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Truthseeker:  My bottom line is that the goal of buying devalued currency is for the value of it to be raised as the first step, notification that it can be exchanged for USD as the second step, the actual exchange being the third step followed by celebration and jubilation and GRATITUDE and reaching out to others in need!
At some point in time, the value of the Iraqi Dinar, for example, will have to be raised, at which time I will exchange it for USD.
It is really just that simple, but has morphed into a complicated monster imo.
At present, the value of the Iraqi dinar is not commensurate with the value of Iraqi assets which of course include huge reservoirs of underground oil, huge amounts of gold purchased by the Central Bank of Iraq, and yet more gold found near the surface in an area not far from Baghdad yet to be mined, and other assets.
Syria’s currency has a higher value than does Iraq’s! Ditto for Jordan and Kuwait which countries don’t have the assets in the quantities Iraq has.
I don’t see the Iraqis being willing to use the USD forever – the currency of the “Invader,” the “Occupying Force,” the “Great Satan” to some.
Their use of the USD was imposed on them and not chosen.
If this was the scene in the USA, it would stick in every American’s “craw” as it must in the Iraqi “craw.” I believe the same applies to the Vietnamese people. It doesn’t make for “national pride.”
I repeat I think this whole scenario has become much more complicated than necessary, which is again at its simplest, most basic, a CURRENCY EXCHANGE, period.
Other currencies exchange world wide (read Forex) daily without hoopla and endless debate.
In these cases – Dinar and Dong, there is the intermediary step of a rise in value of the currency that we are waiting for, which appears to be coming into view slowly maybe, but inevitably.
The US FRB system has more than enough USD to exchange for our foreign currencies, and they can always  “call in” USD held abroad.  It is the globe’s most prolific currency.  Plus if they “run out,” they can always print more.
The FRB may want to exchange at least some of the Dinar, for example, for USD  held by the Central Bank of Iraq.  That’s how “regular” currency exchanges are conducted.
Just my honest but logical and reasonable point of view.