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#1: The TRN and USN needed to be registered on Forex independently. The second (USN) is currently underway. When it’s finished, the release can take place. i am hearing this may be tomorrow. It is my opinion that the TRN and USN need to be registered with Forex independently. It appears second (USN) may be underway. When it’s finished, the release may take place. I’m also hearing this may happen sometime tomorrow as well. BIT OF INFO
#2: Stock analyst says he still believes Wednesday or Thursday. Says WF told him bis ping complete and successful. Just waiting BIT OF INFO
#3: Can’t hold this up as it is done and the thing we are waiting on is the final steps to line up all the countries to the asset back Gold Standard. A contact said Jabbari is ecstatic and the contact said yesterday this is imminent and for him to be ready to place in the codes that are needed to start the GCR. BIT OF INFO

#4: There are hints that the Zim movement is processing now and through the week. Many now have packages processing and NDA’s signed therefore details will be impossible to get from here on out. Individual Zim owners should not be concerned. I have been told we will be happy with the rate. BIT OF INFO
#5: Rates are not being discussed in detail for any currency just yet so don’t get overly concerned. BIT OF INFO
#6: I have been informed that a second package has been sent out for delivery. The package contains the telephone numbers of dinar site leaders. When the timing to release the numbers is authorized those site owners will receive both the numbers and authorization to release on their sites and to anyone that follows which I assume allows site owners to use twitter to notify.
In all likelihood we will see activity sooner rather than later.
Perhaps before the Inauguration.
Have a nice evening.
It may not be tomorrow or the next but we are closer than a Louisiana frog’s hair tonight IMO.