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Everyone needs to wake up before it is too late and you are left behind.
It should be obvious that this whole process of the GCR /RV should have been completed going back to at least 2012.

For those of us who can put dates, numbers and even roadblocks together, 2014/2015 was the perfect timing for this Event.
Think of this in another way: every date, blood moons, planetary alignment, religious holiday and even the Shemitah were part of the plan –    God’s plan.
We are now in a very short window to bring forth God’s plan.
I believe I can safely say that we are on the cusp or birth of this plan in very fast roll out which actually did start on January 20th 2016 as we Herald in in the Age of Aquarius, which by the way ends Feb 20th.
Right now we are in a phase of the full moon which is a sign of completion of a lunar cycle.
We have also had a perfect alignment of all planets including Mars that will end on 1/25.
In the Middle East, as in Israel is a holiday that celebrates the start of the growing season with the budding of early trees. (I apologize for not having the list for this article.)
Now let us not forget the Chinese New Year, the year of the Red monkey which if you check there are 2 dates involved:2/4 and 2/8 which is the official date and ends on 2/14.
Considering that the Dragon family is our benefactor, this holiday time will be enjoyed by all.
Last year we went thru it and after the holiday we were still waiting. Let’s just say one of many roadblocks on our journey.
Okay, so where is all this going?
First, this is my opinion based on ALL info being brought in from ALL sources
This short time frame did start on January 20th.We will be in the banks this week.
With announcement of several things the roll out will continue to Chinese New Year when I believe we will ALL be celebrating a new birth and rebirth of our planet.
We need to thank the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon families for being a part of God’s plan to bring this about.