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TBirdd:  from Iko Mon.: The country of Zimbabwe is like one huge diamond sitting in a pool of Gold, surrounded by a ring of Platinum
TBirdd:  Also from Iko: For those of you wondering, Iran would not be loading those ships without an RI, and they will not let them set sail without an RV.
CODreamer:  tbirdd and there are quite a lot of ships in the Persian gulf!
Beamer:  I’m watching SQUAWK BOX ON CNBC… Interesting.. listening to the Talking heads.. and one of the guys.just said : YEAR OF JUBILEE.. HAPPENS EVERY 50 years or so

Greenreaper:  My question, just who or what are the “Chinese Elders”?
Camdoc:  Imerium is right. But it is actually not just Chinese families. It is the royal line behind most European families as well. The Chinese royal families have been displaced politically, but have maintained their responsibility towards the People.
At least SOME of the European Royals are remembering their duty towards their people as well. My contact say that there are members of the Family which incarnate over and over to ensure that a certain number are always on the earth, and they are helped by those who are not currently incarnated. Thus, Zap talks about “those upstairs”.
My contacts say that they have not been wise in the ways of international monetary policy, and that is why they have not been able to get their unimaginable wealth accepted by the Cabal who control the banking system.
Think of “blood diamonds” which are diamonds produced outside of the Cabal, and internationally verboten. So also is the gold of the Family, it is outside the system, and they will not let it in. Or have not, for the last 60 years.
Much of what we have been waiting for is the removal of the blocks to keep this wealth from being acceptable to the international banking system. It appears that the blocks are now gone.
Most of the gold of the Incas, mined by the Spaniards, went thru the wealthy of Europe, and was spent on Silk, Porcelain, and spices. In other words, it ended up in China and Indonesia (the spice islands).
The Cabal created WWII in part to collect this gold. The Japanese went thru China and SE Asia, plundering the gold. Japanese hid it in a huge system of bunkers in Philippines and other countries.
The “CHinese Elders” are not all Chinese. I know of members who are in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, as well as China. And the Red Dragon family appears to be Eastern European. There are also Western European royalty currently active in the projects.
Wiz:  Camdoc- good morning. In your opinion are the Elders targeting a particular date to complete this shift? Or is more a matter of an ongoing attempt that will ultimately succeed in being implemented.? Thanks.
Skylar11:  Wasn’t a top person to the Red Dragon family who talked to D Schmit a scam… meaning he was not with them…
Camdoc:  Zap, who is an adopted member of the Family, refers to Grandfather, who is one of the older of the Elders. I also understand that they have recently changed clans in charge. One clan is in charge for 70 years, I have heard. I don’t know if that Ambassador of the Red Dragon Family was real or not. I stopped listening to him, myself.
Camdoc:  Wiz the Family has been trying to restore their program since Bretton Woods broke down in the 1940s. THere is no deadline. THere is only what needs to be done….. It has already taken decades longer than they wanted it to!
Camdoc:  All of the Royal Family are not the good guys. I know of a Philippine princess who is real, hereditarily, but she has scammed many of the people who are trying to get this done
A problem working with the Family is that they are bound by oath never to spend any of this money. Thus, those who try to help them end up penniless, like Zap. They come up with tens of thousands to “prime the pump” and people like this Princess steal it all…..
Zap was adopted into the Family. He works closely with the Trust which was created to hold some of the funds. He is penniless, or was last week! His initial funds to fund Humanus/Landa may be coming in this week. Zap is definitely one of the god guys.
Lonewolf:   Camdoc can you post this History & Events Timeline 1.00 The Long and Winding Road to Recovery 1.01 Introduction: Who is Neil Keenan?

Highplanesdrifter:   Camdoc – I know that Keenan claims to be N1 and that seems question to me. But is he connected to the process?
Camdoc:  Connected to the process? Keenan seems to be working with 1) the son of the former M1 or main trustee for the funds, who was Pres. Soekarno, first president of Indonesia, who was killed as was Kennedy for their involvement in the plan to restore the monetary system.
Soekarno’s son, Dr. Sini (Sp?) assumes that he inherited the M1 position. Zap does not believe that to be true. Keenan is also working with the Amana, the traditional guardians of the vaults. They are NOT the Family! THey are the guards, not the owners!!!