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[What will happen to the other major currencies when the CBI RV’s the IQD/USD exchange rate? The countries using the EUR, the GBP, the CHF, the JPY, and the CNY all have international corporations invested in Iraqi oil with contracts based on today’s exchange rates. How will a radical upward IQD/USD RV (which effectively decreases the value of the USD against the IQD) affect the EUR/USD and the GBP/USD and the CHF/USD and the JPY/USD and the CNY/USD exchange rates? Will these other major global currencies also be devalued and what in your opinion will that do to an already stressed global economy?]

This is a great question, because it opens up the floor to discuss how an RV is really a zero-sum game, mostly because we are talking about a fiat currency.

When the FED prints more USD, we don’t actually gain that money.

It just dilutes the dollar a little bit more.

IQD, and an RV of the currency, works the same way, just on a global scale.

My opinion is that almost every other currency will take a slight hit, and then rebound once the IQD rate stabilizes, and within about a month all currencies will be back to normal… except the IQD will be dramatically different than it was a month prior.