Right now we are in a situation where Iraq is looking to put out their actual rate for their dinar here if they haven’t done it already…

I think we are looking to that possibly any moment.

My understanding is their induction to the WTO, World Trade Organization, they need to have that international rate up and actively live beforehand.

I don’t know how much before hand, I thought 3 days…

The control situation for Iraq has migrated over to the Central bank of Iraq, CBI, where they have the control on releasing that rate and showing that rate.

That is a real positive step Iraq has done to do what they needed to do to be inducted into the WTO on Friday.

The quote unquote the announcement from Iraq that has been made.

The celebration is going to follow to celebrate they are sovereign, fully liberated from ISIS and back on the world stage as an international trading partner.

That celebration…my understanding is that was to begin tomorrow [Wednesday].

I haven’t been able to confirm that tonight to know that for sure but that was my understanding yesterday.

I am excited where we are to the process because every day I hear more and more what is coming together for us, and roughly how close we are and the fact we are right there.

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