The Iraqi dinar is going to revalue. The west set it up to revalue. Their banking system is set up for a higher rate to be able to participate in the world markets. Everybody knows this…It’s going to revalue. Do we know when? Absolutely not. And the way that it revalues things change. It simply changes. Think about…from 2011 to what it is today –  It’s a completely different world.  The projections are completely different. You had senators getting up in the Senate and saying there was 50 years of oil left…obviously they’re full of it. Obviously, they were lying and trying to create an artificial market…and they had a president that backed it all up…that’s why we live in a completely different world.

Things change…My confidence in the Iraqi dinar has never changed. So they have to change the tactic on what they need to do to maintain a certain economy. They are adapting to whatever the market is going to be…You shouldn’t have any fear…In my view…the worst case scenario it gets to $2.70, $2.80 and this is within the GCC and the market…So I’m just thinking about that market and what’s involved.  And just like any other currency, is it too high within a market and then it won’t work…and if they avoid that and just get into the world market that’s not going to work. They have to be locally plugged in and take advantage of the international markets.