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chattels: The Islamic State has been hoping for just such a conflagration to break out in Iraq. It constantly bombs Shiite targets hoping for retaliatory attacks to occur. The killing and wounding of a large number of Hashd in Muqtadiya was just the target they had been seeking as it set off the fighters.
The Hashd have been known to attack Sunni civilian targets before. The fact that there was a near total blackout about the violence in the city also highlighted the special situation in Diyala. Badr’s Hadi Ameri has run both the politics and security in the province since 2014.
His power and position is probably why few if any Iraqi media outlets reported on events, and also why the security forces have done nothing to stop the violence. Until Ameri gets involved this crisis is likely to continue. wealthwatch.world/showthr…

ladyfox: GE Gang, Well the world waits on Iran
ladyfox: gas today for me $1.50 loved it.
chattels: US reports: Baghdad can secure the three-year budget without the sale of oil
chattels: 01:32:48 2016-01-16 | (Voice of Iraq) – Twilight News reported several US media reports confirm that the size of the former senior officials in Iraq accounts and the Kurdistan Regional Government up to $ 220 billion, pointing out that this amount is enough to cover the next three years the budget without selling even barrels of oil and one .
For its part, state media said local Iraqi, revealed that former senior officials accounts, whether in Iraq or in the province of Kurdistan in international banks is a cause for concern, stressing the need not to Iraqis survival and the international community silent and know that the Iraqis fortunes go years ago to the pockets of senior Iraqi officials .
According to US reports, the total amount deposited by former officials in Iraq and the region reached $ 220 billion, which means that it is enough to secure Iraq’s budget for three years without selling a single barrel of oil.
chattels: According to US reports, the total amount deposited by former officials in Iraq and the region reached $ 220 billion, which means that it is enough to secure Iraq’s budget for three years without selling a single barrel of oil.
ladyfox: setting the stage to bring in Milk Man!!
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
forestnr4: ‹@chattels› GA…. 🙂 …Report paving way for Iran sanctions relief likely Saturday….www.reuters.com/article/u…
forestnr4: Things are progressing very quickly now
ladyfox: @ chattles thanks for the news and to ootw
forestnr4: ‹@chattels› with Iran’s sanctions being lifted in the near term…..added pressure for Iraq to beat them to the punch
ladyfox: @ forestnr4 I can’t see Iran waiting on them to act right
ladyfox: Iran’s election is on Feb 26, 2016. I wonder if the guy in control now lose his spot will the person on the rial change?
chattels: It is very difficult to reconcile all of the doomsday financial articles out of Iraq with the revelation that there is 220 BILLION DOLLARS in Iraqi accounts.
chattels: And enough to cover three budgets without any sales of oil at any price.
chattels: It is really stunning to me !
ladyfox: @ I agree next weeks “we really have 800 billion dollars :silly:
chattels: This report came out this morning and other sites have it. Surprisingly there is no commentary in ” Dinarland ” about it that I have seen. Been away most of the day myself.
chattels: Central Bank provides 100 kg of gold to the Dome of the shrine of Imam Ali Read more: www.sotaliraq.com/newsite…
chattels: 100 kg = 220 pounds
chattels: 3,520 ounces
chattels: $ 3,872,000
ladyfox: I will take that
chattels: Is my math correct ?
ladyfox: :whistling: I played in that class :silly: don’t know
tipsyterror: OK Chattels… one slight correction…
tipsyterror: Isn’t gold measured in Troy ounces? 1 pound = 14.58 Troy ounces.
tipsyterror: but still, wow!!
chattels: ‹@tipsyterror› ty
TheCatInTheHat: Hey, are we going to the bank on MLK DAY???
TheCatInTheHat: It’s a 3 day holiday!!
ladyfox: SUDDENLY SUDDENLY SUDDENLY this will hit us soon 😀
Donnie: banks are closed Monday in the US
Donnie: have to go to Canada 🙂
ladyfox: snow flakes in dfw tomorrow :cwy:
chattels: The provincial government: Iraqi forces are not ready for the Liberation of Mosul this year
chattels: Talabani said the son of former President Jalal Talabani said in an interview to Reuters that ” it is unlikely that Iraq is waging an offensive to retake the northern Mosul from the grip of Daash this year because the armed forces are not ready to do the job.”
He added that he ” does not believe that the attack Mosul will happen this year and Iraq’s armed forces are not ready. ” He continued,” as we do not believe that the coalition led by the United States is confident of the ability of everyone to prepare at a specific time to launch an attack this year. ”
chattels: It is said that President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani had also questioned the ability of the Iraqi army in the liberation of the city of Mosul Daash during the next six months, although the city of Ramadi edited ……………
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Ramadi is not fully liberated. Successes in Ramadi are oft repeated and exaggerated to bolster Iraqi spirits.
chattels: The province is considering some privatize the electricity sector to meet the budget deficit wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: It produces about 600 thousand barrels of crude oil a day under agreements to share production with international oil companies.
chattels: I wonder if Kurdistan can meet it’s production quota under the budget agreement after ” sharing ” with foreign investors ?
chattels: Deputy for Nineveh: Bjeehna are confident in the liberation of the province of Anbar after victories wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: Parliamentary Legal: Legal no value for its investigative committees of Parliament to eliminate ” ………………………. it is a violation of the principle of separation between authorities. ” wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: “It is noteworthy that, the form of the House of Representatives of many investigative committees, most notably the committees investigating the fall of Mosul, and a crime Spyker.”
chattels: Jubouri: two approaches – the need to choose between state-building approach, the Constitution and the rule of law, and between random and bullying nationalism.
chattels: “There are two approaches must choose clearly and without selective constructive approach between the state, the Constitution and the rule of law, and between random and bullying cult, nationalism and ethnicity.”
chattels: ” ………….. can not in any way that the State and the rule of law, the existence of uncontrolled arms, ……….. “.
chattels: wealthwatch.world/newthre…
chattels: (Voice of Iraq) – Najaf, hundreds of residents of the province of Najaf, on Friday, amid the province to demand the implementation of government reforms and to hold accountable the perpetrators of wasting public money.
chattels: ” ……………. they announced that former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is a criminal age it is necessary to try him and his associates as soon as possible. ”
chattels: wealthwatch.world/showthr…
chattels: announced = chanted, i think
chattels: Protesters Babylon: Medhat al-Mahmoud Iraqi judiciary cancer
chattels: ” ………………. Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud Iraqi judiciary cancer and must be eradicated.”
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chattels: Mosul Friday preachers arrested for refusing to praise ISIS leader al-Baghdadi rudaw.net/english/middlee…