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More Iraqi News Thursday PM 9-10-20

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Parliament Raises Its Session Until Further Notice

Thursday 10, September 2020 15:42 | Political Views: 72  Baghdad / NINA / The House of Representatives raised its session until further notice. /

House Of Representatives Ends Reading Five Laws

09/10/2020  The House of Representatives ended in its fourth session of the fourth parliamentary session of the third legislative year of the first legislative term, which was held under the chairmanship of Mr. Muhammad al-Halbousi, Speaker of the House, today, Thursday 9/10/2020, in the presence of 187 deputies. The first is for two law proposals and three draft laws, with two alternate deputies taking the constitutional oath.

At the beginning of the session, the council postponed considering the appeals submitted about the validity of the membership of some women and gentlemen until a quorum of two-thirds of the members of the council is achieved.

Mrs. Hussein Salman’s death was sworn in instead of the former deputy Qasim Al-Araji, in addition to the performance of Mrs. Iqbal Adnan instead of the late Representative Ghaida Kampash to fill the membership of the House of Representatives.

In another context, the General Secretariat of the Council of Representatives reviewed the progress of legislative procedures for draft laws and proposals referred to all parliamentary committees in terms of their number, voted on, and which have been read.

For his part, Mr. Al-Halbousi called for moving forward with legislation and giving priority to draft laws, directing the formation of a committee headed by Mr. Bashir Al-Haddad, Vice President of the Council and the membership of the General Secretary of the Council and the directors of the Parliamentary and Research Departments, provided that its tasks are to conduct tours of the parliamentary committees to present a report on the work and map of the legislation for each Commission and evaluation of its work.

The Legal Committee presented in a report its legislative activity, including its submission of 13 law proposals and its study of more than 100 proposals submitted by the Presidency of the Council and Parliamentary Committees for scrutiny from the constitutional and financial sides and their conformity with the government program, as well as studying the 25 draft laws sent to it.

During the session chaired by Mr. Bashir Al-Haddad, the Council completed the first reading of the proposed law to amend the Law of the Police College No. (37) of 2000 submitted by the Security and Defense Committee in order to provide the opportunity for the largest possible number of commissioners with bachelor’s degrees and diplomas to enter private study courses To be promoted to the position of an officer.

The Council ended the first reading of the proposal of the Law of the First Amendment to the Judicial Supervision Authority Law No. (29) of 2016 submitted by the Legal Committee to preserve the components of the Supreme Judicial Council and to ensure that the Judicial Supervision Authority exercises its role in following up, directing, monitoring and investigating, and that the body does not need the legal personality as it is part of the components of the Judicial Council For the sake of occupying the position of two vice-presidents of the Judicial Supervision Authority, after the decision of Article 2 / Second of the Judicial Supervision Authority Law No. 29 of 2016 was ruled unconstitutional, in order to achieve the public interest.

The Council completed the first reading of the bill for the accession of the Republic of Iraq to the 2005 protocol amending the 1988 Convention for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation submitted by the Committees on External Relations, Security, Defense, Agriculture, Water and Marshlands.

The House of Representatives completed the first reading of the draft Law of the Third Amendment to the Law of Implementation of Irrigation Projects No. (138) for the year 1971 submitted by the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands with the aim of organizing the process of compensation for the value of fixed installations and planted in the lands covered by the implementation of irrigation projects and to address cases of delay in the implementation of irrigation projects in the lands Advertised to be frozen under freeze announcements.

The Council also completed the first reading of the draft Law of the Second Amendment to the Veterinary Medical Graduation Law No. 136 of 1980 submitted by the Health and Environment, Agriculture, Water and Marsh Committees to reconsider the periods of veterinary medical gradation in order to allow the veterinarian the opportunity to gain technical tasks and in order to enhance his role and highlight its importance In preserving and developing public health, livestock, and providing curative and preventive services to them through their appointment of employees.

