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Iko Ward:  Crude is steady at 35.5. Gold is steady at 1068. World markets are in the green. Forex ticked up a tad to 1073.2. If anyone knows what happened last night it’s time to speak up. Either we RV’d or the PTB dumped a trillion dollars on the system.

Martha:  Iko did the fed dump or did China dump in the assets?

Iko Ward: Martha…China, if that is what happened. Won’t know till later today.

Martha:  IMO It’s too peaceful in the markets…. This is the quiet way in without totally upsetting the system….. You cant drop large amt of assets into the system without setting off possible runs on the banks

Rene555:  Martha, yes
TnDr:  No PTB wants to see a system collapse…good PTB, China, especially doesn’t, RV or not…..big day…we shall see!

Martha:  The day is young so we watch and’s almost here….All I can say is China is in control of this right now.and they are holding the ball all the way

AJMO603:  Martha then why don’t they release this finally?

Martha: I saw that with the football.let’s say we have the touchdown and now we will release it but they have to be careful not to overload the system.

Houston:  I think it’s kinda like the football game was won, now all the people have to get out of the stadium safely.


Iko Ward:  OK guys, everybody happy, averting the dip below 17000. Gold behaving. Crude Steady. Who did it?

CODreamer:  Iko gm, I’m guessing china???

PlatinumRunway:  IKO someone with a lot of money

Nissi:  iko…they showed on tv on saturday “the wiz” maybe the man behind the curtain..

JJF : So if the PTB dumped more $ on the system, does that mean more delays?

Gtov ;  So IKO is this another delay by the big guys

Iko Ward : Gtov, if we don’t today, I’d say yes.

Iko Ward ; The Rothschild’s have Four Quadrillion, and that’s just them.

Tennwolfman : more and more banks are getting ready and my WM has confirmed the same thing and so has other contacts that share info with me so that is MY OPINION

Lou : Tenn 3 banks here in Texas last night where full with bankers just like u said

platinumrunway : Have my suit ready

Sassy:  Plat, any new niblets for us this morning?

PlatinumRunway:  My guys have gone dark again. Went in early to begin their shifts…. I did hear from one of my contacts, nothing has changed as far as their infomation….. They are still expecting us this week!

ChampagneLife:  Platinum, I bet they are sick and tired ready for this to happen

PlatinumRunway:  Champagne picture not being able to spend time with your family
because you are preparing for an event that keeps getting pushed back. You guys have to understand they are just as frustrated as us.

PlatinumRunway:  Also remember at the end of this there is supposed to be confusion, misdirection, misinformation, past articles, and noreal intel before it pops. Dont get sucked into the negative please.

Nan:  Platinum, Iko, Elmer  and the whole TNT Team, you are all appreciated much more than words can say.