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Olesailor:  I think Iran will ri around .30 to the USD and rv afterwards, but I’m hoping it will be at least 2 weeks to allow us to buy rial after the iqd rv’s jejejejej However I really doubt it. I think they will rv at the same time. Iran has huge resources and could easlyy rv around the $3.22 that has been discussed.
Poppabear:  Iran is a ri no rv people where are you getting this
Olesailor:  poppabear yes ri now but in order to trade intenationally it will have to be Basil III compliant which means an asset backed currency which means the value of Iran’s assets will have to be accounted for and a fair value given.

They will have to rv, maybe not now but soon… and I would bet the IMF already accounted for, forced, and prepared for Iran to be released from sanctions and become international again. Nothing happens without a reason. There was no war planned by Iran, that is a poltical excuse…look around the world and look at who is sanctioned now. I think nada! our world is changing and must be on par with each other, that is a requirement of Basil III banking
Camdoc:  Just got some interesting info. Says that the Elders are putting increasing pressure on US military white hat faction to remove the blocks. Including removing certain persons