Concerning the general discussions submitted by the ladies and gentlemen of the representatives, the claims focused on the concerned authorities ’interest in the health situation with the increase in cases of infection with Coronavirus and commitment to prevention measures in government institutions, achieving justice in the distribution rates between governorates upon admission to military colleges, and renewing the call to support the ration card file with an increase The financial allocations for it in the next budget, the payment of financial dues to the farmers of Nineveh Governorate, and the demand to benefit from the marketed rice crop by the farmers to support the ration card items and not to import it from abroad, and the call to regard all employees who died while performing their duty due to the Corona pandemic as martyrs, similar to the health cadres.

For his part, the representative of the government in the House of Representatives stated that the Council of Ministers is continuing to complete the general budget law, in addition to creating data for citizens in the ration card and distributing job grades in state institutions based on geographical areas and not on an ethnic or sectarian basis.

Then it was decided to adjourn the session   Media Department  Parliament  10/9/2020   LINK

Parliamentary Meeting With The Minister Of Finance On Non-Oil Revenues And Taxes

Thursday 10, September 2020 14:17 | EconomicalViews: 122  Baghdad / NINA / The Parliamentary Finance Committee held a joint meeting in the presence of the Minister of Finance and the directors of Al-Rasheed and Al-Rafidain Bank regarding non-oil revenues and taxes, and controlling those revenues to the public treasury to finance important sectors and cover the financial deficit in the general budget.

$27 Billion Is The Amount Of Receivables Owed By The Kurdistan Region

Economy News – Baghdad The Minister of the Kurdistan Region for Federal Government Affairs, Khaled Shawani, revealed, on Thursday, that the dues owed by the region have reached 27 billion dollars, stressing that the regional government wants to reach a strategic agreement with Baghdad.

“The regional government wants to reach a strategic agreement to end all outstanding problems,” Shwani said, stressing that “the number of employees in the region is accurate because there is a biometric fingerprint system for each employee that sends its data to Baghdad monthly.”

And that “the receivables owed by the region from debts, borrowings and salaries for employees are estimated at 27 billion dollars,” noting that “the region’s employees suffer from major problems due to not receiving their salaries every month.”

Regarding the border crossings, Shwani explained, “The constitution stipulates the administration of customs and border crossings jointly between the federal government and the region,” stressing that “there is no problem in the region in managing customs and ports jointly and linking them electronically with the center.”

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Parliamentary Finance Discloses The Purpose Of Approving The 2020 Budget

Money  and business   Economy News _ Baghdad  The Parliamentary Finance Committee announced, on Thursday, the purpose of approving the country’s financial budget for the current year 2020, despite the elapse of eight months.

Committee reporter Ahmed Al-Saffar said, “The general budget is considered special considering that there are eight months in which actual spending has passed, and that the government, by approving the budget, is trying to bypass the principle of spending 1/12 to bypass the health situation and other things.”

He added that “the purpose of approving the general budget is to establish what was spent in the previous eight months, and to approve spending for the remaining four months of the current year.”

Regarding the details of the draft budget, he stressed that he was not aware of its details, given that it is in the cabinet and not sent to parliament, indicating that “if it is approved next week and sent to parliament, it will be discussed by the Parliamentary Finance Committee before it is presented for reading on the council’s agenda.”

Iraq did not approve the financial budget due to the resignation of the previous government at the beginning of this year under the weight of unprecedented popular protests, and then the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in the country, which caused a financial crisis that resulted from a significant decline in oil prices. Iraq relies on oil revenues to finance up to 95 percent of state expenditures.

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Nassif Reveals A Corruption File That Belongs To A Person Symphony Seeks To Keep In Leadership Positions At The Ministry Of Communications

Thursday 10, September 2020 11:01 | PoliticalViews: 211  Baghdad / NINA / Representative Alia Nassif revealed a new file of corruption files, belonging to the so-called (A.H) in the Ministry of Communications, who Symphony insists on occupying an important position in the ministry because he is the protector of the company’s interests at the expense of public money.

