, “The mid-term is going to be the intelligence and security aspect. The long-term is the ideological one and the educational one.” The king also disagreed with Obama’s assertion that the war against ISIS doesn’t constitute something along the lines of “World War III”.
“The global war — what I call the Third World War by other means — is one that is a generational one,” Abdullah reasoned. “Not only inside Islam, as we as Muslims gain the supremacy against the crazies, the outlaws, of our religion, but also reaching out to other religions that Islam is not what they have seen being perpetuated by 0.1% of our religion.” rudaw.net/english/middlee…
chattels: Daini demanding Iraqi coalition forces to withdraw from the political process after the events of Diyala 01/13/2016 14:41 Baghdad / Iraqi News / nina / Agency demanded MP Nahida Daini alliance Iraqi forces in all his deputies and his ministers, to withdraw from the political process,
which entered the representatives of the Sunni component, especially after the events of Diallyy province, killings, kidnappings and bombings of mosques as well as the targeting of journalists, imams and judges. www.ninanews.com/News_Det…
chattels: The foregoing is Sunni reaction to relocation problems in Dijala Province. Sectarian prejudices at work post DAESH removal.
Donnie: anyone is better than O and HC…   Donnie: << watching debates >>
Donnie: C – Gv of NJ is too much like O and HC
Donnie: Iraq Live Update ‏@IraqLiveUpdate 2m2 minutes ago Anbar governor Suhaib Al-Rawi visited ex VP Nouri Al-Maliki in his Baghdad office #Iraq
chattels: ‹@Donnie› www.alliraqnews.com/modul…
chattels: By the way, Suhaib Al-Rawi has been elected Anbar governor since Mr. Maliki was prime Minister I believe, so their meeting is likely not for old time’s sake.
Doug_W: nevertheless its an interesting occourence
chattels: ‹@Doug_W› agreed
chattels: Erbil: We’re ready when Baghdad is for Mosul liberation wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: France’s former President Nicolas Sarkozy has called on Arab powers to send ground forces to Syria in order to fight Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists.
chattels: He described the current fight against the terror group as equivalent to a “third world war,” in which the “total annihilation of extremists, jihadists and terrorists,” is a must.
The November 13 attacks in Paris showed, in his view, that “there can be no such thing as a compromise between us and them.” “We have to wage a total war and wage it now.
We need to wipe these savages from the face of the earth,” he declared. While the coalition arrayed against ISIS does “need to strike from the air,” there also needs to be an occupation “on the ground.” “Troops on the ground are necessary and they can only be Arab,” he insisted. “This is first and foremost your war … and it is a war between civilization and barbarity.”
chattels: rudaw.net/english/middlee…
Donnie: did u see the article that O is sending in more troops?
Donnie: so much for “and they can only be Arab”
chattels: ‹@Donnie› I did and supposedly the additional 1,800 are for training Iraqis. Although there is the special forces element to it all which has not been quantified.
chattels: Abadi Office: Government continues to search for sources of funding to provide financial cover
chattels: Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed that the government continues to search for sources of funding out of the economic crisis, including internal and external borrowing and taxation and activating the customs tariff and sell bonds internal and international subscription and implementation of projects on credit.
chattels: “the adoption of the budget on oil sources this stage is no longer useful . ”
chattels: ” …………. , we hope to provide financial cover, which ensures the continuation of salaries of state employees and retirees, …………. ”
chattels: ” …………. discuss measures to activate the non-oil revenues, ……………”
chattels: Activation and implementation seems always to be discussed.
chattels: Or sent to a committee for further study, negotiation and report.
chattels: A sizable amount of funds can be saved through substitution of foreign imports of food items with those locally produced, or alternatively imposing required tariffs to eliminate competition.
We have the land, the water, and the climate to grow just about every food and feed items we are importing. What we really need is a sound agricultural policy that will send back the farmers to their lands. rudaw.net/english/busines…
chattels: Photo of beautiful produce. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Donnie: ‹@chattels› the special forces element is what caught my attention.
chattels: ” the issuance of large denomination threatens small ” …………
chattels: Large and small currency ” denoms ” discussed …………….
chattels: ” The presence of cash and paper category (50) thousand dinars, equivalent to $ (42) US $ will facilitate daily trading in large trades by contributing significantly to the reduction of the money supply by almost half as the paper cash Top previously value was of category (25) thousand. While the continued issuance of small groups currencies will maintain the value of goods low prices and prevent high prices. ”
chattels: ” The central bank for his part did not rule out the domestic market affected by the issuance of a new currency with the fifty thousand class therefore decided to postpone the issuance of currency with a hundred thousand dinars category approved by the former to avoid any inflation while the aim of the issuance of the fifty thousand class was reducing the size of the currency used in daily trading, which in turn led to the lifting of the rate of inflation, according to the announcement earlier in the bank’s governor on the Keywords.”
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chattels: Iraq is waiting for the middle of this month received 5 fighter jets (F-16), to be completed has a 9 military aircraft squadron. The Iraqi government received the second installment of American fighters after 6 months of delay, as it was scheduled to receive the end of last July.
chattels: Parliament closer to the adoption of “conscription” as a substitute for the National Guard
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chattels: ” the idea of conscription will eliminate sectarianism, nationalism and sectarianism through the imposition of compulsory service performance on all Iraqis away from ethnic or religious discrimination, ” wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Off to work – gone for most of the day – laterz all.
chattels: ‹@Donnie› ” First Deputy President of the Republic Mr. Nuri Kamal al-Maliki receives the governor of Anbar ” www.vpo.iq/NewsDetails.as…
Donnie: ‹@chattels› yes I’ve seen this title before “First Deputy President of the Republic Mr. Nuri Kamal al-Maliki”. i wonder what country is he referring too?  🙂
Doug_W: never never LQND
OOTW: LINK TO LAST NIGHT’S DEBATE www.uspresidentialelectio…