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Scotchie : Maliki’s son: London – Iraq Press Feb. 1: selling the most expensive house in the world to the buyer (Ahmed Nourial-Maliki) compared to 275 million euros, compared to 301 million US dollars, according to the British newspaper The Independent reported. News coming from across the pond.
CreativeSource: News coming form Baghdad that US Army put Maliki under house arrest……….NEWS JUST IN………Tteward news from Iraq, the US military said the US embassy in Baghdad, Nouri al-Maliki that he was arrested and placed under house arrest.
TBirdd:  this maliki arrest must be the final step in rounding up the corrupt—he still had a far-reaching arm in that world.. buh bye Maliki..
Snake:  Saw Maliki post 2 + hours ago on another site, held for the world court

Chaseybear:  Snake wow they had been saying for a long time the World Court wanted him great news i hope they fry his butt
Brigantine:   A long time ago, I read someone say, that when Maliki is Arrested, we will know Abadi has the corruption under control. We shall see.
TBirdd:  Dusty posted : my PB was by the house about 1/2 hr ago–said things are heating up and there is talk about the exchange centers maybe going on alert–MAYBE–he did confirm while we were sitting having a ****tail that the rates with red color and RV alongside are real. I will be notified by him as soon as the exchange centers are put on alert status–thats about it 🙂
AdminBill:  FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE TONIGHT 2/4/16 “This is what i got for the day. so was told that they are seeing movement with increase in the number of WM (wealth managers)  in our area. We are hiring two more for northern XX due to the expectation of increase of work. Our branches will be doing some rearranging of personnel to accommodate the expectant changes that are coming.
She said there are some things that they are not allowed to talk about to the tellers. So mostly the news that I have is not definite…but some great possibilities
LASTLY “Oh and I asked about the blue screen term someone mentioned earlier. My manager did say they have seen an increase of usage of this screen…but she didn’t know all the ins and outs of it herself…so again, not sure this is real info”