And she explained in a statement received by the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA / a copy of it today: “The called (A.H) was previously the director of the legal department of the state Internet company, and he signed the contract with Symphony, and after the merger with the telecommunications company, Symphony requested from The ministry was to be the director of the legal department of the two companies, and the order was actually issued, and the aim was to preserve their interests in the contract because (H.H) was their right arm, but the order was canceled later. ”

It indicated: “A.H. was the reason for the loss of the lawsuit 2771 / B / 2016 filed by the (Fenwat Information Technology) company, and the state lost $ 700,000, and the reason was the referral of the project to expand and develop international access portals without completing the legal procedures, There is an investigation committee headed by the Technical Undersecretary and the membership of the Technical Adviser and the Legal Department, and (A.Q.) was punished by dismissal, and (A.H.) was punished with reprimand and transfer. ”

Nassif confirmed: “(H.H) has been reinstated now to occupy the position of assistant director of the Information Directorate (formerly the Internet) and has been assigned to the negotiation committee with Symphony, and it is clear that Symphony insists on his presence in the leadership positions to preserve its interests and it is clear that parties in The ministry of the aforementioned company. ”

Nassif added, “We are also putting this file before the committee formed by the Prime Minister’s Office to investigate corruption crimes, and before all regulatory authorities, and we consider it an official report.”

Iraq Is Considering Reopening The Outlets For Religious Tourism

Local news   Wednesday 9 September 2020 | 06:02 pm| Views: 997

The Security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi Parliament revealed, on Wednesday, that the Iraqi government is currently studying the reopening of the outlets for religious tourism, especially for visitors visiting forty Imam Hussein .

A member of the committee, Mahdi Taqi, said, “The Iraqi government is currently studying a decision to open the border crossings to visitors of Imam Hussain’s Arbaeenya .”

He added, “But until the moment, no decision has been taken in this regard,” adding, “We expect that the decision will be to open these borders to visitors, as it is very difficult to prevent any visitor from reaching Karbala .”

Taqi stated, “The Iraqi Ministry of Health is required to form a crisis cell for this visit and for the purpose of conducting checks for all visitors from outside the borders .”

He believed that “opening the borders to visitors does not pose any danger to the epidemiological situation, especially there are preventive and sanitary measures that will be taken at the borders, until reaching Karbala .”

Deputy: The Ministry Of Finance Does Not Have A Correct Vision Of The Reality Of Iraq And The Country’s Financial Future


A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Al-Saffar, confirmed, on Wednesday, that the Ministry of Finance does not have a correct vision of the reality of Iraq and the country’s financial future.

Al-Saffar said, “There is a law that governs the mechanisms for disposing of public money, and what happened this year is a lack of compliance with all financial laws, as public money was spent as spending and revenue without any legal basis.” “Financial and cooperating with it, but unfortunately the one you call has no life.

Al-Saffar added, “Article 13 first of the Financial Management Law obliges the government to commit to spending 1/12 of the previous year’s budget in the event that the budget for the current year was not legislated, but there were violations of the article and we did not accuse the government of deliberately exceeding public money, but there are circumstances that necessitated The need for some expenditures, but we wanted to put this behavior within a legal framework,

”pointing out that“ Parliament had previously demanded since last June the government to send the budget by a binding decision, and the government did not take any action in this regard, and it was more appropriate for them to respect the Council to answer our decisions, which did not happen and did not They gave no answer and did not give any information.

He pointed out that “the government’s desire today to send the budget at this time is the need to obtain a new loan, and our position is clearly not to grant any new loans,” explaining that “we are awaiting the arrival of the federal budget from the government and studying it in a way that serves the public interest and the existing laws in a way that preserves public money.” “.

Al-Saffar asserted, “When the parliament decided to vote on the external and internal borrowing law, we put in it the condition that a paper for economic reform be submitted within a period of sixty days, which has not happened and they do not have any reform paper for the economic reality at a time when the Finance Committee has a reform paper and a realistic road map. To solve the economic crisis at a time when the Ministry of Finance does not have a correct vision of the reality of Iraq and the country’s financial future.  LINK 

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