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I will not go into details other than to state that I forwarded the announcement about the coin to an individual who had it translation by an Iraqi and he gave a very different translation than what we have seen.
The CBI has minted these gold coins and it is for much more than just pulling in the paper currency.
IMO, the CBI is on the verge of establishing a value for the IQD and these coins are the beginning of it.
IMO, this is huge and we don’t even understand what the CBI may be getting in position to do.   …the CBI did not have to put a denomination on the coins…just print them and sell them…

Instead, the CBI is stating this is 100 IQD and this is 250 IQD…and you know how much gold you have in them and you know the price of gold and in the future you know the value of the IQD.
IMO, this is setting the stage for what will happen in the near futuredon’t know exactly when…of course, if these translations are correct.
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