In Wolverine 

Wolverine RV Update:

Hello guys

D1 is finished and D2 should be finished overnight or it might’ve already being finished and then all the rest will go through really fast within an hour which includes the F&P.

Tomorrow we should have the notifications coming out and I’m hoping early in the day for you guys.

As you heard that Asia was paid first as the Dragon Family are from China ( live in Taiwan).

I have send a message to the Green Lantern and see if he has been paid or not so we can all celebrate with him. I’m sure he will send me some sign to confirm if he has been paid as he will be under NDA.

This is it my friends the blessing that we have all been waiting for so many years and it has finally arrived.

Please stay in peace and stay close to God as this is God’s blessing as we are the chosen ones.

When we do receive the notifications the room will go mute.

Remember also when signing the NDA please keep your mouth shut.

God bless you all.

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