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Four2atous:  China’s prosecutors vow to focus on economic crimes=​s-prosecutors-vow-focus-economic-crimes
Four2atous:  China’s state-run media has escalated its rhetoric against market sp​eculation on its currency and economy, with a top mouthpiece claiming ​billionaire investor George Soros had “declared war against China”​.=​se-communist-mouthpiece-takes-aim-billionaire
Four2atous:  Royal Bank of Scotland: Sell everything!=
Four2atous:   25 richest = ​ -gbp580m-to-rise-up-rich-list-rankings?utm_source=taboola&utm_medium=r ​eferral&utm_content=bloomberg

Four2atous:  Haircut for Greek debt=
One1Freedom: 1/26, Iraq has reportedly agreed a $328.8 million deal with General El​ectric. He added that Baghdad will pay GE in installments over three y​ears, starting in 2017, because the Ministry’s 2016 budget was cut b​y more than half to 1.185 trillion Iraqi dinars ($1 billion).​icity-deal/