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[EO 13303 expires on May 20th. If EO 13303 is not renewed… how does that effect our investment?] I read they signed it on a May 22nd, but, close enough. If it is not renewed Iraq would lose protection from creditors and that could be a bad thing. As for them allowing this to get that far to lose protection for us? I don’t think for a minute there will be any worry about that, as the UST has a vested interest as we do. Today, I see Al-Kazemi has passed a law that allows for internal and external borrowing. That suggests he has a way to pay off debts and that is where it gets good for us. I still think that is related to the huge article from the IMF and World Bank talking about other currencies getting into the SDR basket, as the time would be now per the article. imo. So, they’ll need to have finances all sorted before they have the need to extend 13303 again. Imo. So, I am not worried about it being an issue.