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As for things that are still needed, there will always be laws in the pipeline for the former most corrupt country in the world to pass to clean up it’s act making it conducive for economic globalization.
The question is, when is the progress sufficient for the IMF/UN/BIS/PTB to release all currency restrictions and allow the imminent long awaited launch into the private sector.
The affirmative answer was announced by the PM within the past 48 hours.
The Ayatollah has announced his dissatisfaction with the reform process which has sparked a new sense of urgency.

We have already seen the IMF memorandum giving a February 29 back wall for Article VIII and end of MCP.
What most don’t understand is that means in essence that the revaluation of the IQD is no longer just imminent but the process is underway and ongoing.
The IQD has already been given a defacto gold backed value well above the USD.
The Queen has just announced the imminent release of the world wide funds that have been held back for all of these decades.
The Iranian implementation is the final trigger to an international currency reset that will change the geopolitical economic structure of this planet forever.
With the release of these worldwide funds and subsequent redistribution of wealth, the 1st quarter of 2016 will go down in history as the moment that changed the world.
Very high level meetings are currently underway and the American banking complex is now aware of the upcoming exchange event. Watch for major announcements and unprecedented economic events almost daily during the month of January.
I reiterate as I stated 2 weeks ago…THIS IS IT!