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Many members of parliament do not get the “big picture” when it comes to long term strategy and competing on the world economic stage. Then there are others that get part of the “big picture”, while are very small number are actually involved in this actually process.
[Isn’t burning through the reserves a bad idea?]
The IMF told you, me and the world what will stop that…what was it?
The move away from Multiple Currency Practice (MCPs).  …honestly…you ought to drop the term RV…concentrate on what will bring the change in the value of the IQD…and that was told to you by the IMF.

The CBI in conjunction with the IMF are preparing to enter the economic markets.
If you had to start buying and selling outside of the USA using your own money and you had to use $1182.00 each time you purchased one small item that would normally cost $1, wouldn’t you start using your money smarter?
If you had 91 tons of gold and 100s of years of natural assets…wouldn’t you arrange deals with other countries so that you would not have to pay $1182 for that $1 item?
Instead, you would explain how you were more valuable and your one dollar was worth much more.
This is what will take place when Iraq enters the economy market.
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