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Very well done Mountain Goat, as always. You are the “expert of printed articles”, and delineating “factual” information, which is much appreciated, in attempting to put together the puzzle pieces, for so many thousands of people…..because you devote much time & personal effort in behalf of so many….for nothing in return. I like it.Link
As with everything, there is always another side to the story. Another angle, another detail, another hidden clue, another deception, another view – and with this RV of worldwide currencies – another AGENDA.
There are many things I could say, but I’ll keep it short here. I’ve been in the oil business (in a big way) all my life. I LIVE it, not just talk about it. The BIG piece that needs to be added to all this RV equation, that most are not seeing or knowing about, is OIL……with all the currencies.
Right now as I sit here looking at the price of oil on my big board, it reads: $31.04 per barrel: -6.39% drop since opening this morning.

The price of oil did not start dropping 8 months ago, because there was too much oil being produced. This is a made up story, by several key nations, to accomplish the quick re-founding of the economic platforms of this world.
OIL is the #1 Power Tool on this planet right now, that controls ECONOMICS IN EVERY COUNTRY. Without Oil, countries cannot function. A country can do without EVERYTHING ELSE, but not without oil, for it will stop dead in it’s tracks, if cars, planes, trucks & industry does not have fuel…..and that’s why oil is the kingpin of controlling the economies of the world.
This won’t last forever, but it will for the rest of our lifetimes. IMO
For currency reform and economic platforms to be improved and changed overall, there needed to be a free-fall in oil prices. Why do you think the U.S. just signed into law last week, making it legal to EXPORT crude oil, for the first time since 1975 (40 yrs.)
IF there’s such an over-supply of oil… Why is U.S. beginning right now, to Export more oil into the world?
Why is Iran just now, legally going to be able to pump MORE oil into the world, if there’s such an over-supply now?
Where is Iraq in this picture? Where they’ve always been – at the Head of the pack.
Follow the OIL and you will follow your RV in Iraq, as well as the other currencies, especially Vietnam.
Of all the things China needs most, it’s OIL. Remember this with regard to China…..that’s why China is super heavy in Venezuela, S. America and now just 2 weeks ago, meeting with Iraq and finalizing things.
The price of oil is being driven down right now quickly, because the squeeze is now being heavily put on those nations that can’t stand it – especially the one group without a country name that’s trying to take over the world – SO THAT SHORTLY, oil will suddenly REVERSE…..and go up.
Nobody will see it coming. When you see this reverse in oil pricing, heading out of the 30’s – you’ll see IRAQ RI/RV OFFICIALLY. Not hearsay, not rumor, not just within the borders – and not just a long list of “FACTS” that all needed to be fulfilled (although important) before it could happen.
The Middle East NEVER broadcasts it’s biggest moves, especially when it comes to MONEY, and especially OIL. Yes, the laws MG says need to be done WILL BE DONE. Yes, the 2016 Budget that needs to be done – WILL BE DONE & printed (just let me add, the increased dinar rate adjustment you’re looking for in the budget IS NOT IN THE BUDGET.
The increased rate to the dinar, that will bring it close to 1-1 first, will happen instantly.
When a country resets it’s currency rate – THEY JUST DO IT – they don’t announce it all over the place and throw up all kinds of flares – especially the Middle East – IN FACT, they always DECEIVE the public with some diversionary tactics FIRST – like Kuwait announcing it would be a year before they’d RV, then did it later that same day. Friends, it’s just their style……
But this my friends, this OIL piece, is a very important piece to follow and watch to timing the day when you can GO TO THE BANK AND EXCHANGE your currency at the increased rates you expect.
Everyone wants to go TODAY – yes, but how’s that mentality working out for most of you?
STRESS and more Stress. Not healthy. What is healthy is to watch the BIG PICTURE show, of ALL the pieces…..and I think there is value in EVERYONE’S input, especially here on Dinar Recaps. Everyone’s input. It ALL has some value.
But there is some information that just REALLY NAILS IT, if you look closely. Saying “any day now” is accurate. Always has been. But, after a few years of that, the “Logical Mind”, has a problem with that and gets really cranky. Just ask your “Dr.”…..
So, watch the fireworks and the show light up, on into the 1st Week of MARCH, for it will take another 8-9 weeks from now, for all these pieces to form PERFECTLY in synchronicity…..and you’ll get those magical rates you know are coming.
It’s guaranteed…..and enjoy the historically low gas prices at the pump…..Money in your pocket. For, in just a few short months, the price of oil will ZOOM skyward…..which by the way, I highly recommend investing lots of your currency proceeds in the oil & service related businesses for the future.
Get it when it’s really low, right after the RV, because we will NEVER see oil below even $50/barrel, the remainder of this lifetime – not to mention high paying dividends, even right now from 3-9% on most…….it’s an RV related event folks.
Take advantage of it, but don’t wait too long after. More Pressure: There’s an election in the U.S. in 10 months. There’s a new World Reserve Currency officially active in 9 months….. and there are 10 million Refugees roaming about Europe needing governmental support, which means MONEY. Stand back and see the BIG PICTURE Show.
Meant to keep this short, but….it’s too important. Read these details very carefully……..3-4 times.
I Intend the Best for ALL,
Dr. Clarke