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[Is it not true, where the CBI is saying they won’t change the rate, that the rate in the budget is already the new rate. This is how they can truthfully say they’re not changing it?]
It is true “someone” in the CBI has said they won’t change the rate… this rhetoric means littlethere is no evidence the new rate is the the budget – or even that it would have to be?
Did China have to go back and redo their budget once they revalued their currency up by 20%?  No. Moreover – why would they “telegraph” such information?  there may well be articles saying as much…
But until we actually see it in the Gazette and “in the budget” – there is no such evidence.

This is serious business… little people like us may be “on the fence” – but I can assure you there are big investors out there keeping an eye on this, they are still “on board”.
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