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Cruiser:  GM room. I received a text at 11:17 am that said 13 hours and counting. That’s all it said
Wolfy:  IMO–if this thing doesnt go today, tonight or tomorrow–grab hold of something sturdy and hang on its going to get bumpy
GEGDinar:  Major Internet Outage hits all of Iraq……..LINK

BigB:  Geg – I think I like the sound of that!
GEGDinar:  BigB, if true, then something big might actually be happening. Stay tuned kids.
BigB:  Geg – over 5? years ago, I said it is not all about Iraq. Iraq is kinda like the fuel gauge on your car. It only represents the status of the RV/GCR.
GEGDinar:  BigB, but if there is no fuel in the tank the car goes nowhere. This is both sides of the coin. If Iraq isn’t ready, nothing happens. If the world is not ready (IMF, BIS, etc) then nothing happens.
Estar: BigB and GEGDinar – and if both are ready…maybe its finally happening this time!!!
Shlomo001:  How come we always get good news and good intel yet nothing happened yet
BigJohn64:  The reason we get good news is because we are constantly getting closer. Maybe tonight we will actually arrive.
AJM:  Iran: SWIFT System open to 9 Banks on Monday:​anks-Monday–
CC SCal:  IRAQ: Abdul Mahdi said. Oil prices may rise to $50 a barrel in the sec​ond half this year, he said.​y-iraq-as-more-flexible-on-oil-output-cuts
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