I noticed a big huge trend. A little bit of fear.  And there is no reason for it…[My] statement…“I don’t think the dinar is going to get to $3.25.”  That is just my opinion…Where does that come from?…We understand the opportunity for them to revalue is oil prices.  Well there are other things on the table and it has to do the the GCC which is basically a trading block in the middle east.  …what’s being proposed for peace in the middle east between Israel and the countries that surround Israel will have an indirect effect for Iraq and its currency…and it’s all good news. …The United States has agreed to put 2 Trillion into helping and sustaining the framework of this trading block.

The GCC countries…are going to want to be a part of that…there are two things that have to happen.  Iraq has to revalue its currency to participate so they have the money to invest…If you’re getting less and less dollars because the price of oil is going down then they’re going to have to add value to their own currency to make up for that.  Also, if they go too high within the GCC…no one is going to invest in Iraq.  Why go to Iraq and pay $3.22…when you can go right next door to Saudi Arabia and [pay] $.23 for whatever you’re buying.  What it does it puts a cap on how far the currency can go…that’s why I’m speculating that it will never get to $3.22.  And I could be completely wrong.