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Chicago:  Well, the Chinese new year is Monday – and an already SCHEDULED EVENT may herald in a final market crash…beginnning on Sunday!
Rates on screens – coming live, we exchange in the Exchange Centers using CIPS while the phony fiat illusion implodes over the weekend.
Chinese International Payment System – makes SWIFT irrelevant.
TBirdd:  Chicago…. from your lips! Im in for this week.. 🙂

Chicago:; I follow the money, Tbirdd – it all seems to be pointing to that scenario
OneFreedom11:  Russia blacklists five US officials over rights abuses,​icials-
Donk:  02/04/2016 Jonathan Ferro is a market commentator
FYI- Jonathan Ferro is a market commentator for Bloomberg.
Today, he said “if you’re trying to calculate market pricing, good luck with that.” All of the stock markets around the world were down last night and today, except the United States Dow Jones and S&P 500.
The price of oil jumped up over 7% today, in spite of an oil glut, in spite of oil storage capacity reaching its maximum level.
The question that is on everyone’s mind is why!!!
The majority of people still believe in market fundamentals. But, market fundamentals got thrown out the window back in August. But you already knew that.
As the value and acceptance of the US dollar declines, more and more market machinations explode. The radical price move in the stock market and commodity markets is an indicator of the desperation and fear the central bankers have of a US dollar collapse.
What you are seeing are desperate and radical manipulations of the markets to prop up the perceived value of US dollar. Again, the underlying problem is the dollar is worthless.
Without any underlying support, the oil Markets and stock markets in the US are going up. There is no reason for this! NONE! There is nothing to support this. But the charade is to make the dollar appear strong.
The rest the world knows it is not. A major head-on collision of reality and manipulation is about to happen…. SOON. This illusion is not sustainable!
What you are seeing today is precisely the reason I told you to remain calm. You are going to see crazy things, and more crazy things as we get to the end! Insanity and deceit are now commonplace. You know the truth so remain calm.
Keep that seatbelt fastened. It’s going to get a whole lot bumpier very soon. Watch and learn. History is being made right before your very eyes.
20 years from now people will never believe that this is how it collapsed. Watch and pay close attention. Do not be fooled and remain calm. For months, you have been preparing for this moment. Let it unfold.
We are at the end. This weekend, you may be celebrating more than just the Super Bowl!!