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Iraqi News and Highlights Tuesday AM 7-28-20

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The text of the speech of the Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi

July 27-2020  I feel great pain when I see my people suffering in the heat, due to the devastation and mismanagement of the electricity.

I wish there was a magic solution in hand, but unfortunately, many years of sabotage, corruption, and mismanagement were not resolved in an overnight night. It is not fair and fair to ask a government, which has an actual age of two months, to pay the bill for pillaging and pillage committed by previous groups and governments.

Yesterday’s youth demonstrations are a legitimate right, and the security forces do not have permission to fire even a single bullet towards our protesting brothers. Every bullet that targets our youth and our people while he calls for his rights is a bullet directed at our dignity and principles.

We opened an investigation into all the circumstances of what happened yesterday in Tahrir Square, and requested that the facts be presented to me within 72 hours.

Returning to the electricity crisis, I support the people’s demand to hold accountable those who caused this suffering, and I am awaiting the results of the investigation of the committee formed by the esteemed parliament to investigate all the failures in the electricity file.

I call on the legislature to expedite the submission of its report to be added to our investigations in order to put this file before the Iraqi people and the judiciary.

The government signed a file a few days ago, the electrical interconnection file in the Persian Gulf, as well as with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we are proceeding on this issue seriously.

Our decision is to produce gas to operate Iraqi gas stations, and it is not our fault that successive governments imported gas-powered plants, and did not work on Iraqi gas production.

Some parties are trying to fish with murky water, and I tell them very frankly:

This government came after a sea of blood, and it will not cause the blood of Iraqis, whatever the price, if I always bias towards the people, yesterday, today and tomorrow, and I will not take sides with others.

I will not take sides with anyone who tries to blackmail, And I tell them, Do not try to shuffle the cards, do not manipulate and tell our youth.

: The point of view that we must all adopt despite our different ideas is Iraq .. and the unity of Iraq and the security of Iraq and the safety of Iraq and the future of Iraq.

I said from day one of my assignment that I am not aspiring for a position, and that my government will work to hold early elections, and I insist on these elections, and a few days ago I spoke at the meeting of the three presidencies about the need to activate and remove obstacles to early elections.

And I ask the Speaker of Parliament to send the election law to the President of the Republic for approval so that we can announce soon the time set for early elections.

Whoever has objection to the totality and march of the verdict will be prepared to prepare for the elections, not to disrupt them. Those who want to restore Iraq do not speak slogans while sitting on the hill. They should go to the ground and prepare people for the elections.

The moment I assumed this position, I swore to preserve honesty, and I maintain honesty, so that there will be early, free and fair elections.

We will leave and others will come .. We will all leave. The important thing is for Iraq to continue. This is my covenant for you. I will not give it up.

Finally, I say: Iraq must be built with the will of the people, not with the will of thieves, outlaws, and advocates of chaos.

Nothing expresses the will of the people better than free and fair elections, which will be announced soon.

Whoever seeks to obstruct the will of the people will fall by the will of the people.

In all our steps and goals, we put Iraq first, and our people are Iraq.

Iraq, mercy and eternity lived for the martyrs yesterday in Tahrir Square and for the martyrs of Iraq at all time and time.  Long live Iraq Long live Iraq  Media office of the Prime Minister

27 – July – 2020

The United Nations Deplores The Violence And Human Losses That Occurred In The Baghdad Protests

Praatha News Agency163 2020-07-27  The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) condemned the violence and human losses that occurred during the recent Baghdad protests, and while welcoming the Iraqi government’s promise to hold perpetrators accountable, it mentioned the right of Iraqis to peaceful protest.

On Monday, the United Nations commented on the recent events in Tahrir Square, in a statement distributed by the mission

She denounced in her statement, “the violence and human losses that occurred during the protests in Baghdad last night, and we welcome the government’s commitment to investigate and hold perpetrators accountable.”

“The Iraqis are in a difficult situation and they face many challenges, and their right to peaceful protest must be protected unconditionally.”

The smoke bombs returned to Tahrir Square, in the center of the capital, Baghdad, in conjunction with the launch of popular protests, against the shortfall in the electrical energy file.

A video clip, which was broadcast by activists on social media, showed the use of security forces, smokers, to repel the demonstrators, while they spoke of wounding one of them.

The square witnessed the gathering of dozens of demonstrators, who chanted slogans denouncing the shortfall in the file of services, especially electrical energy, where several regions witnessed a lack of processing hours, in conjunction with high temperatures.

The Government And Parliament Are Considering Approving Two Budgets

Praatha News Agency119 2020-07-27  A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed, on Monday, that an upcoming meeting will be held between the committee and the Minister of Finance to discuss the approval of the budget law for the current year.

Committee member Sherwan Mirza said, “The committee is awaiting a meeting with the Minister of Finance in the Federal Government, Ali Abdulamir Allawi, to discuss a number of files between them, the file of the public budget.”

He added, “The committee should discuss with the Minister of Finance my two draft legal budgets for the current year and the next year,” expressing his belief that there will be no federal budget law for the year 2020, and the government will complete this year according to the Financial Management Law and disburse the ratio (1/12) per month According to the budget law for the past year.

He pointed out, “The Finance Committee is currently awaiting a date for the meeting with the Minister of Finance,” noting that “the meeting will most likely take place after the Eid Al-Adha holiday.”

Al-Kazemi And The British Ambassador Discuss Coordinating Efforts With International Organizations To Support The Iraqi Economy

Time: 7/28/2020 15:19:05 Reading: 897 times  (Baghdad: Al Furat News) Today, Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received the British Ambassador in Baghdad, Stephen Heikki.

During the meeting, according to the statement of the Information Office of the Prime Minister, who received {Al Furat News} a copy of it, “they discussed the path of bilateral relations between Iraq and the United Kingdom, ways of developing them, and strengthening and enhancing joint cooperation in various fields.”

“The current situation, current developments in the region, issues of common concern, and security efforts to counter terrorism have been discussed in order to enhance security and stability in Iraq and the region, in addition to coordinating the effort with international organizations to support the Iraqi economy and government reforms in this field.”  LINK

Oil Price Stability And Demand Fears Overshadow US Stimulus Hopes

Time: 7/28/2020 11:33:04 Reading: 1,300 times  {International: Al Furat News} Oil prices stabilized today, Tuesday, to erase gains achieved earlier in the session, as the growing incidence of Corona incidence weakens expectations for crude demand in the face of optimism about more US stimulus.

Efforts to stimulate the US economy have revived the Corona crisis, hopes for a strong demand for oil, but a proposal by Republican Senators is likely to face opposition from Democrats to delay a final stimulus package.

Brent crude was little changed at $ 43.41 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures fell 14 cents, equivalent to 0.3% to $ 41.46 a barrel. Crude rose as much as 0.5% earlier in the session.

“The dollar’s weakness supports the base and precious metals, but it appears that oil dealers are focusing on the economic indicator that shows the weakness of the dollar, which is the destruction of demand,” said Michael McCarthy, chief market expert at CMC Markets.

The weak dollar usually improves demand by making crude cheaper for buyers around the world.

The dollar fell to its lowest level in two years in front of a basket of six major currencies with increasing incidence of corona in the United States, but the losses may curb new aid packages from the government supporting the demand for fuel.Five analysts expected in a Reuters poll, that US inventory data will indicate a decline in stocks of refined products in the past week, while crude stocks are stable.  LINK

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