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Happy New Year everyone!  I hope and pray that everyone had a great holiday season.
Let’s buckle our seatbelt and get ready for a wonderful new year!  No matter what goes on around us, let’s declare together that 2016 will be a year of great prosperity and positive movement forward.
No matter what events try to shake us, let’s declare that this year will be a year of JOY.
Well, you say…Deb how can I count it all joy?  With unpaid bills, illness, and foreclosure knocking on my door…how can I count it all joy? 

Know that through it all there is always, always, ALWAYS a shred of hope to be had if we know where to find it and faith even the size of a mustard seed can move any obstacle that stands in our way.
I am of the mindset and of the faith that if you have air in your lungs, the ability to love and encourage others, and the hope of a great tomorrow, I am blessed….and THAT gives me joy!
I want to continue to encourage you right now by stating this. You’ve come this far. You’ve tread through rough seas.  You’ve managed to climb to emotional and spiritual high places you never thought you could with determination fueled by continued hope, surefooted as the hooves of the hind that take her ever higher without ever slipping.  The hind knows what’s at her elevated destination.
So too, do you know what awaits you in this coming blessing. You’ve seen it!  You’ve felt it!  You sense in your knower that you are not far from your rescue and you are ever determined to reach that place, come heck or high water…and what a place of rescue that will be!
As you have been chosen to receive our coming blessing, remember to bless others in extreme need as you yourself have been blessed.  THAT will truly be the ultimate reward here on earth.  The ability to bless others in desperate need.
I will be making a post with tips on making sure the entity/ministry/project you give to is legitimate and they will do what they say they will do. We want to take someone’s word on its legit but we need to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.
It will be a joyous time of receiving and giving forward!  Paying our thanks forward as we are lead to do so.  Hang in there still!  For your faith continues to move you ever higher. Push aside the voices of doubt.
Close your ears to naysayers and those that speak doubt to you.  Negativity and doubt are faith killers! Your blessing truly is at hand. Stand firm!  Stay strong! So be encouraged in this new year of 2016 and Know in your Knower that our Suddenly is coming!
All my best to you,