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We can only imagine. The real facts, the real plans, the real outcomes are not going to be discussed in broad specific details, of course. But, since I am pre-disposed to matriculate my feelings on the more liberal side of a contrarian disposition,
I am going to step out on a limb and guess that many of the end results will be of a nature that none of us would have guessed.
Of course, the general idea is known insofar as the financial aspects that we can anticipate – TRN, metals backed system of trade, etc. But the offshoots along technological lines and disclosures of perhaps shocking information is something I don’t think we will be ready for.
On the day that the Wright Brothers flew, many could not believe it. But, it had transformed our world nonetheless. I am of the opinion that many won’t believe what may be disclosed in the future, but it will transform the culture anyway.

Yes, by all means. Plan to hold your ground at all costs. The Russians had a saying at Stalingrad. Ни шагу назад! Ni shagu nazad! (Not one step back!)
I truly hope there will be some benefit to the mass speculation in the dong and other currencies that many have hoped for. We will certainly find out and we are fortunate to have a most advantageous position to receive solid notice on that front should it occur. All we can do is wait, prepare and stay busy.