In Bruce 

We know the intention was for Iraq to start a new series of celebrations today.

I understand today they are still in prep mode for those celebrations. I do not think they started today [Thursday].

We know that it makes sense they start tomorrow instead of today because you know Iraq has been waiting for entry into or induction into the World Trade Organization, WTO…to show they are really ready to become a true international trading partner again.

To do that of course they have to have a recognizable currency which is the Dinar, the Iraqi Dinar, and they have to have a rate people can see to know which the value of that Dinar is is in doing business with Iraq.

My understanding is the induction into the WTO is supposed to come tomorrow [Friday].

It could be the celebration could start in conjunction with that.

It could be that we start with what we are waiting for that is to be notified in conjunction with that.

I can tell you the rates are continuing to be traded and go up slightly.

All good for our benefit.

There are things happening behind the scenes that need to complete, that need to take place.

Possibly take place before we go. It is all happening.

I am looking forward for this to happen and looking forward for this to go down hopefully by the weekend.

From what I can see out there, we are right there at the precipice, and we should be able to get exchanged here hopefully before Thanksgiving which is only a week away.

Let’s see where that goes.