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What are the two most important items the CBI/GOI must accomplish before there is any change in the value of the IQD?  …and are doing?
Straight from the IMF…here it is:
The government will gradually remove remaining exchange restrictions and multiple currency practice (MCP) with a view to eliminating exchange rate distortions.
Now…how do we know for a FACT they are accomplishing these items?

Investment proceeds…that is foreign investment…money coming into the country and the ability to leave the country.
The fact that Iraq Airways/Airline is being opened for foreign investors is proof that the restrictions are moved/being removed.
[So they are removing the restrictions so they can have currency exchange?]
If you have one you have to have the other.  It is the Investment Law that they amended is providing this great change in Iraq.
It is in keeping with what we know…IMF expectations…1st half of 2016.
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