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The Iran Sanctions were lifted and a very positive side deal was the lateral release of hostages… but for the world was the reinstatement of monetary deals that will greatly help not just the Middle East but the world.
It will also help to insure hopefully a true peace in an area of the world that is still being “black balled” in the media.
Now in the middle of all of us focused on Iran, I suggested you keep your eye on China and the AIIB which was formally announced yesterday as well.
Read very closely what I have attached below since there is now mention of Japan’s joining this new banking system.

There now remains one hold out and the first three guesses don’t count.
Remember I said there will be all sorts of announcements coming this week and probably a lot of surprises yet to come as well.
As I read several posts last night, a couple of things popped out.
Of course folks are still guessing as to when we will see RI vs the RV vs when will all this will go public?
This still remains the question of the day.
Then we see the ships stopped their forward motion for the time being.
Also in both Iran and Iraq there were major movements of money to various banks and entities. All this has to be done prior to any coming out party.
I still don’t expect this Monday but it’s a nice thought.
We are forgetting that China has left the world markets in turmoil on purpose. Are they done yet? I doubt it but it is just my opinion and time will tell.
Now two interesting articles. One from Bix Weir that the banks are also in turmoil with their day of reckoning. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to go to any bank to deposit large sums of money no matter how safe we may think we are.
My thoughts are to watch China’s next move, then the US, then the RV.
I said we may not see it till Wed, Thurs, or Friday but whenever it show, it is well worth the wait.
The last article to ponder came from the Miami Herald regarding the truth about that which most popular thought was a “conspiracy” theory, that Is the fact that we have a “shadow” government.
This whole synopsis has always intrigued me and now we may be seeing the very strong possibility of this truth coming out- right before our eyes.
A lot of emphasis has been placed on Gen Dunsford, the chief of staff at the Pentagon.
Wasn’t our first President a general; a military leader, a person with the capability to pull this country back together and move us forward into the great nation we once we’re and hope to be again.
Here’s an interesting piece of  information  ….On January 20th every four years is Inauguration Day; a day when the newly elected President swears on a Bible and affirms to up hold the Constitution of the United States.
IMO This week is truly going to be the “perfect storm” and we have ring side seats.
I don’t usually advertise anything but Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm there is an open call on the WSOMN site at 3:30 EST.  I have been  asked to host again, a truly “politically incorrect” call in which, no holds barred, we will discuss the shadow government, the NESARA LAW, the doomsday chapters of the “The Creature from Jekyll Island as well as the Constitution of the United States and whatever else pertains to “biggest conspiracy perpetrated by our government”.
Be prepared with your questions and don’t be afraid to ask.
From Reuters News:
Iran’s Rouhani calls for economic reforms, less reliance on oil
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on Sunday for economic reforms and less reliance on oil revenues in the post-sanctions era.
Just in, from Martha
I just heard ships are moving again but I still not see RV tomorrow.
IMO There is still some housekeeping, announcements from all sides. I am watching the President’s announcement and hearing condemnation by the news media on fox news.
Are we so programmed to be afraid of all countries that are willing to try and play peacefully that our politicians and media can’t remove their blinders? This is history in the making.
Obama making the statement that I eluded to is “making peace in the middle east”
We are hearing that there is still some work this week before we will actually see the RV. Yes, the money is flowing but it is not quite ready for the whole world to partake of it. Iraq and Iran and the basket of currency will be together.
I still say to watch China, the US and the Middle East for the further announcements.
(Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day and,banks and all markets in US are closed and Tuesday will be a bank recovery day as well as the re-opening of our markets.)