X22 Report Episode 2671

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The Final Nail in the Economic System is in Place, The Last Gasps of the Deep State


Ep. 2671a – The Final Nail In The [CB] Economic System Is In Place

Ep. 2671b – What We Have Witnessed Is The Last Gasps Of The [DS],Let’s Finish What We Started

X22 Report
Published January 7, 2022




The US economy under the [CB]/[JB] is completely falling apart. The people can see this very clearly, jobs have not come back, actually the opposite is happening. Black unemployment is rising under the Biden administration. The [CB] is now pushing forward with their CBDC. The people are seeing the truth and this will be the end of the [CB].




The [DS] is struggling, they don’t have the narrative, the public sees through their lies, sees their crimes. Trump is now signaling that is now time to take back our country. We are going to finish what we started. The [DS] will fight back but this will be a losing battle, the months ahead will be intense as the bull horn is ripped from the puppet masters, they will not let it go easily.