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Saseearay: now hear this… now hear this !!! FYI !!! ok people…. here is the link to Jim Cramer’s (from Mad Money CNBC) statement 13 hrs ago on cnbc squawk box…. about…. a world wide economic stimulus that is supposed to occur within the next 72 hours!!!
While he says twice he does not believe it… then why is he talking about it? start playing about 1:06 into video !!! can you say GCR ???

Central Bank injects more than 1 trln yuan into market
China’s central bank has injected more than one trillion yuan into the market this week, and promised to supply more liquidity in medium term.
On Monday, the Central Bank put 55 billion yuan via 3-day short-term lending operations. A day after, it carried out reverse repurchase agreements operation, releasing 155 billion yuan and another 410 billion via medium-term lending facility. In the meantime, in a meeting with commercial banks, the Central Bank said it would pump more than 600 billion yuan to support the real economy via medium term operations.
On Wednesday, the bank conducted reverse repo agreements for the second time, releasing 150 billion yuan. And on Thursday, 400 billion yuan was injected into the market via the same channel. In fours days time, the central bank had supplied a total of 1.17 trillion yuan.